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Light Fantastic

Get to know your lights.  Lots of diagrams :D


The Diaphragm Diagram

I read my own posts, to keep my self in check. I give out information as I receive it, so there is room for mis-statements and reasonable error. 169 more words

Music Video

First Assignment of ARCH102: The TEXT

Down the Rabbit Hole | Salvador Dali

     In the first assignment of ARCH102, we have analysed the books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass… 171 more words


The power of Custom Visualization

Almost all monitoring/operations tools display a list of critical issues and warnings, display and gather various metrics and plot them in graphs, and most of them have visual dashboards where aggregates are shown depicting totals in various forms – even projecting future warnings. 486 more words


Longshore Drift

Longshore Drift is simply the movement of loose materials along the coastline. Loose materials can consist of sand/shingle/seaweed/plant matter and even litter. As the waves break the ocean sends its load up shore in the waves swash. 25 more words

Junior Cert

ARCH 102 Assignment 01 : The Text

In our first assignment of this semester was going trough the Alice’s In Wonderland and Trough the looking glass by Lewis Caroll and deciding min 3 moments/scenes/parts that we want to analyse.Then we interpreted in  these scences diverse experiences of space or references to such experience. 26 more words