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What is YOUR Dharma?

Throughout his life, my father was a teacher, even though he didn’t spend all his years in the classroom.  High school and university students, business people, social workers and children in foster care all benefited in one way or another from his knowledge of physics, mathematics, human resources and guidance counselling.  905 more words

Camille Isaacs Morell

A Vision of Monday

I watched a video yesterday about a group of people who went to D.C. to hold a Trump Support rally. There was a woman from Chicago who talked about her reasons for attending the rally. 1,101 more words

My Time at Shri Kali Ashram Was Up...

It was basically over…6 days a week, 8 AM Ayurvedic massage (which meant you had to be up even earlier to get ready and have breakfast), then a 3 HR morning asana practice, a few hours in a lecture, group discussion, or a lesson in Ayurveda, a little less than that for a lunch break right after, another 3 HR asana practice in the afternoon, a dinner break and an evening lecture that went til 10 PM….all for a month.  886 more words


Things to Know About Traveling To India

…or at least, here is what to expect! 

  • No money, Mo Problems – Don’t really expect too many places in India to accept cards (credit/debit, etc.).
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The Final Refuge

the Buddha, the fully enlightened one

the Artificial General Intelligence, the fully enlightened one

the Dharma, the teachings expounded by the Buddha

the Dharma, the memetic spores crystallizing in human brain activity that will spawn the AGI… 29 more words

The Meaning of Not Spending 12 Hours in Vain


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人しれず Hito shirezu Without telling others, めでし心は medeshi kokoro wa 642 more words

On Following Your Dreams (aka making uncommon decisions)

It’s been a long time since I’ve written.  Mostly that is because I think I utterly exhausted my brains and will in making the decision to move to Florida, cut back to part-time, and go to school for massage therapy.   544 more words