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9b. Clarity and Expanse

Clarity is a natural quality of awareness. Clarity is also involved in the details of life. Clarity includes choosing our words, obeying traffic rules, being mindful of timing and appointments, and when the toothpaste is running low. 223 more words

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The Inseparable Pervasive Three Qualities of Awareness-Mind

All through the day, quality is expressing. Realizing the qualities as they express is an aspect of awakened awareness. Happiness or sadness, jealousy or delight, impatience or ease are the surface noticings of qualities. 535 more words

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Are You Wasting Your Energy?

Recently a friend mentioned to me that she feels competitive during her yoga practice and how could she get away from comparing herself to others. We’ve all been there! 817 more words

Yoga is Not Just About Asana, Learn about 8 Limbs of Yoga

Yoga, which originated in India thousands of years ago, is quite popular worldwide. However, Yoga is not just about doing a handful of Asanas, but is a whole concept of living a fulfilled life by following guidelines that consist of 8 stages. 400 more words


focus your gaze

in asana and meditation, the point of focus for your gaze is known as your drishti (dṛṣṭi or दृष्टि). it is important to choose a steady view-point for your eyes as this has a direct effect on your mind. 398 more words


2c: Event horizon

Mindfulness, tantra, shamanic earthiness, and the teachings of the Yoga Sutras come together in the Entry level, as well as the whole Practice of Living Awareness. 189 more words

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2b: Dharana (concentration/attention)

Dharana is a Sanskrit word. In meditation training, it means concentration, attention, or right focus. The concept and original teaching about it comes from the great rishi, Patanjali and his… 197 more words

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