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A big breakfast and small dinner is the simple secret to holding your blood sugar steady

Changing blood sugar is a fact of life. Each time you eat something, your body absorbs the sugars in the food and they go into your bloodstream. 462 more words


Insulin produzierende Zellen aus dem Labor?

Heute habe ich mal wieder einen interessanten Artikel gelesen: Wissenschaftler haben aus Stammzellen insulinproduzierende Zellen herstellen können. Fuer den Menschen und ohne Risiko, dass sie abgestoßen werden. 67 more words


Thanks, Mashable

This morning while I was still laying in bed, scrolling through updates on my social media channels, I noticed a catchy title from Mashable. Now, catchy titles are kind of Mashable’s thing. 357 more words


Lions and Tigers and Bears Without Diabetes - oh my?

Today’s diabetes news seems to have focused on a study published online today in Cell Metabolism. I noticed it because the headlines seemed, at first, sensationalistic. 429 more words


Thousands Sue for Damages Against Cholesterol Drugs as Big Pharma Defends Billion Dollar Industry !

The $100 billion dollar cholesterol-lowering statin drug industry is under attack, as thousands of Americans are filing lawsuits against the manufacturers of cholesterol-lowering drugs such as Lipitor. 240 more words

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Blood Glucose Testing... without test strips?!

I came across this really interestingl Diabetes Technology article. on Forbes.com. It talks about the development of a device that will read blood sugar without a finger prick! 186 more words

Stem cell-derived pancreatic cells under the skin replace insulin

Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (Sanford-Burnham) and UC San Diego School of Medicine scientists have shown that by encapsulating immature pancreatic cells derived from human embryonic  459 more words

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