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B-24 Liberator Bomber Blueprint Diagram

B-24 Liberator Bomber Blueprint Diagram

The B-24 attained a distinguished war record with its operations in the Western European, Pacific, Mediterranean and China-Burma-India Theaters. By the end of the Second World War, the Liberator was the most produced heavy bomber in history. 9 more words

How to draw a building improperly

by Alfonso Perez Lopez on diagrams,  incomplete process and pleasure.

(The artist’s sorrow, suffering, weariness, and discouragement. Certainly there is a whole romantic pathos surrounding the pain of engendering art, inflected as if in response to traditional legends about the pleasures of young artists. 49 more words


Understanding Human Anatomy - Simplified

Simplified shapes and basic proportions

Essential muscles and anatomical landmarks

Students in Anatomy and Figure Drawing just completed “simplified anatomy” diagrams that included basic human proportions and labeling of major muscle groups and drawing “landmarks.” This lesson is a part of the year-long process of gaining an understanding of how the human body pushes, pulls, twists and turns. 124 more words

On this Earth 'First Pre-Jury'

Last week was a pre-jury week, it required so effort and cups of coffee. Pre-jury has importance to advance design and give very detailed critic about design. 661 more words


Grafting Zelve onto Tuz Gölü

In my analysis for Tuz Gölü, I have axises including road axis, the axis of the special part of the horizon line which Tuz Gölü and sky meet, the axis of the shortest way which lies between the top of the hill and the road at the bottom and the axis of the settlements on the opposite mountain. 262 more words


Physicists Uncover Strange Numbers in Particle Collisions

(Source: www.wired.com)

At the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, physicists shoot protons around a 17-mile track and smash them together at nearly the speed of light. 2,905 more words