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The Essence of Yoga

Yogaḥ Samādhiḥ / Yoga is Samādhi

– Sage Vyāsa

Saṁyama is a process of meditative analysis. It aides in the development of the faculty of discrimination or Viveka-Khyāti.

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Yoga Philosophy

Beyond the mat-the 8 limbs of yoga

Patanjali was the scholar who recorded the long existing theories and practices of yoga in his yoga sutras around 200BC. He talked yoga being a system based on 8 practices, and asnas(physical poses ) is just one of these 8 practices. 637 more words


Niyati and the Porcelain Men

Today I had a lucid dream
scared maybe
At first
A bit
but I knew
I could do whatever I have dreamt of
if ever… 549 more words


Magic Moments-Dharana

“To live each day as deliberately as nature”

Our lives are so fragmented, so torn by hopes and dreams and unfinished business it is hard to stay centered and be deliberate. 111 more words

Dharana on Rock n Roll

The following poem is inspired by the 112 Dharana’s (meditations) described in the gorgeous versus of the Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. This poem was composed on the flight home from Indonesia in November, where I rediscovered a part of myself that had been missing. 170 more words


What is yoga anyway?

I’ve been described as inquisitive – which I’m pretty sure is a nicer, roundabout way of saying I’m pretty f*cking nosey, But it’s true really. I like knowing the how and the why. 730 more words


My WHOLE Brain (I miss it)

I threw away my wallet when I was pregnant.  Not as any statement or social experiment, but because my brain was elsewhere when I finished my second breakfast of the day and in the trashcan my wallet went, along with the remnants of my sesame bagel and cream cheese.   1,079 more words