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Old Devonshire Dialect

Snippets 80. In the mid 18th Century Mary Palmer wrote Devonshire Dialect, a work of fiction that is highly significant from an historical perspective as it offers such a valuable insight into the language of the county at the time. 374 more words


Foreign accent syndrome

My dad told me about this article he’d seen about a woman who woke up from jaw surgery to find her accent had changed. Interesting… Obviously everyone’s first thought is that her new jaw position is somehow affecting her speech. 425 more words

In English

Obnubilate Zinio, Y'all

The words from TheAtlantic.com fell on my ears like manna in the desert: “How y’all doing? A greeting as Southern as a bowl of grits, it rolls off the tongue in a single open-mouth utterance. 668 more words


On English Speaking "Elitists" and Filipino Speaking "Low Class, Poor Men"

As a kid, I’d become so used to speaking in English. My parents weren’t big English speakers here at our house–they mostly spoke Kapampangan and Tagalog–but they were fans of American TV series and sitcoms. 568 more words


Researchers are using an app to crowdsource how the English language has changed

Does “scone” rhyme with the word “gone” or “cone”? Is “last” pronounced with a long a, as if an r follows it?

Researchers from the University of Cambridge, along with academics from the universities of Zurich and Bern in Switzerland, are using these (often contentious) questions of how Brits pronounce words to try to map how and where the English language has changed. 430 more words

Timo Schmitz: "The disappearance of languages – myth or reality?" (2016) [PDF]

This article faces that popular belief that over 50% of the languages will become extinct in the next 100 years. Which arguments are supporting this claim and which arguments are against, and most importantly, what is language statistics telling us about it? 9 more words

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The first leg of learning Dutch

Yup, here we are, a little bit smarter. 80 hours of Dutch behind my back. Breakthrough module is now studied. I think I did good, well, the hell with it, I did great! 515 more words