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Heroes (Kahramanlar)

 İlk yazımdada söylemiştim 39 tane kahraman var http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/heroes/ bu linkten ayrıntılı olarak bilgi alabilirsiniz bu arada tüm şampiyonlar Starcraft,WoW,Diablo ve Retrodan alınmış yani blizzard oyunlarındaki kahramanları bu oyunda toplamış

Heroes Of The Storm

New HOTS Hero - Leoric, The Skeleton King

From the darkness of the fog a skeletal phantom manifests right before your eyes. Leoric, now a ghost floats toward you. Doubting any harm will come from this dead hero, you continue across the battlefield in search of your next prey. 1,054 more words


Victor Vran Review

In a distant land, those seeking glory came from far and wide to bring their own personal brand of justice to a seemingly endless hoard of monsters. 1,669 more words


(NSFW) TittyTech™ in Diablo: a brief slice of gaming history

Replaying the original Diablo recently reminding me of a little (or should I say, big) aspect that was never duplicated with as much success in the sequels. 684 more words

Electric Cartilage

Blizzard To Hold It's Own Gamescom Briefing: Big Announcement Incoming?

Blizzard Entertainment is reportedly holding it’s own briefing at next month’s Gamescom. French website Mamytwink has apparently obtained an invite (pictured above) to the briefing, and now multiple media outlets are reporting the same thing. 82 more words


Gaming Update (Diablo III)

My main is a witch doctor. She is about lvl 45 now & is on the expert level difficulty. It won’t let me move the difficulty any higher at this point. 405 more words


The Butcher in Diablo 1: a moment of perfect game design

I think that the height of game design lies in the designers ability to give the player the freedom to choose how he approaches the game, and nevertheless the player still gets a specific and intended experience. 540 more words

Electric Cartilage