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The debates of Shankara : Vyasa visits Shankara

kASi. Shankara (the devanagri is written as SaMkara)

is teaching the commentary on the SArIraka sUtra (1) on the banks of the ganGA. The lesson for the day was coming to an end; disciples are tired. 1,060 more words


Change Your Emotions - Great Middle Way

To manifest any given emotional state, we develop a pattern:

We focus our attention on a specific feeling (pleasant or unpleasant) and magnify it.

We generate a supporting discursive thought process and identify with it. 32 more words


Road Trip

“Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads you to wisdom.” – Buddha

We set off around 8am.

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AnvIkshikI (आन्वीक्षिकी) in Chanakya's Arthashastra

The very first chapter of Arthashatra is named विनयाधिकारिक (VinayAdhikArik) – “Concerning Education”. Right in the beginning, Chanakya makes it clear that the objective of this compendium called Arthashastra is to groom the Prince to righteously rule and protect his kingdom. 463 more words


[ -\- - - - - - ] Emptiness

The function of meditation is to release our addiction to ideas as being the vehicle of truth.

—James Low

Why Emptiness is Liberating Public Talk London 2016 HD – by James Low…

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Having the teachings of the Dharma available gives human beings a precious opportunity, one we cannot afford to lose.

At present, we may not be ready to take full advantage of this opportunity, for the words that could accurately bring the Dharma into Western languages do not yet seem to be available.

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