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Juno: Pregnant with Detail

Finished reading the screenplay for “Juno” a second time today. “The Godfather” took me a week to read, given its density. I read “Juno” in less than a day. 541 more words


Movie Quote of the Day - Jennifer's Body, 2009 (dir. Karyn Kusama)

Colin Gray: They’re showing Rocky Horror at the Bijou next Friday night.
Jennifer Check: I don’t like boxing movies.

Movie Quote Of The Day

Around Town: The Breakfast Club @ Local Theaters, 3/31/15

Allison Reynolds, portrayed by Ally Sheedy, in The Breakfast Club

Editor’s Note: The Breakfast Club is playing in some DC movie theaters tomorrow in a restored print for its 30th anniversary. 2,220 more words

Around Town

Hall of Fame: Juno

Juno (2007), Jason Reitman

The first time I saw “Juno” was as a fresh-faced, preteen ding-a-ling.

Of course, fresh-faced is a manner of speech reserved more for my youthful facial features than the acne splattering my face like a Jackson Pollack made of Ragu, but the description remains accurate nonetheless. 560 more words

Diablo Cody

Ep. 35 - CHAPPiE

In this week’s episode, we review the Neill Blomkamp film, CHAPPiE.

We also discuss Netflix purchasing Beasts of No Nation for release in theaters and online, the Academy considering a return to five Best Picture nominees, Tonja’s experience applying to HBO’s Access Writing fellowship, Pixar President Jim Morris revealing… 90 more words

Barbie Set to Hit the Big Screen, But Who Will Portray Her?

Barbie and Ken are coming to life!

Sony Pictures is bringing Mattel’s iconic doll Barbie to the big screen in the hopes of creating a global film franchise. 239 more words

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