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Subtle Effortless Action

“We spend our days badgered by voices that tell us to judge others, fear others, harm others, or harm ourselves. But we are not obligated to listen to those voices, or even to take responsibility for them. 

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Book Notes

1. The Law of Pure Potentiality. Get in touch with pure potentiality. Occasionally spend extended periods of time (such as an hour or a week) in stillness. 449 more words



As much as texts state that upamsu and manasika japa is better than japa that is done aloud, in practice this is incredibly difficult. By the time one starts off with the gurupaduka japa, the mind is 100% alert. 140 more words

there is a promise of light
hidden behind the golden clouds
there the song of morning
that lifts the sun to a new days dawning…

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“What I have discarded is the idea that there are good people and bad people, people who should be helped and people who should be killed…Ahisma asks us to abandon the notion of separation.”

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What is it you hold?

What role does Saraswati Devi play in my Dharma Practice?

I drew the Ace of Cups from my deck after asking Her this question. Wonderful…

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