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This is the life you were made for.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us” -Joseph Campbell…

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Be Spacious

When the mind lacks spaciousness, one is completely identified with thoughts, emotions, and roles. This state of being leads to deep unconsciousness, where the illuminated states of being that consist of love, peace, and joy are rarely experienced. 154 more words


No Worries

What direction leads you home,
away from home you go, away from

Good night to möbius day, the
pitcher pours but empties what it… 162 more words


Call Me By My True Names

Gay Marriage Rally 2008; poem presented by Zen priest Jana Drakka. Notice that “names” is plural. And I love the way Jana Drakka translates ancient Buddhist teaching into contemporary language.


2016 Refuge and Precepts Ceremony

If you have been practicing for a year or longer and wish to formally reflect your commitment to the dharma path, I will be offering this opportunity through One Dharma. 461 more words


The Giant Turtle Tales

The Giant Turtle’s tale is one the stories that our elders use to narrate to us sitting huddled around the fire in the evening. The tales are from the Jataka tales about the many lives Buddha was reborn on Earth in different forms and these stories tell us the wonderful joy, compassion, wisdom, and loving kindness that he showed to help others in each of these lives. 794 more words