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Vikings Wolves of Midgard - Out Today

As I said in a previous blog post, anything Viking immediately has my attention. Even better that, Vikings Wolves of Midgard captures the Norse mythology and combines it with Diablo concepts.  46 more words


Stories from NOT Playing the Diablo Games But Still Enjoying Them.

I’ve been a Diablo fan for a while now, and just this month I bought the Battlechest as the first game I played through for hours. 1,131 more words


The Battle.net Launcher Is Just The Blizzard Launcher Now

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Last year Blizzard announced it was doing away with the name Battle.net. The latest game launcher update puts that plan into effect, replacing the Battle.net branding and asking players to “Log in to Blizzard.” 85 more words


Lamborghini Diablo - Pink Diecast Toy Car Review

The Lamborghini or Lambo for those scarf wearing fellows out there is a really fast car. It’s insanely fast. You could get groceries so fast! Take that oversized 4×4 trucks that you don’t actually need. 399 more words


Diablo III Seasons Finally Come To Consoles

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Years after Diablo III’s seasons first started, they’re finally coming to consoles. Just as PC players begin clicking their way through the game’s 10th season, those who decided to go with the superior version of Diablo III will get to start seasonal characters on Friday, March 31. 177 more words


Blizzards 2017 BlizzCon Tickets Go On Sale In April

Blizzard has announced details for its BlizzCon fan convention for 2017.

The event will take place at the Anaheim Convention Centre, Anaheim, California between Friday 3rd November and Saturday 4th November. 229 more words

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It Stinks That Nobody Talks In Diablo III's Public Multiplayer

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In Diablo III, a good deal of high level play revolves around entering farming runs with random strangers and marching through content to try and get the most items and gear in the shortest amount of time. 1,348 more words