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Going low with Donald Trump

by Alycee Lane

I do not like this man.

Every day, if you walk by my office, you just might hear me mutter the words “motherfucker” or “racist asshole” or “stupid fucking man” or something like that, because as is often the case, I listen to the news while I work. 1,775 more words


The Chariot of Dharma

Ananda once saw the famous Brahman Janussoni, a disciple of the Buddha, driving along in his glorious, white chariot. He heard the people exclaim that the chariot of the priest of King Pasenadi’s court was the most beautiful and best of all. 75 more words

Finding Refuge, Making Refuge

The other day, Edward Ng posted a beautiful piece about making refuge over at the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. Within he redefined refuge in a way new to me. 1,594 more words

On Dharma

Five Liars - Buddhism and The Dharma

The aggregate of form, the material body, tells me where I am.

The aggregate of feeling tells me how I am.

The aggregate of perception tells me what I am. 32 more words


A Season of Politics and the Unwelcome Guest

In this talk I explore how we can skillfully meet our fear and the unwanted visitors who keep knocking on the door, especially in this challenging season of political unrest. 16 more words


My Dharma

I have been having a lot of anxiety towards the future – not just tomorrow or this week, but the rest of my life. I am so afraid of wasting my life, but spending this time in fear will most definitely waste my life! 389 more words

Sharing your happiness

I’ve been on this happiness quest for sometime now. It amazes me to think how far I’ve come since I started from the broken mess I was a few years ago. 333 more words