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Summer vacation. 

I have the best job in the world (for me). Ten and a half years ago when I gave birth to Jenna I left my career as a teacher and became a full time mom. 465 more words

When karma overran dharma

So…. the powers at work. Buckle up for a messy post. A little editing here: it is a dark post, but I am ok now. So you could save yourself some darkness and continue to the next post. 3,530 more words


The Pandavas Fusion Band bringing something new to the scene!

Did you know we have our very own instrumental fusion band in our own backyard? Yes, the Tamil independent music scene is definitely getting more diverse as we speak. 164 more words



Dharma, never heard of? Ok. I will explain. It is not a new word. This is a word used thousands of years ago in epic of Mahabharat. 196 more words

The Gunslinger 

I’ve been playing videogames for about a week. Run. Aim. Shoot. Reload. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Everything fades together. All the days melt into one. The one that I want to be. 155 more words