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5-Year-Old Princess Estelle Is Perfectly Poised in New Birthday Portrait

Princess Estelle is now our favorite five-year-old royal!

The fun-loving princess sat for new portraits celebrating her fifth birthday on Thursday. The photos follow those released on Monday to mark her first cousin… 154 more words


DHTML Unit 2 Programs


Unit 2 – Related to JavaScript

1. Write a JavaScript to display hello world.

2. Write a JavaScript program that display the use of multiline comments. 314 more words

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Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript is designed to add interactivity to HTML pages, and is embedded directly to HTML pages. JavaScript is the most popular scripting language on the internet. 318 more words

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DHTML Unit 1 Programs


Unit 1 : Related to CSS

P.S. : You have to download the three files below too for the programs with external CSS and background attributes (Program 3 to 8) to work. 230 more words

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Comments, Class & ID Selectors in CSS


In any programming language, comments are added to explain a code or to mark something important. Comments are always ignored by browsers, compilers, etc. 298 more words

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Syntax of CSS

For any programming language, correct syntax is very important to code.
CSS Syntax contains of a set of special symbols called rules.

A rule consists of two parts: 159 more words

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