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Online Course Development

Let me preface this by saying that my department was 1 person for many years—until myself and a media developer recently joined. My director developed this process to save the mountains of time that it takes to facilitate faculty training courses and then build individual classes. 118 more words

Digital Design

Easy Ways To Pack a Lunch

Here’s a fun little diagram of different foods that you may want when packing a lunch!


To make a good schematic, copy, adapt, and refine

Scientific papers are built by taking existing ideas, applying them in new ways, adapting them to fit new situations, and improving them over time. Yet when it comes to drawing a schematic, many people start from scratch or never even start. 470 more words


Arduino UNO

Arduino uno

I will attempt to explain how the hardware works as far as I understand it at the moment.

Like every complex system , it is modular. 408 more words


Knitting projects and diagrams

I’ve been testing my hand at knitting by my own diagram. Honestly I’m amazed how the scarf is turning out.

Hopefully I will be done with it before the cold hits here. 104 more words


Most Beautiful Topics In High School Math - Probability/Statistics (Part 2)

See Part 1 – Calculus for an integral (no pun intended heh) part of high school math.

Suppose you enjoyed part 1. What is the probability that you will also enjoy part 2? 768 more words


Imagining Imaging

A very quick post today! Here’s an image of an Arabidopsis primary root, showing the plasma membrane of the cells in red (if you aren’t sure who or what  458 more words