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37 Practice of Bodhisattva (3)

Many people would think: “I have been so busy at work today that I simple don’t have time to work for the benefit of other sentient beings and don’t have time to engage in meditative practice.” Actually, the real situation is like this, for those who work day and night, their practice time is especially long. 98 more words


Six Bardos

So what is the purpose of meditation? We meditate in order to stabilize mindfulness, and ultimately to recognize the natural state of mind. In the beginning we practice shamatha or calm abiding: concepts must first settle down. 70 more words


Understanding a precious human rebirth, bits at a time

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I am presently studying Anatomy and Physiology in preparation for nursing school in the fall.   926 more words


Work with the universe and the universe works with you

One of the most emotionally charged moments of my life was in a Himalayan ashram after I had just completed my degree. We, a random take of foreigners and Indians alike, must have been confined in this remote place already for three weeks when, as if by magic, during our evening satsang, we found the “Amazing Grace” in our book of chants. 223 more words

Anu Paavola

#MODIfyingIndia : And miles to go before I sleep...


“The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep” 877 more words


Riding Free

Its like you’re throwing away your canoe and oars and are riding the waves of emptiness. Its scary at first, you’ve no control. You feel vulnerable and completely without knowledge of where you are going, or even where you are. 133 more words


The West's simplistic views of Hinduism exposed - Sandhya Jain

“Prof Vamsee Juluri faces Hinduism’s critics frontally, be it the categorisation of Amarnath as a “penis-shaped lump of ice”, pornographic depictions of Ganesh, or Wendy Doniger’s flawed writings that put the Vedic people at par with the white settlers who destroyed the Native Americans and Hitler’s Nazis. 1,159 more words