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Dividends Don't Just Come From Stocks!

plural noun: dividends
a sum of money paid regularly (typically quarterly) by a company to its shareholders out of its profits (or reserves). 676 more words

The Song of Samael

Of course, the other joy (and Lovecraftian tradition) of Call of Cthulhu is making up your own eldritch tomes full of mind-shattering cosmic horror. The following is what I came up with as an alternative to the… 1,629 more words

Game Design


Mendapatkan hari libur di hari Sabtu begini memang menyenangkan. Apalagi bagi seorang siswa yang harusnya hanya mendapat libur pada hari Minggu macam saya begini.

Semalam, salah seorang teman saya menyuruh saya untuk membuat poster, dan saya tolak. 233 more words


Non-constitutive Rhetoric: Or the Banality of Control

I prepared this paper for the forthcoming National Communication Association conference for a panel on affect. As with a much academic writing, I followed fairly strict disciplinary constraints; in this case, I am bridging rhetorical theory and advances in affect studies from other fields. 4,237 more words



Trump is a winner all the way for his simple business model of making families happy.

He has specific trained staff for bringing family happiness. 299 more words

How can you limit a Directors/Personal Guarantee?

If you have a Business and you want too borrow money, you will probably be asked to give a Personal or Directors Guarantee.

Most Directors don’t want to give guarantees as it makes them liable rather than their business and the purpose of having a limited company was to limit their personal liability. 285 more words

Bicknell Business Adviser

Crazy Train: Episode I, "Introduction/Character Creation/Session I"

On this, the first episode of Crazy Train, Group A and some special guests from the cast of Paranoid Delusions learn what they’re in for, work on their characters, and begin their descent into madness.   182 more words