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I have to confess, this one is a new one on me.  I have Emma Tett, a reader of this blog (and published author… 316 more words


Fallout 4 - Linguistic idea

I really hate the focus I’ve had on Fallout 4 lately, but I just had a small thought: why does everyone in this world have the exact same dialects one would find today? 226 more words

General News

New bootcamp under way!

The 2017 grammar boot camp starts tomorrow. Three students (with bios below) will be working with me on materials for Noongar. We’re very lucky to be working with Denise Smith-Ali, Noongar linguist, and Sue Hanson from the Goldfields Language Centre. 263 more words


I’m an east central New Jerseyan and this is how I speak

Many places (regions, cities) in the United States have distinctive vocabulary and pronunciation of the American English language. My hubby says that is even the case of Czech within Bohemia in his relatively small native country of Czech Republic. 648 more words


[VIDEO] Chinese: The Sinitic Languages

Sino-Tibetan languages, group of languages that includes both the Chinese and the Tibeto-Burman languages. In terms of numbers of speakers, they comprise the world’s second largest… 1,029 more words


Stop Right Meow!

Picture this: A girl, surrounded by bubbles and dubiously suspending her phone a couple inches from the bathwater as she’s crying about the usual angsty life issues a 20-something faces on the precipice of graduation. 484 more words