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Five Tips for Writing Good Dialogue

Many writers struggle with dialogue, maybe because there is so much pressure to get it right. Speaking in someone else’s voice isn’t always easy, yet as writers we end up with a whole cast of characters who all need distinct, unique voices, and it is up to us to provide them. 1,517 more words

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Introducing... Dialects

Escaping a really dire Christmas party – This was the premise under which Conor (guitar), Steve (guitar) and Jonathan (drums) first went into a rehearsal space and made simultaneous loud noises. 339 more words



First of all, I would like to tender my unreserved apology for the lateness of this post. I was meant to publish it yesterday, and I’m awfully sorry that I couldn’t. 614 more words


Dialects reveal details of debut EP and release new single ‘Restless Earth’

The premise behind Scottish math rock instrumentalists Dialects getting together was borne out of escaping a boring Christmas party. It’s a situation we’ve all been in – when it’s gone on a touch too long, you’ve drunk all the free wine and you’re fed up of chatting with Janet from accounts… 326 more words

Birthday Cake For Breakfast

Mudebroth! An ejaculation of St. Patrick

For the day that’s in it, here’s a little something on a ‘verbal ejaculation’ attributed to St. Patrick – the fifth century Romano-British* missionary who was later elevated to the rank of patron saint of Ireland. 1,370 more words


Dialect - 우리 친구아이가 (Busan)

Some dialects ought to be classified as a completely different language whereas others just “sound funny”. 제주도 dialect has a reputation for belonging to the former category while most other dialects can supposedly be cracked with a bit of patience and a sense of humour. 176 more words

Busan Dialect

Dialect variations in nomenclature - the US vs. Germany

One of the more interesting terminology diversions in the US has to do with what you fill up your jug with at the convenience store. No, not that “good ol’ Mountain Dew,” although that can certainly be one of your choices, but anything sweet and fizzy. 271 more words

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