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Wealthy American Buddhist

Avoid a teacher whose heart is set on acquiring worldly fame and possessions

A Buddhist Bible

From everything I know and have read, it is clear that Buddhism and Capitalism don’t philosophically go together, yet in the United States many Buddhist teachers have incorporated. 465 more words


The art of letting go

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Did you get a chance to try out any breathing meditation lately?

It can be so very useful, indeed powerful; and we can gain some deep levels of concentration and mindfulness with it. 1,727 more words


के तपाईका सन्तति सुरक्षित छन?

– वल्लभ चैतन्य दास

स्मरणिय रहोस… सबै धर्म बराबर होइनन यो कुरा बुझौ, धर्म निरपेक्षता अब्राहमिक धर्म(इशाई, ईश्लाम, यहुदि) लादने बहाना मात्र हो।

सनातन धर्म (हिन्दू) मात्र एकमात्र धर्म हो जसले सबै पंथ वा मजहब सबै (इश्लाम,इशाई वा अन्य कुनैपनि) लाई प्रेम गर्ने आदेश दिन्छ। अब्राहमिक धर्म (इशाई, ईश्लाम, यहुदि) आदिले अन्य धर्म बोकेकालाई शैतान वा काफिर देख्छ। मुसल्टेले अन्य धर्मको हो भंदै घाटी काटेको video त हामी सबैले हेरेकै छौ।Christian ले धर्मको नाममा अन्य धर्मका अनुयायीहरुको करोडौको संख्यामा हत्या गरेको ईतिहास हामी सबैले पढेकै छौ? 8 more words



Things were still awkward, but I was trying to make the best of it and was successful at remaining positive towards the end of my time at the water lab. 1,588 more words

My Story

Mindfulness is Remindfulness

Mindfulness is a vital part of practice. It’s one of the aspects of the Path that distinguishes Buddhism from Sikhism, Jainism, and Hinduism.

A lot of people do it wrong in the West. 448 more words


Come, come

Three Ways to Practice Effortlessness

  1. Choose faith over fear.  In practice and in everyday life, allow your choices and your action to flow from faith.
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Who Am I?

According to divinity, human psychology falls into four brackets: awakening, self-reflection, self-analysis, mundane-sense.


This psychology is linked to ‘Akash’. There is no word or term for ‘Akash’ in Latin, Greek, or indeed English. 960 more words