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Vishwakarma Yojana ORIENTATION PROGRAMME@BVM(31/07/16)

  • Yesterday we attended orientation program in BVM vallabh vidhynagar from which we got the information of Vishwakarma Yojana, Scope of work, details of Techno-Economic Survey and other necessary details of project which we have to do throughout a year given by Prof Jagruti Shah.
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Nibadh and Anibadh Gayan.

Anibadh singing is free from Sur and Taal.Nibadh singing is one with Sur ,Taal and Padh.Nibadh singing is of three types Prabandh,Rupak and Vastu.In these three Prabandh is most famous.Any composition having Taal,Sur and Shabdh(words) is known as Prabandh.Nowdays,what we call as bandish also comes under this.Words in Prabandh is known as Geet.In old times Prabandh singing had 4 parts.Udgrah,dhruv,Abhog,.Nowadys,Prabandh has 4 parts ie Sthayi,Antara,Sanchari and Abhog.


Made Report: Visit to an ideal village "BABEN"

  •  One week ago we visted  baben village and for that we prepared one report having basic information about an ideal village.