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Journey To Diabolus: Novel Excerpts (Chapter 3)

“My prayers were never answered the way I assumed they would be.  God never answered my prayers the way I expected Him to anyway.  If ever, if not at all.   205 more words

Journey To Diabolus

Journey To Diabolus: Novel Excerpts (Chapter 2)

Her name was Anne Marie Watson. Dad would call her Amy. He said her name wasn’t a conventional Scottish name but Amy was. He thought he was being smart by taking the ‘A’ from Anne and the ‘M’ from Marie and somehow combining it together to make “Amy.” She loved him and assumed the name he gave her.

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Journey To Diabolus

Journey to Diabolus: Novel Excerpts (Chapter 1)

I can’t even look at him.  I don’t want to look at anybody.  I am making sure my face is not visible and my eyes are glued to the sky on the other side of my cabin window.  

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Journey To Diabolus

Une Préface #3: Journey to Diabolus

devil (Diabolus)

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1. often Devil In many religions, the major personified spirit of evil, ruler of Hell, and foe of God.

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Journey To Diabolus

Concerning the Jews: Christianity as Jewish Conspiracy

– 29 October 2015 –


If you traditionalist Christians resent the Jewish influence on your society, blaming them for the erosion of your race, family, nation, morals, and all-around supposed supremacy, then you should also remember that first great subversion, that which arose from Christianity itself.  2,647 more words


[FOR SALE] Final Fantasy VIII : Transcendent Artists Collections Zell, Irvine and Diabolus Limited Edition

Re post from old post, with additional photos and more info. This gorgeous cold cast is now officially for sale. There are 3 minor issues here (see the photos and you will know) : 135 more words

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