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2a. Pratyahara and Dharana

Meditation has two primary components: peace or tranquility and focus or concentration. If these are present and stabilized, a state of meditation will ensue. In addition to a state of meditation, states of wellness and of mind will also be present. 297 more words

Entry Level

The Early Yield of the 40 Day Practice

One of the many things I notice when I am inconsistent with my meditation is that it takes me about twenty minutes to slog through the distractions and unconscious inattention to get to the clear, calm state of concentration. 718 more words


I find myself going back to The Eight Limbs each time I speak of how captivated I am by the practice of yoga. The beauty of yoga lies in its all-encompassing reach to life – penned in The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, speaking of an eightfold path to a meaningful and purposeful life. 575 more words


Self Possession,Soul Retrieval and Concentrating the Life Force with the Habit of Practice

With all the demands and busy-ness of life it is easy for us to get scattered in so many different directions. Our focus and concentration can get dissipated to such an extent that we begin to feel a loss of inner balance. 614 more words

Technological Challenges & Yoga

Recently, I found out I have not been getting hundred’s of voicemails on my cell phone for many, many months. Since this is my only phone and my business number, I was upset and concerned as to people that may have thought me rude, leaving me a voicemail (they hear my message and could leave one, I just never got them) and me never calling them back. 397 more words


The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Most of us are familiar with the physical side of yoga, known as Asana, but very few know that all together yoga comprises of Eight Limbs. 441 more words




Prana Shakti is the esoteric technique energy rooted in mystical traditions ancient Tibet, and is part of the Meditation Shamballa, which is a technique of meditation to enter the space of pure consciousness known as Shamballa, Shangri-La, or point of Samadhi. 117 more words