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Yes, I'm Part English. And Irish. And Welsh. And I Haven't Traveled.

Please see the link at the end of this post.  It goes to a Mental Floss UK article by James Hunt, explaining something most Americans find confusing. 827 more words

There was some press recently about a new study which seems to claim that you can’t become fluent in a second language if you start learning it after age 10. 275 more words


"Scared of the horse, he struggles with the saddle" - criticizing IS & other cowards (& illustrating Chechen grammar)

Although this site isn’t about North Caucasian jihadis or jihadists, the supposedly pro-Islamic State Telegram channel in Chechen has given us a great example to use that simultaneously illustrates (1) the use of a Chechen proverb to subtly (or not-so-subtly) criticize someone/something; (2) the Chechen love of horses (the saying uses a horse metaphor); (3) the Chechen вещественный падеж (substantive case); (4) the present and past tenses of a verb; (5) the difference between spoken dialects and more literary Chechen. 508 more words


Of languages and dialects

Speech worked this way from village to village across Western Europe until recently, when unwritten, rural dialects started steadily disappearing. People now know this area as home to a few “languages” like Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian, but on the ground there once was basically a smudge of countless Romance “dialects” shading gradually into one another from Portugal to Italy. 32 more words

Alien Landscapes

Bashkardi – a language by convergence?

by Agnes Korn (CNRS, Paris)

Bashkardi, spoken in Southern Iran inland from the Strait of Hormuz, is a very little known language. The dialects differ on all levels of grammar and show strong influence of Persian. 101 more words


Speaking Southern

I’ve noticed that when I am writing or speaking and am relaxed, that I drop back into my southern speech patterns. As you may know, I was raised in the small town of Clinton, South Carolina, and I came to Florida originally with all sorts of pronunciation and language choice oddities. 148 more words

How to Create Unique Character Voices

Character voice is an important aspect of character development. Each character’s voice in your novel including minor ones should have a unique voice that sets that character apart from others. 418 more words

Writing Craft