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Ál Diablo, con Amor

Juliet killed herself in Shiprock, New Mexico in an old Navajo hogan beside some
sage brush,
not some dead, marble mausoleum in a Christian graveyard. 569 more words

The Lost Ligthouse Plays: Heroes of the Storm

Kii and Krew actually PLAY Heroes of the Storm this week! Go forth and see a large cow man beat a tiny panda lady to a pulp!


Get Yo' Butts Ready: Taco Bell Is Releasing 'Diablo' Hot Sauce Packets May 5th

Taco Bell’s hottest sauce packet ever. Try it May 5. #Diablopic.twitter.com/hT6wrUiyuQ

— Taco Bell (@tacobell) April 22, 2015

Taco Bell isn’t just interested in the breakfast game, they want to take over the entire world.

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Taco Bell is Coming Out With Diablo Sauce, Its Hottest Sauce Yet

Taco Bell's hottest sauce packet ever. Try it May 5. #Diablo pic.twitter.com/hT6wrUiyuQ

— Taco Bell (@tacobell) April 22, 2015

Get your taste buds ready, Taco Bell is launching the “hottest sauce packet ever”.

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Taco Bell Will Launch Limited-Time Extra-Hot Sauce Packets

Do you like to slather your Taco Bell meals with hot sauce, but find the chain’s standard packets insufficiently hot? Great news: super-hot sauce, which they’re calling “Diablo,” will be available from Taco Bell beginning on May 5. 143 more words

Taco Bell

Diablo 3: Not Broken, But Could Use Some Fixin'

My love of loot grinds and “click-to-kill” games is a well-known quality. I’ve been addicted to them from their early ancestors in the form of Roguealikes, straight on through to  1,904 more words

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Power to the Avatars!

It goes without saying that a nice majority of American people absolutely LOVE the “holiday” known as Halloween.

While I don’t share these same sentiments, I can understand the appeal that lies in having one night out of the entire year that’s dedicated solely to dressing up as something other than your everyday self. 1,071 more words