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When your native tongue becomes your own personal hell.

This is something that has been lingering in my mind for some time. And it’s something most westerners would not understand. And this is largely due to the fact that English is widely spoken by many people from around the world. 837 more words

Foostering around with an Irish word

Fooster is one of those words much loved in Hiberno-English but largely restricted to it, not having crossed to wider dialects as galore and smithereens… 841 more words



Author: Chukwu Ifeoma Deborah
Department: Linguistics
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka

This research takes a dialectological survey of Oru West Igbo dialects. The research using a five representative dialects namely: I bı̀ásọ e gbè, M gbídí, N ném̀ pı̀, O tùrù and Ọ zàrà investigates phonological, and lexical features as well as verbal inflection in the dialects; pointing out their similarities and differences. 256 more words

Faculty Of Arts

The Kooky Cook

I grew up in South Carolina, speaking the southern dialect of that southern state. Of course, at the time of my learning, my language and pronunciation sounded just like everyone else’s until I spent a summer in New York state where I learned that some people thought I talked “funny,” at least to Yankees. 169 more words

Featured Song: Dialects - Unknown Orbit

Glasgow-based instrumental post-rock act Dialects have a real winner in EP ‘LTKLTL‘. Unlike some post-rock which can feel pedestrian at times and makes you wish things would move along a little quicker, Dialects’ works has a good sense of urgency to it. 39 more words


Lesson in Linguistics

I thought we spoke the same language,
And maybe we do,
A language spoken by two?
You can sense the similarities
Better than Spanish vs. Portuguese. 16 more words