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Kangaroo - The Battle of Tongues & Volcanic Evidence

Let yourself be sucked in by the war of words raged by Jana Nebojsa, re-imagining DH Lawrence’s pseudo reflective tone.

Every Saturday, a new episode!!! 29 more words


Kangaroo - Coo-ee & Kangaroo

Dive again into the world of Jana Nebojsa for a new installment of Kangaroo by DH Lawrence remixed by this strange, mystic poet.

Every Saturday, two chapters are being released into this world. 21 more words


Kangaroo - Hoy! & J and Z

Second installment in the hallucinated saga of Kangaroo. Come and explore the dark, dark underdark.

Jana Nebojsa strikes again with her trippy words selection.

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Creative Scholars

Ralph Waldo Emerson expresses concern for his fellow man in his speech The American Scholar. The concern is over “The state of society…in which the members have suffered amputation from the trunk” (Emerson). 930 more words


Kangaroo - Orest & Neighbours

It’s not often that one finds a gem like this one… And yes, it was a chance meeting.
The author, mysterious Jana Nebojsa, re-arrange the dull prose of DH Lawrence, inventing her own brand of mystic poetry. 27 more words


Widening Democratic Communities

DH Lawrence calls art “a sort of subterfuge” with “two great functions. First it provides an emotional experience. And then, if we have the courage of our own feelings, it becomes a mine of practical truth”. 735 more words


Fresh month, fresh books

The start of a new month and so time to place an order with a large online retailer of books (and other stuff). Last month’s purchases were mostly catching up with books published in 2016 I’d not got around to buying last year. 450 more words