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INDIA travel: Life between ‘Rich & Poor’ in MUMBAI.

MUMBAI, as a city, has two faces: Bollywood millionaires and Slumdog’s workers. All stories I heard from hotel taxi driver Mr. Sunil, who is not shy to share his passion for this city and his employment. 897 more words

Traveling For Pleasure & JOY

The Curious Kids Who Led Me Through The Slums of Mumbai

The one thing I knew I wanted to see in Mumbai was the Dharavi slum, one of the largest slums in the world, home to approximately 1,000,000 people; almost 55% of the people in Mumbai! 2,032 more words


A Peek into Mumbai's Dharavi Slum

Everything I knew about slums in Mumbai I learned from watching Slumdog Millionaire.

I expected tin roofed shacks patched together in a maze. I thought I wouldn’t be able to avoid stepping a piles of garbage and feces. 1,061 more words


Mumbai/Bombay: So much humidity

Travelling to Mumbai I was back to complete lone wolf travel. I couldn’t quite work out if I was more or less apprehensive about this than I was when travelling with a friend. 1,840 more words

Dharavi - Millionen Slum mitten in Mumbai

Slum ist nicht gleich Slum

Eine Slumtour? Soll man das machen?

Das muss wirklich jeder für sich selber entscheiden, aber mich hat es sehr interessiert wie die Menschen hier leben, weil Dharavi einer der bekanntesten Slums der Welt ist und ich schon so einige andere gesehen habe. 723 more words

Dharavi Slum