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Diagnostic Yield vs Diagnostic Accuracy

Strictly speaking, there is a difference between diagnostic yield and diagnostic accuracy.

Diagnostic yield is the likelihood that a test or procedure will provide the information needed to establish a diagnosis. 206 more words

Diagnostic Tests

Seeing Clearly: A Story of Sight and Savings

Most of us take our sight for granted. We don’t think about how hard daily life would be with compromised vision. Donna experienced it firsthand.  To get to the bottom of her failing eyesight, she needed an MRI. 498 more words

Health Vocabulary: X-rays and CT/CAT Scans

An inside look at looking inside the body.

An X-ray scan is a painless diagnostic imaging technique that looks inside the body using focused beams of electromagnetic radiation. 487 more words

Health Vocabulary: EKG, ECG, EEG...EEK!

Don’t let the title scare you – these  are some of the easiest, least intimidating diagnostic tests you can have. They’re commonly used because they’re noninvasive (no poking or prodding needed!) and they can give a lot of information about the heart or the brain. 367 more words

Evaluation of Commercial Assays for Single-Point Diagnosis of Pertussis in the US.

Pertussis serodiagnosis is increasingly being used in the United States despite the lack of a US Food and Drug Administration-approved, commercially available assay. To better understand the utility of these assays in diagnosing pertussis, serology assays were evaluated for analytical parameters and clinical accuracy. 282 more words


A medical ordeal...

Today I had a pre-op assessment prior to surgery which is in less than 3 weeks. I wasn’t surprised they wanted to see me beforehand, I’m not as straightforward as most women my age, & as I already had an appointment to have blood work done that my rheumatologist had requested it made sense to get everything done on the same day, so I did that this morning. 1,068 more words

Ankylosing Spondylitis