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Battling ‘the Largest Mass Poisoning in History’

By Kevin Krajick and David Funkhouser

International health experts have called it the largest mass poisoning in history, and it is still underway. Some 100 million people in southeast Asia have been drinking from shallow wells originally drilled to provide germ-free water; but many turned out to be contaminated with naturally occurring arsenic. 3,802 more words


Oh No You Didn't--No Room For Sexism Here

Uh oh, it’s happened again.  A world leader has uttered thoughtless words and given the enlightened world another occasion to band together in solidarity against sexism and gender inequality.   221 more words

Strides & Successes

Easy company and not too much conversation

I’m desperate to escape after a long, frustrating day.  I give up on trying to secure an auto-rickshaw, and call a driver. Unable to adequately explain where I am (the Old High Court, it seems) I pass my phone to one of the many police officers resting under a spectacular tree. 309 more words


Plight of Dhaka Gate (video)

Dhaka Gate; who is not attracted to such a frontier named after a capital city?

But Mir Jumla Gate, popularly known as Dhaka Gate, seems to be an exception as it remains uncared for as years pass by. 108 more words


The Genealogy of the Secular Discourse of Bangladesh – A Second Reading to Bangladesh History

Mubashar Hasan*

Dhaka, May 8, 2015 (Alochonaa):

Even though, according to a series of Gallup and Pew Research polls, Bangladeshi society is now perhaps most illiberal in its history of existence, most informed readers know that a strong secular discourse led by a group of academics, creative writers and artists still continues to flourish and resisting the illiberalism to be the main discourse of the country. 2,275 more words


Attacks on Safe Campuses

Bangladesh’s public university campuses were again desecrated as infighting broke out in several campuses [1] and molestation of women took place amid Bengali New Year’s celebration. 988 more words



– M.H Kawsar

Every year, on February 14, the youth of Bangladesh ceremoniously celebrate the Valentines’ Day. Sale of cards and gift adorned with cupid signs and heart shapes reach their sales peak on the day as people wish ‘happy Valentine’s Day’ to their special ones. 993 more words