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Is anyone else already bored of the Rathma Necro meta?

Specifically talking about the Rathma 90-100 speed run meta with 2x Rathma, 1x zNec, 1xzBarb.

It was fun initially to find a comp that mindless blew everything up, but after playing it for a few dozen hours I miss playing the meta comp that required at least some semblance of coordination, positioning and timing. 112 more words


Right Click to Zoom -- The Value Proposition Issue of ARPGs

Welcome to this week’s iteration of Right Click to Zoom, the more in-depth article side of this blog. Today I’m going to be talking about the growing concept and issues of the value proposition of games, particularly how they relate to hack-and-slash action RPGs (referred to as ARPGs for the remainder of the article). 3,642 more words


En la cueva

No existía una puerta perlada, ni nubes, ni alguien con una lista de quién entra y quién no.


La única razón por la que sabía que estaba en esa cueva fue porque acababa de cruzar la entrada. 268 more words

My Personal Favorite RPGs Video Games for PC

Role playing games are fundamental to PC gaming. Before there were sprawling open world sandboxes, first-person shooters, and real-time strategy games, PC game developers used their knowledge to recreate the monster-slaying, magic-wielding, and character-creation from beloved tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons. 701 more words


Challenge Rifts: Your Opinions?

I'm someone who runs challenge rifts for fun to try to get the lowest time possible, streams doing so and makes weekly videos on each challenge rift. 228 more words


Locky ransomware: Why this menace keeps coming back

It’s one of the most successful forms of ransomware.
Here’s why the Locky ransomware keeps disappearing – only to reappear again

It was arguably the incident which pushed the threat of ransomware into the view of the whole world, over a year before the WannaCry outbreak. 987 more words


September 2017 Gaming Goals

Oh crap it’s September already! Aside from the semester starting and my stress levels kicking into overdrive, it also means it’s time for my monthly gaming goals update. 443 more words

Gracie Status Update