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Why Sounding "Metropolitan" Gets You the Job

In the U.S., schools are expected to teach students English in the “proper” manner meaning that which adheres to the “Standard English” guidelines. These guidelines have strict rules between what is right and what is wrong with no room for grey area in the middle. 593 more words

Cassia Dodman+Duncan Herd

Cassia Dodman and Duncan Herd are both artists, who recently graduated in Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, currently based in Orkney, and the Scottish Borders. 63 more words

Nonblack Parasitism of AAVE: Part II

I swear, nonblack people think AAVE is some hot commodity. Saying “nigga” must make their lips tingle. Dropping the copula must make their spine shiver (zero copula / copula absence in African American Vernacular English means that speakers drop the ‘be’ in sentences or phrases. 304 more words

Black People

The Art of Language: What Do You Speak?

The art of one’s vernacular is fascinating. Simply listening to multilingual, multicultural conversations, even when you don’t understand a word that’s being said is an intriguing experience that invites you to learn more about it. 202 more words


The Mystery Of The Dying Dialect

It’s another one of those “not much of a mystery here at all” mysteries.

Why is “Berlinerisch,” the Berlin dialect, dying out? Do the math. 87 more words


National Poetry Day celebrates local poets

To celebrate National Poetry Day, (which took place on 28 September), BBC local radio commissioned 12 poets from across England to write a poem incorporating a local word. 35 more words


Khasakkinte Ithihasam: an epic of forgotten dialects

Among the many items I had left behind of my childhood are some dialects. About half a dozen of them, in fact. Very peculiar to the times, micro-geographies and cultures of the places I grew up in. 948 more words