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Tests to gauge genetic risks for prostate cancer now are feasible

EurekAlert 17-Jun-2015

Men with an elevated, genetically inherited risk for prostate cancer could be routinely identified with a simple blood or urine test, scientists at UC San Francisco and Kaiser Permanente Northern California have concluded, potentially paving the way to better or earlier diagnosis. 47 more words

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Test unravels history of infection

BBC News Jonathan Ball 4 June 2015

US researchers claim to have developed a single test that is able to identify past exposure to every known human virus infection, using a drop of blood. 124 more words

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Testing for oral cancer

Oral cancer (OSCC – oral squamous cell carcinoma) often occurs after a condition called PMD (potentially malignant disorder), which can sometimes progress to cancer. If conditions such as oral cancer or PMD are identified early enough, outcomes for patients can be improved. 738 more words

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Ovarian Cancer testing needs to change: Ovarian Cancer Australia

ABC News 7 May 2015

Co-founder of Ovarian Cancer Australia Karen Livingstone spoke with News Breakfast about why testing for Ovarian Cancer needs to change, including asking GPs to test for the disease earlier.

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Prenatal Testing: Uncovering the Unknown


What is Prenatal Testing?

Prenatal testing is split up into two categories: screening and diagnostic testing.

Screening tests: “Prenatal screening tests can identify whether your baby is more likely to have certain conditions — but they usually can’t make a definitive diagnosis.

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Xpert MTB/RIF assay for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in children: A systematic review and meta-analysis

(The Lancet 23 March 2015) Microbiological confirmation of childhood tuberculosis is rare because of the difficulty of collection of specimens, low sensitivity of smear microscopy, and poor access to culture. 15 more words

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New molecular tool assesses vaginal microbiome health, diagnoses infections -- fast

(American Society for Microbiology 18 March 2015) A new microarray-based tool, called VaginArray, offers the potential to provide a fast, reliable and low-cost assessment of vaginal health and diagnoses of infections. 10 more words

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