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Tweeting with an accent

I’m writing this blog post from a cute little tea shop in Victoria, BC. I’m up here to present at the Northwest Linguistics Conference, which is a yearly conference for both Canadian and American linguists (yes, I know Canadians are Americans too, but United Statsian sounds weird), and I thought that my research project may be interesting to non-linguists as well. 844 more words

Multiple negation and the meaning of 'grammar'

I have two more posts up at Macmillan Dictionary Blog. (Yes, I mentioned a prior couple just a week ago – I wasn’t keeping up!) 326 more words


Weekly Bite of Yiddishkayt: Interpreting in Yiddish on the Help Lines

When Hershl Hartman, a secular Yiddish speaker, took a job translating for Hasidim on the phone, he quickly found out that dialects can be a source of confusion.

Wexler Oral History Project

Minal: "China" (Intermediate Levantine Arabic)

Below is a video in a series produced by MTV Lebanon called “Minal”. In this daily bit, Albert gives a brief overview of a particular topic. 580 more words

Intermediate Students

Of Barking, Running & Bonding...

My husband and I hail from the same State in India. However, my husband’s ancestors moved to a neighbouring state around 80 years ago.

So, though we share the same mother tongue, my husband’s version is laced heavily with borrowed words from the neighbouring state, where his ancestors settled. 250 more words

Everyday Moments

Dialects - LTKLTL (Let The Kids Light These Lanterns)

Label: Self-released/independent

If, as the theory predicts, there are infinite universes with infinite possibilities, all of which are real, then somewhere out there, a bunch of astronauts are exploring the furthest reaches of space with  491 more words


Dialects Set To Go Stellar With New EP

Glasgow based instrumental four piece Dialects, which spans various genres of prog math and post-rock, will be releasing their debut EP ‘LTKLTL’ on 11th May. 144 more words