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Argumentative research method

In our Wednesday class we were given a number and asked to research and answer 5 questions about the research method listed on the Google Doc with the corresponding number; Dejan and I got argumentative research method. 1,129 more words

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Three Rules You Can Break When Writing Fiction

Yup. You read the title right. Today is a day of rebellion. We will smash the plaques Umbridge hangs on the walls of Hogwarts, so to speak. 688 more words


Common Speech

Chinese resources all around the Internet very soon tell you that the term ‘Chinese’ just won’t cut it. Words that you might recognise like ‘Mandarin’ and ‘simplified’ are mixed in with terrifying ones like ‘Hokkien’ – so what’s a learner to do? 429 more words

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The Doorway to Wisdom

Hey there! Today we’ll be talking about Language in the Caribbean…. Fun!

So last week my class had a lecture on Language in the Caribbean and I found it very interesting and I’d like to share a bit of what I learned with you. 636 more words

Caribbean Society

Daily Prompt: Translate

As I travel I find signs written in English/Latin letters but pronunced differently this was my introduction to the Oromo language. I have began to recognize some words and ask my parents for others. 81 more words

Creative Writing

UPDATES: Walker County and great Frying Pan vs. Skillet debate

With all the insanity in America’s politics, I am pleased to report that one positive in this mess has occurred. Though old news, the new Sole Commissioner, High Commander and Eternal Leader of Walker County, Georgia is now firmly entrenched in his new position. 765 more words

When "wicked" means "good": Why you shouldn't ignore dialects and cultural differences in your text data

Pop quiz! The definition of the word “wicked” is:

  1. evil or morally wrong
  2. really, very
  3. great
  4. all of the above
  5. none of the above

If you answered “4,” you just earned yourself a virtual high five. 533 more words

Natural Language Understanding