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Precedent: Parque Biblioteca Espana

Medellin’s recent addition of the Parque Biblioteca Espana is a moment within the city where the existence of the slums and the dense living conditions clear away into an architecture that is both a sacred object and a social agent. 183 more words


Paper thoughts 

Some times I sit


So eloped in sadness I forget to breathe.

It is a foreign concept.

Emotions loading.


Being crushed by a wheel. 159 more words


"Life in the Middle East is quite different from other places"*...

Confused about what’s happening in the Middle East? No need to worry—our research team at the Institute of Internet Diagrams has come up with the ultimate explainer in the shape of an interactive diagram that sums up the geopolitical alliances traversing this ancient region, which dates back to the Mesozoic Era…

361 more words

The Germanwings Cockpit Door; its Design and How It Works

I’ve been reading much the past two days about this week’s plane crash in the French Alps…  doing my best to understand, among other things, the system and protocol of locking the cockpit door. 110 more words


The Field - First Step

This is the first step of our field. In this step what is expected to us producing 2D surfaces by using series of strings stretched along a frame which has the size 49,53 x 99,06 cm. 124 more words


Remember: Writing is Storytelling!

As writers, we must remember–first and foremost–that what we are doing is telling a story.

While gossip, hyperbole, lying, (or reality augmentation), and obfuscation… 113 more words

Creative Writing

THE TEXT: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

With the new semester in our architecture studio we are all introduced with a new lesson ARCH 102: INTRODUCTION TO ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN. It absolutely sounds more close to be a real designer or architect, although we are not still dealing with designing buildings. 335 more words