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Sutra Copying, Yoga and Zazen in Kyoto

To be admitted to Saihō-ji 西芳寺 Zen Temple in Kyoto and view its famous moss gardens you first have apply for permission months in advance.  If accepted, you then pay 3000 ¥ and are required to do sutra copying. 1,061 more words



“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand.  The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

-Alexander Graham Bell

Midweek Motivation

Dharana (con't)

One of the many things that set Mr. Iyengar apart was not only his ability to link his asana practice to the eight limbs and other philosophical concepts, but his ability to draw on vivid imagery further describe these concepts. 456 more words

Ashtanga Yoga

Settle Your Mind Mud

“Your mind can be compared to a glass of muddy water. If you let the glass stand for a long time, the mud will settle at the bottom of the glass and the water will become fairly clear. 448 more words



meditation is a big word.

dhyana – the Sanskrit term for meditation. but if we look at it really closely, what is being considered as meditation nowadays, really is a form of concentration. 527 more words



After a brief jaunt through the vayus, we now return to our regularly scheduled exploration of the limbs of Ashtānga Yoga.

Remember the stability of the consciousness that is cultivated through pranāyāma as described in sūtra 1.34? 367 more words

Ashtanga Yoga

8 paths of Yoga

We walk in life and we pick up pepples lying on the ground…each pebble is a skill of virtue and it becomes a part of who we end up to be at the end of our lives. 459 more words