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Mafi Metlo Theme Song Lyrics Explained - (Lebanese Arabic)

Hey everyone. Sorry for the long break, I’ve been working on some new material (audio material coming soon?!). Anyway, I’ve always loved the MTV Lebanon sketch-comedy show Mafi Metlo and its really catchy theme song. 35 more words

Intermediate Students


This morning I said something to my husband about having some water, and even my own ears picked up on the way I pronounced ‘water’. Wawdah. 538 more words

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Voice overs and impressions


Considering a career in voice overs?  Ed Gyles, Jr. is a professional actor on stage and screen, and voice over work. He also teaches workshops on character voice development. 18 more words



2 PM Richard II


3:55 PM Henry IV, Part I


6:10 PM Henry IV, Part II

7:10 PM INTERMISSION… 1,148 more words

When without = unless

In A. L. Barker’s darkly comic novel John Brown’s Body (1965) there is a use of the word without that’s fairly unusual nowadays:

She moaned, curling deeper into the dark.

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Participants Wanted for Study

Are you from the Cape Shore of Placentia Bay, the Carbonear-Bay Roberts area, Tilting / Fogo Island, Little Bay Islands/Green Bay, the Port au Port peninsula, or the Codroy Valley? 177 more words

Do you speak Mandarin or Cantonese?

Since I’ve been back in the UK and told people that I can speak some Chinese, I’ve often heard this question: “Oh you speak Chinese. Is that Mandarin or Cantonese?” The answer is that it’s Mandarin, and in this post I’ll aim to give a little bit of context about the language(s) of China – how China has at the very least dozens of languages, but one of these dominates all the others. 901 more words