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The One Thing I Never Paid Attention To About Love Languages

As a student of linguistics, dialectology was one of my favourite aspects to study. The differences between dialects of a language fascinated me to no end, as did paying attention to the points where a dialect would be considered a language on its own. 45 more words

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Speaking American by Josh Katz

A coffee table book needs two things to be great; it has to have more pictures/ graphics than words and it must be a conversation starter. 737 more words

Coffee Table Book

Why I don't make fun of Hasidic English

Recently, I saw a fellow young progressive Jew write a pretty nasty Facebook post.  With all the rancor going on about the election, you might assume it was about politics.  694 more words

Romanian Spoken in Romania and Moldova vs. Serbo-Croatian

The difference between the case of Serbia, Croatia and the Serbo-Croatian language on one hand and Romania, the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian language on the other, are the following. 720 more words


Cantonese is a Living Fossil of Ancient Chinese [粵語是古代漢語的活化石]

This is a really interesting video by Professor Tang Keng Pan from the University of Macau.  I had heard tidbits of this idea before, but he paints a clear picture of the connections between modern Cantonese and ancient Chinese— fascinating to know that ancient poetry (i.e. 42 more words

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10 More Cute Southern Phrases and What They Actually Mean

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to the fine folks who suggested phrases for this second edition…

1. “Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!” 1,096 more words