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Future Seems Vibrant For Tunnel Diodes, Promising Quicker, More Environment friendly Circuits

Tunnel Diode is the P-N junction gadget that displays damaging resistance. For owners of the Peak Atlas semiconductor tester, I”ve just lately tried seeing if this can plot the forward I/V curve of a tunnel diode and it form of works. 361 more words

Week 5 Lecture Pod...

In week’s 5 lecture pod we explored the concept of ‘Persona’s and ‘Artefact persona’s’. To begin we referred to a visual diagram that displays the breakdown of the interactive media processes, here we were able to identify the five stages. 547 more words


Context diagrams

Context diagrams or data flow diagrams are used to illustrate how data is processed by a system. It shows the inputs from the user. Where is the data coming from and how is it being stored. 72 more words


Week 4 Tutorial

To prepare for Project 2 we were tasked with making a text description, sitemap and UI flow draft. This will help us understand the flow and identify any missing elements that need to be added in our project. 34 more words