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The creation of Original Sin

Till the animal stage there was no ego, and then the ego started growing. We can say that’s the beginning of the original sin: that “I am something. 283 more words


Conscious living

You always read you should live in the present, focus on your inside and not worry too much about the past or the future. Sometimes I do this maybe too well. 377 more words


2b. Focus, clarity, and light

Settling into meditation training can take a little time especially at the beginning. That’s because our brain and senses are wired to be out-going, to be on alert and responsive to what’s going on around us. 246 more words

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2a. Focus and wonder

Meditation training is pretty straight-forward. It has very few ingredients and those ingredients haven’t changed in thousands of years. Rather like the shape of a well which also hasn’t changed, meditation works perfectly as it is. 128 more words

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Renungan #Yoga Patanjali: Membatasi Pikiran, Agar Beban Pikiran Tidak Terlalu Berat!

Cover Buku Yoga Sutra Patanjali

Saya masih ingat pesan Bapak Anand Krishna sekitar sembilan-sepuluh tahun yang lalu: “Ada buku-buku yang hanya perlu ditelan, ada yang dibaca sekali, scanning sreeeeet, cukup dan dan ada buku yang perlu dicerna diulang-ulang agar meresap ke dalam diri. 467 more words

Anand Krishna

Dharana (Sixth Limb)

Dharana – concentration; Dharana is the focus of mind that is required for the further steps and is considered to be achieved through the practice of Asana and Pranayama.

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Why Yoga and Meditation Shouldn't Be Separated

In a world filled with yoga classes utilizing everything from stand up paddle boards to silk scarves hanging from the ceiling to accessorize the asanas, it is easy to lose track of the original intent of the postural practice. 770 more words