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#MondayBlogs DH Lawrence: Interpreting literary heritage through creative writing...

Over the past couple of years we have seen the DH Lawrence Heritage Centre at Durban House converted into a ‘beauty lounge‘ and the subsequent artefacts that comprised the museum are currently homeless. 839 more words

DH Lawrence

#MondayBlogs DH Lawrence and Arnold Bennett - Men from the North?

This guest blog is an excerpt from Stephen Bailey’s talk to the DH Lawrence Society 12 October 2016. 

Although Arnold Bennett was not an exact contemporary of Lawrence (born 1867, he was of the previous generation) it’s interesting to compare the two writers. 1,498 more words


Kangaroo - Integral

By popular demand, the integral of the epic love poem Kangaroo from the DH Lawrence book of the same name on one convenient page and in the right order. 72 more words


Part Three: Earth-Beings, Plant Spirits, Ayahuasca and Equivocations

This is the third and longest part of a paper that I presented at the recent Latin American Studies Association (LASA) conference in Lima. (The first part of the paper, called called… 6,907 more words

Madre Ayahuasca

My Life With Kant: Lev Shestov

In case you haven’t heard, I will be out of town for awhile. So I’m releasing a sort of Best of My Life With Kant… 2,141 more words

Days of indolence: reading Geoff Dyer and trying to make progress

I have never had any problem sleeping, losing consciousness within minutes of laying my head on the pillow. Yet, paradoxically, I have always been a light sleeper, snapping awake at untoward sounds and disturbed by encroaching light. 2,351 more words