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“The wisdom that understands emptiness becomes much stronger with the help of concentration. Concentration brings the power of the mind to bear, and to develop concentration, we need the discipline of ethics.”

— Insight from the Dalai Lama



I am going to start in a little on the subject of paths, it will be a little abstract because I am generalizing. The first thing to say is that if you want to find a path / the path, you need to be alert and aware. 914 more words


My children have their own dharma

It’s a snow day in Austin, which is funny because there’s no snow and it isn’t even that cold. But last night, the school district sent us a message at 5:30 in the evening to let us know that everything is cancelled for today—no school and no afterschool activities due to inclement weather. 300 more words


Being Giddy

Faster and faster and faster, life spins whirligig by. Up and down, round and round, we lurch from one drama to the next. The music is slightly off-key yet it never stops. 199 more words


Who Has Walked Upon Your Mind?

Whether you realise it or are willing to admit it, there are many who have walked upon your mind. At first it is difficult to differentiate between ideas put there by others and your own. 375 more words


Hindu Muslim Unity: Pakistani Muslims & Christians join Holi celebration

KARACHI: Screams of joy and laughter echoed through the Lakshmi Narayan Temple as the colours of Holi consumed those within. Muslims and Christians joined Hindus in celebrating Holi, the festival of colors. 61 more words

Communal Harmony

Wisdom from the Beehive (Via Vedika Global)

Shreya’s teaching explores hidden wisdom from the beehive. In this video, she also guides you through experiencing a wonderfully appropriate Pranayama (breathing exercise) from the science of Yoga that is named after the bee and imitates the calming humming of bees, which rejuvenates both the body and mind and is a powerful tool against anxiety and depression. 25 more words