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Days of indolence: reading Geoff Dyer and trying to make progress

I have never had any problem sleeping, losing consciousness within minutes of laying my head on the pillow. Yet, paradoxically, I have always been a light sleeper, snapping awake at untoward sounds and disturbed by encroaching light. 2,351 more words


Let's talk about D.H. Lawrence.

D.H. Lawrence is well-known for writing about sex but that isn’t the only thing he wrote about. Although when you ask people about Lawrence they usually say, “Ah yes, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, a bit steamy that” and some of even describe Lawrence’s works as “a bit naughty” and  say he’s the man who “wrote those rude books”. 305 more words


Thus begins the slow reading of my Summer Stack

I’ll most likely update the blog as I finish each one. So expect a short little entry as I progress through these two piles, book by book. 112 more words

Moving pictures 2017, #24

I’m continuing to watch a varied selection of films, which does make me wonder why people limit themselves to the latest Hollywood blockbusters…

The Case of Hana and Alice… 1,611 more words


Kangaroo - Kangaroo is Killed & Adieu Australia

Long awaited conclusion to the eternal love saga…
Is Kangaroo really dead??
Who is “he” and “she” and “I”?
All will finally be revealed!

click link below… 65 more words


Lady Chatterly's Lover. Book and Film adaptation, a comparison. 

Good evening all! Hope you’re all doing well and you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend like I did! Granted, I didn’t get much reading done but I did get lots of relaxing done! 366 more words