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Suffering also gives you the opportunity to develop compassion, without suffering you cannot develop compassion. Looked at from this positive perspective, suffering is a good thing as it helps you to awaken, to develop your compassion, and to be more humble.When you always look in the positive way you naturally become happier.

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Happy Losar!

I am on hiatus for a while so see you all later on. Thank you for reading and feedback. Be kind, and may we all seek our happiness in the causes of happiness for others. Good Luck!




If I ask you
“Does a circle
have both inside
and outside?” what do you say?
If you cut it into
three pieces,
which has inside, … 20 more words


Dreams of Wildflowers On the Cusps of Winters End

A dream-

Where wildflowers bloomed up

In abundance for me to pick them

Brilliant boquets of red, orange and crimson-

Offerings of fire for the eternal Dharma- 22 more words


7 Arrows - Light Arrow of Impeccability

Imagine what your life would be like with self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-acceptance, self-pleasure, self-love, and self-actualization?  With these six light arrows in place, picking up the 7th Light Arrow of… 212 more words


The Fine Line Between Want & Need

A kite with a fish was being harassed by a host of crows, screeching and pecking at it, trying to snatch its fish away. In whatever direction it flew, the flock followed, screeching and cawing.

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Roads To Babylon

Let´s not fool ourselves; The Great Middle Way

The Buddha gives this instruction in the Griha Vinaya (Rules for Householders, Dharmika Sutra, Kshudraka Agama):

Let him not destroy, or cause to be destroyed, 203 more words