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Teaching the law of Dharma to the ISIS

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Spoiler alert: This essay is committed to making a point in gravitas, which I have understood can only be done by not expressing myself in emojis or the texting slang language.   994 more words

Struggling Humanitarian

Nurturing seeds to see the Buddha, hear the Dharma, meet the Sangha

Today, March 27, 2015 is the anniversary of the Leaving Home day of Buddha Shakyamuni and Friday April 3, 2015 is the anniversary of the Buddha’s Nirvana day. 333 more words


Mimus Polyglottos

In the playgrounds of the world and especially here in the northern hemisphere and western europe, children can be heard mocking each other. Light banter is one thing yet it can so easily turn into a Lord of the Flies situation. 148 more words


A Walk Into The Woods


On the petals

And the peals

Of laughter

Towards the forest


On the rafts

Of disbelief

Rowed by derision

Deeper still


A ramshackle hut

With cosmic ceilings… 30 more words


The Unthinkable

Has the unthinkable ever happened or occurred to you and if so, what did you do? It is kind of difficult to even imagine answering this question faithfully. 403 more words


Week 24 - MKMMA - Gift of the Gods

Week 24 from Florida.

This weeks chapter 24 in the Master Keys actually made me cry. It was an odd feeling, but I realised as I read the chapter that these things it talks off, I knew all along. 128 more words