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Language, Culture and Chinese Peoples: On Dialects and Identity

Who are you?

I’ve never felt more proud to be a ‘Chinese’ person than last week.

Last week, I went on a solo trip to explore the island of Bintan. 2,824 more words

Travel And Adventure

What French do we learn in Quebec ?

Samuel Marticotte:

When I was growing-up, I remember that I had a very hard time in school when writing texts. I remember still today why this was the case. 547 more words

Shopping for a dialect? You can have any one you wish!


Many of my students ask me to work on pronunciation but it not feasible to address all students’ pronunciation problems of a whole class as each language speaker has specific problems. 419 more words

Singlish damn shiok lah, can speak or not?

My latest article for the BBC is on Singlish, which is the local multilayered vernacular of Singapore. I’m not a Singlish speaker myself, but I happened to have a couple of good sources and a fair bit of useful research. 42 more words


the fascinating world of languages

Languages fascinate me because they are our main way of communication and more. Mainly spoken but also written they allow people to share and connect with each other. 599 more words

Linguistic Musings

American English is Changing Fast

15 dialects in the US
A difference in North, Midland, and South
Iowa area not changing near as fast as most others
NYC is stamped as being “uncouth lower class language” 118 more words

What's a "bumpus"?

So I recently had a pretty disconcerting experience. It turns out that almost no one else has heard of a word that I thought was pretty common. 779 more words