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Sax Meets Strings

Have western instruments helped or contributed the Carnatic kutcheri form to evolve? Carnatic music, as with any music tradition has evolved but not without rasikas or even artists at times being recalcitrant to change. 9 more words


Curatorial Note

This project was introduced to us 6 weeks ago and kept unfolding as the weeks went by. We started of with reading the book “Invisible cities” by Italo Calvino which then became the foundation of our project. 396 more words


Cities and the dead - a poem

Never ever have I wandered as far as Adelma,

Where every living face is someone dead,

Am I in a nightmare while lying in bed? 30 more words


The city and pieces- Adelma

Marco Polo, a relatively old man although still young at heart was filled with passion to travel the world. He visited many cities but consciously avoided Adelma. 428 more words



SIGNIFIER SIGNIFIED MEANING Wholesale fish market Fish industry Literal -the sea is an important source of food

Metaphorical- a market resembles exchange therefore it probably shoes exchange of experiences The dead outnumber the living the dead count is more than the population Literal- according to his life experiences he knows more dead people than living… 251 more words



This light bulb, as ordinary as it might look, has a very peculiar feeling captured within it. Looking at it always transports me to that time which will never come back. 213 more words


Constructed Environment

How does Calvino describe his cities ?

Calvino describes this city through people and through the memories that the people create. How every person he sees reminds him of a memory of a dead person. 222 more words