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A Nice Long Weekend

I had planned to get a lot of work done this weekend, but then the weather was nice. Like, really, really nice. So instead, I did a little bit of everything and had a wonderful time :) 354 more words


Cain's Journal #1: A New Necromancer

This past weekend the nostalgia bug bit me and I reinstalled Diablo 2 and its expansion Lord of Destruction.  I started a new necromancer in the online ladder and rushed him from 1 to 70, landing myself in Act 1 Hell by Saturday afternoon.  462 more words


Diablo · Pre-Release Demo

Diablo is an action role-playing game done by Blizzard Entertainment in 1996. In this game, you start in the small village Tristram, where the dungeon beneath the church is full of monsters and demons. 29 more words


The Endless Quest for Loot (Diablo 3)

I’ve never played any of the previous Diablo games, and I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about Diablo 3’s state at launch. However, my prior addiction to World of Warcraft had caused me to take a look at Blizzard’s other games, and Diablo 3 had caught my eye many moons before when I tried out the demo on PS3. 722 more words

Game Impressions

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter by Foxtail
Photo by Anna.Photos


Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition Review - Ps4

I am very late to the Diablo party. It’s a video game series I’ve always heard talked about in high regard but I didn’t have a PC good enough to play the older titles. 1,129 more words


The Music of Diablo II

Soundtracks for old games are kind of a rare thing. That’s not something most people realize, I suppose, but in many cases you won’t find a game soundtrack for anything from the 90’s unless somebody went to the trouble of digging the music out of the code and uploading it to the internet somewhere. 605 more words