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The Music of Yoga

There’s magic in asana practice. There is magic in the vinyasa flow.

The most important thing I have learned so far on my journey towards understanding that magic… 372 more words

Dhyana: Meditation

Today I started on my fifty minute meditation practice again. I have been so caught up in life experiences and discovering what my body can accomplish through yoga asana (posture/ seat or connection to the earth) practice that I have found myself neglecting this practice of the mix of mindfulness, dharana (concentration), and pratyahara (sense withdrawal), that I refer to as meditation. 483 more words


Swimming Meditation

My husband swims regularly for exercise. I like to run, but since it was going to be a very hot day, I joined him to swim laps at the pool. 666 more words

Happiness Research & Studies

Ashtanga Yoga es un sistema de 8 pasos

Ashto en sánscrito siginifica 8 , el sistema de Ashtanga Yoga es un camino de ocho pasos, no es solamente la practica de posturas ( asanas) va mucho mas alla del cuerpo, claro es un aspecto muy importante, pero no es el único. 468 more words

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Sweet Potatoes the size of grapefruit.

It was 5 pm, time to start the hour long yoga class. I turned the music down so Tibetan bells sang quietly in the background. It was a small class of four. 476 more words


Dharana: the Sixth Limb

Dharana is commonly known as “concentration,” aka the thing you think you’re doing when you’re “meditating.” For an introductory resource on what Dharana is, how it’s defined, and what a beginning practice might look like, you might check out… 903 more words



Pratyahara is withdrawal of the senses from their respective objects. It is the abstraction of the senses. Real, spiritual or inner life begins when the Yogic student is established in Pratyahara.

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Raja Yoga