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Making Myself Not Understood

I was at Taco Bell, which is a tiny bit interesting because until about two years ago I’d never eaten at one. It isn’t like I have anything particular against Taco Bell, even though their corporate overlords used to have the supervillain-corporate name of Tricon Global, and now have the faintly-Orwellian menace name of Yum! 705 more words


مزاين بزاف: A Smattering of Moroccan Arabic


In preparation for my trip to Morocco, I’ve been trying to learn a few key phrases that I’ll need to know in Moroccan Arabic. I’m at a decent intermediate level in MSA (Moroccan Standard Arabic), and can carry on a conversation in Masri (Egyptian) or Shaami (Levantine), but Moroccan Arabic, or Darija, is an entirely different animal. 178 more words


Mutiny On The Bounty // Nice N Sleazy - 7/5/2015

Last week Nice N Sleazy played host to a Spectacular Supernova as Glasgow’s Dialects released their much anticipated debut EP ‘LTKLTL’ supporting Luxembourg’s Mutiny On The Bounty. 404 more words


I'm done the Strathy Unit piece, eh?

This week I spoke with Anastasia Riehl. If the name rings a bell, then, thank you, you’re a loyal reader of our blog, and you likely remember her from my interview with her and Abdullah Sherif about the work of the… 2,336 more words


Linguistics: Everyone Has an Accent

This is a great article for teachers!  Read it here: http://www.tolerance.org/magazine/number-18-fall-2000/feature/everyone-has-accent

Excerpt:The Dialect Game

The Dialect Game
Linguists use the term dialect to denote patterns in the way people use language. 42 more words


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When Did Americans Lose Their English Accents?

American and British speech are so different that even professional actors struggle with sounding authentic.

So when did Americans lose their English accent?

Maybe Americans never had an English accent. 1,272 more words