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Jogyesa magic

How I accidently ended up in a Buddhist Ceremony and how that will be one of the most precious Korea-memories I’ll have.

On a lazy Sunday I went to visit Jogyesa Temple. 446 more words


The Buddha's Last Words

As he lay on his deathbed between the twin Sal Trees, the Buddha’s parting words were: “Be your own light, be your own refuge, the Dharma is your light and refuge. 80 more words


It's time to stop praying... / Es hora de dejar de orar...

The deeper meaning in the Dalai Lama’s recent advice; to stop avoiding responsibility in prayer… click on the following link:

Dharma Talk Robert K Hall 11-22-15… 48 more words


The Point

An intriguing post by an amazing blogger really got me thinking about the point. What’s really the point of everything if everything is transitional and bound to change, regardless of we act or not. 764 more words

Dil Se

Exchanging oneself with others.

Equality of others

Likewise, from kings to beggars, no matter what the difference in appearance may be, they are exactly the same in that they all wish not to have any pain and suffering. 326 more words


This life is a dream of grandeur, nothing more

  • Busy, busy, busy, doing what?
  • Scheme, plot, maneuver, ploy
  • Beg, borrow, hoodwink, and steal
  • Ask, deceive, coerce, blackmail
  • Churning out such mud bricks,
  • Yet wanting to end birth and death,
  • 226 more words

Sense Impressions

Forms are just forms,
Sounds are just sounds,
Tastes are just tastes,
Sensations are just sensations,
Smells are just smells,

Neither pleasant nor unpleasant,

Neither worthy of attachment nor aversion.