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Fall or Autumn?

I thought today about the differences between people, and especially the differences in speech.
For instance, is the upcoming season (in the Northern Hemisphere) fall or autumn? 230 more words


Great Britain is an Island, But English Isn't

What even is English, anyway? “A language,” say those unimpressed by my attempts to sound profound. “A West-Germanic language of considerable Romance influence,” says the linguist. 936 more words


When "wicked" means "good": dialects, cultures, and customer feedback

Why you shouldn’t ignore regional dialects and cultural differences in your customer feedback

Pop quiz! The definition of the word “wicked” is:

  1. evil or morally wrong…
  2. 527 more words
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Google Recruiting Scotland Folks to Help Google Learn Scots Dialects

Scots folk! Google wants you to help it learn your dialect. “The three-hour task, which has to be completed by August 6, offers payment of £30 for children, and £27 for adults who carry out the task.”

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Old Devonshire Dialect

Snippets 80. In the mid 18th Century Mary Palmer wrote Devonshire Dialect, a work of fiction that is highly significant from an historical perspective as it offers such a valuable insight into the language of the county at the time. 374 more words


Foreign accent syndrome

My dad told me about this article he’d seen about a woman who woke up from jaw surgery to find her accent had changed. Interesting… Obviously everyone’s first thought is that her new jaw position is somehow affecting her speech. 425 more words

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