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Get 'em While They're Hot: Orange Merloc Lootcrate Exclusive

I thought this past month’s combat crate was pretty weak.  That was until I opened my Cute but Deadly Vinyl Mystery Figure.  I got the… 93 more words

Action Figure Speculation

New Path of Exile expansion announced


Man this looks cool, as you can tell by my post on Free 2 Play games, I’m a big fan of PoE so this is great news for me. 371 more words


The games I am playing now

Elite : Dangerous

My primary time spent not doing assignments can be contributed to this game. Elite is a space sim, where you are first given a loaner spaceship, and set free in a futuristic galaxy that is the Milky Way in it’s entirety in the year 3301. 353 more words


Diablo - Longevity Issues

I have stopped playing Diablo 3. In fact, I have spent less than an hour on the game, in the last month. Other games have drawn me away, and while there is still progression for me in Diablo, it has turned into a bit of a grind. 668 more words


Diabolic Donations

This comic was based on an observation made by a friend regarding some of the announcements that were made for the upcoming World of Warcraft Expansion. Please enjoy!



Matt Eulmen likes The Cure?

The rabbit holes of the internet are quite amazing.  In my search for an archive of BGT development, I stumbled across this mp3 of a Diablo song that didn’t make the cut for the first game.  44 more words