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Language versus Dialect

The next post I have coming up (it will be posted tomorrow) is a simple introduction to Mandarin. Mandarin is a dialect of Chinese. I think I should clarify the difference between a language and a dialect first, as many people get them confused. 341 more words

Friday Ditties - Hair, hometown and accents

Friday Ditties

Okay, originally uploaded on a Sunday, then I realised I added it as a site page, not a blog post. It’s been a tough weekend and it ain’t over yet. 1,754 more words


Everyone has a 'Phone Voice', but why do we do it?

The dilution of regional accents, stigma and classism.

After moving up from the South of England, with my roots being in East London, accents and the social perception of dialect is something I have always been aware of. 1,759 more words



When I look through the French doors of my Hexham home and watch the wood pigeons greedily gorging on the grass seeds I have painstakingly scattered on my threadbare lawn, it is hard to imagine these fat, waddling birds as close cousins to the elegant dove. 276 more words


London Calling

Although the BBC does not, and never did, impose pronunciations of its own on English words, the myth of BBC English dies hard.”

G. M.

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Words of the Day Wednesday: Bwen Rysun

As you all grow with us at Suntian Naziyon and learn about our culture, it’s only right that we teach you some of our lengo (language). 14 more words




One key feature of declension in Euskara is its syntagmatic nature. In other words, the suffix which marks the case is added only to the last component of the… 1,180 more words