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The Question

At this time of historic Parliamentary chaos for the UK, this quote from Jung is the only “in/out” vote that the UK faces, the vote that #Brexit mimics. 706 more words


Who Cares How to Blog?

One of my main reasons for blogging is to keep from having an order of protection against me by my therapist or anyone else who might otherwise end up with trillions of emails from me about my thoughts. 205 more words


Endoscopy action plan

The Scottish Government have published an action plan designed to improve Scotland’s endoscopy service. The plan covers the next two years and sets out steps to ensure that all patients will be seen within six weeks for key endoscopic tests. 16 more words

Scottish Health & Social Care

Craniotomy Me... Again

When I woke up from my first craniotomy, I felt so alive! I had a waiting room full of people who loved me, and a full understanding of everything that was happening. 857 more words

The diagnosis that changed my life

18 February 2019. It was a surreal day, the day I was told that I have breast cancer. A friend of mine once told me I will always remember that day and she’s right. 444 more words

Diagnosing Neuropathy

Apart of: Health and Gaming by DeAngilo Willis

“…even a mild fender bender will likely jerk you enough to make your head bang against your headrest or steering wheel.

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Fatigue, time and inspiration

I’m in a bit of a mood this afternoon. It’s Sunday, 2:30 pm and I’ve had the second weekend in a row where I feel like it’s pretty much vanished and I’ve had none of it to myself. 446 more words

Chronic Illness