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Kangaroo - Kangaroo is Killed & Adieu Australia

Long awaited conclusion to the eternal love saga…
Is Kangaroo really dead??
Who is “he” and “she” and “I”?
All will finally be revealed!

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Lady Chatterly's Lover. Book and Film adaptation, a comparison. 

Good evening all! Hope you’re all doing well and you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend like I did! Granted, I didn’t get much reading done but I did get lots of relaxing done! 366 more words

Kangaroo - Slaps & A Row in Town

Things get err… complicated in this episode of Kangaroo, the mystic romantic epic. Jana Nebojsa on love through the words of DH Lawrence…

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Mother-Loving Sons: This May Be the Last DH Lawrence Novel I Read For a While

DH Lawrence was a really weird dude.

I held my breath in reserve over the last two months as I journeyed through three of his most famous novels: … 1,995 more words


Kangaroo - Eve/He cries & Bits

Are you still following? Or are you lost in a haze of hypnotic word games?
Keep on searching!

Saturday is new episode day!

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Kangaroo – She and Kangaroo & The Nightmare

The longest part yet… Will you wake up from The Nightmare?? Send us your dream journal extract inspired by the reading of this masterpiece!

Jana Nebojsa remix DH Lawrence for your senses only! 37 more words