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Darkness on the Horizon- Episode V, “Delta Green” [Interview]

Dave, Slade, Geoff, and Aaron speak with Shane Ivey about Arc Dream’s upcoming relaunch of the Delta Green Roleplaying Game.

We was also so kind as to send us the Quickstart rules and scenario for Delta Green, so stay tuned for a very special Delta Green episode of Variable Vivisection, followed by a review! 42 more words



Como en casa en ningún sitio”,…estas son las palabras que repetía Dorothy una y otra vez, chasqueando sus zapatos de rubíes para volver a casa. 176 more words


Freshman, Counselor Eager to Stop Hearing from Each Other

Over a month after the last Fish Camp session returned from Lakeview, counselors and freshmen are all wondering when they can finally go their separate ways. 368 more words

Campus Life

Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2016 Collection – Milan Fashion Week

وقال باربرا كوليني “عندما يعطي الحياة التي التحولات والانعطافات، شيكو نفسك في إيطاليا!” ايطاليا يجذب دائما، والسحر ويمغنط انها زوار ثقافتها الغنية، التي يسيل لها اللعاب الطعام والشعور أسلوب لا تشوبها شائبة.


Four Little Sorority Girls

Hi everyone! Let me start this off by giving a gigantic apology to all of you for being so inactive over the past few weeks. College is busy and stressful and with classes, pledging, and everyday priorities our blog has fallen to the wayside, but that doesn’t mean we’ve gone away! 351 more words


Connectivity as Inclusive Disjunction

Abstractly, connectivity operates through inclusive disjunction, a process that puts otherwise foreign elements into communication with one another through an encounter that does not require those pieces to operate through a shared logic. 1,286 more words