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The spiritual import of Pranayama

By the time you have gotten to the point of practicing Pranayama regularly, you take your practice seriously. Pranayama is the end of the line of the physical practice. 407 more words


Light of the Soul, Yoga Sutras: 3: 9-14

Swami Vivekananada calls Book 3 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras “the powers.” The reference is to the power of meditation and the higher realizations and siddhis that come with those higher states. 146 more words


Present: a meditation

We complete Step 2 and bring all the instruction together. It comes down to this: “Our insides create our outsides, and our outsides condition our insides.” 146 more words

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Attention, perspective, vipassana

Each step of The Practice of Living Awareness has layers of intended results. Step 2: tip of the nose has three levels of engagement and three intended results. 231 more words

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This week with Step 2, attention and perspective are a yin and yang. Attention is the specific and perspective is the truth that the something is part of more. 109 more words

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Light of the Soul podcast: Book 3 the components of meditation

Each week during the Light of the Soul study group, I sing the praises of Patanjali. He was a supreme being who brought much to humanity. 404 more words


Escaping the monster in 2015 and beyond

You expect life to be ‘just so’. You expect your nearest and dearest to behave according to particular patterns.
So what happens when life is not just so? 607 more words