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Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic tests are tests that are used yo locate specific learning deficiencies in case of specific individuals at a specific learning stage so that specific efforts could be made to overcome the difficulties through remedial instruction.

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Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic Tests

The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is clinical, and there are few blood tests required of all typical patients. Additional laboratory tests can be ordered on case by case basis depending on suspected or known concomitant disorders. 211 more words

Diagnostic Tests

Inpatient insomnia...

My knee kept me awake for 3 hours last night, throbbing like toothache so I was unable to find a comfortable position. I still have another week to wait before I see the surgeon & I just hope for the sake of those who have to live with me – or just pass me in the street! 117 more words

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Heart of glass...

It doesn’t matter how down I get about my own situation there is always something that comes along, slaps me in the face & wakes me up. 505 more words

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Crying for help...

When it all just gets too much a meltdown is the only way to go. No matter what is said, how it is said, or who says it, nothing will prevent the inevitable happening. 106 more words

Ankylosing Spondylitis

IFM Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice

Hi Folks,

I am currently in Phoenix, Arizona for the Institute for Functional Medicines AFMCP training. I promised that I would keep everyone informed so I have recorded a short message at the end of each day. 329 more words

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Bright Lights & Needles (How to greet the day on the cardiac care ward)

With my heart problem diagnosed, I spent a week being prepared for surgery. The doctors took care of my physical body. But I had to take care of my mind. 1,022 more words

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