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Here's a quick story of an unexpected phone call from a slightly familiar phone number.

The phone just rang.

The call was from a Los Angeles area code. The caller’s name wasn’t displayed in the ID, but I seemed to remember the number. 77 more words


Q & A - Understanding DGA Techniques and Interpretations

During our recent Dissolved Gas Analysis webinar “Understanding DGA Techniques and Interpretations,” Dr. Gregor Hsiao answered a number of excellent questions from attendees. Read on to learn more about these questions and find out how you can watch the recorded webinar! 556 more words


Seamless Campaign Leads to RIG EK at and Drops Ramnit

The infection vector for this Ramnit compromise was RIG exploit kit. The user was redirected to the exploit kit via a malvertising chain using the Seamless campaign. 302 more words


New York Legislators Approve Groundbreaking TV Diversity Tax Credit

New York’s state Assembly and Senate have passed a bill backed by the DGA and WGA East that would create a tax incentive program for TV shows that hire women and people of color in top writing and directing positions. 254 more words


Black Wonder Woman

Black Wonder Woman was the theme in the air at The DGA African American Steering Committee’s Tribute to director Gina Prince-Bythewood. On May 25th, Gina made history when it was announced that she would be directing Spider-Man spin off… 546 more words


The Fruit of the Spirit (DAGARA, NORTHERN: Bible NT)


Galatians (Galasi) 5:22-23

22 Ɛ cɛ a Vʋʋrʋ Sõw bom ɩ: nɔ̃wfʋ, nʋ̃ɔ̀, ƴã-ɓaarʋ, su-nyɔwra, vɩɛlʋ, nɩ-vla-ɩb, Naaŋmɩn-saw-deb,

23 nɩsaal baalʋ-ɩb, tʋɔra-nyɔwfʋ; a Mõyiir-Wulu bɛ diwr a yele a ŋa taabɛ bɛrɛ ɩ.


Hollywood’s Union Pension Plans On Sound Financial Footing, Analysis Shows

Despite the recent wave of difficulties facing multi-employer pension plans in other industries, Hollywood’s are on relatively sound financial footing, according to an analysis conducted for Deadline by the Illinois-based Society of Actuaries. 516 more words

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