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What I Enjoy About Heroes of the Storm

I’ve been in the Heroes of the Storm (HotS) Beta for a few weeks now, but over the last couple of weeks it has really started to grab me. 731 more words

Improving Diablo III (Part One)

First of all I wanted to start by giving you a bit about myself. I rarely post on forums, and for the most part keep my opinions to myself due to caring more about having fun with what’s out there than trying to force my ideas onto people. 5,064 more words



Irony. That’s what hit me on my face when I first encountered the name Basi del Diablo.  Sure enough, I wasn’t alone. Sigrid tells me of people in the Philippines who shunned supporting the product because of its name. 238 more words


In-Game Adventures (Outside too)

There is something about starting a new adventure, a new thing in life that makes you feel out of you comfort zone. Nervous, thinking about all the things that it can fail before you even step in that direction, and sometimes those feelings keep us away from trying something new. 332 more words


Diablo 3 Sale and Buffs!

For the next week Diablo 3 is celebrating its birthday!! This means +100% Gold Find and Experience for us.  On top of that that game will be on sale during the same time period. 23 more words