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September 03 – 246

Netlogo –Voronoi #2. A 16 points variation on the Voronoi principle  created by taking pairs of points that are close together, drawing a line that is equidistant between them and perpendicular to the line connecting them. 7 more words

One Image A Day - 364 Days

Alice Monro - simple family tree

In ‘The View from Castle Rock’, Alice Monro traces her family history from Scotland to Canada in a series of short stories. Unfortunately, who-is-who becomes rather muddled, at least to the naive reader, so I created this simple family tree for my year 12 English student: 38 more words


September 02 – 245

Netlogo – Voronoi. In mathematics, a Voronoi diagram, named after mathematician Georgy Voronoy in 1908, is a partitioning of the plane into regions based on distance to points in a specific subset of the plane. 13 more words

One Image A Day - 364 Days

Football Play Diagram Organic Baby Bodysuit 36M NoHassle

After you have identified the need for a good baby carrier, the next task is to buy the one that suits your budget and taste. When you are buying… 294 more words


After making the YVR/HKG Canvas art, a good friend of mine suggested that I post it on to Reddit because apparently a lot of people are into these kind of art.   158 more words