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The "Ask" List

List of words with different pronunciation in the “ah” sound, from director Derek Davidson.

Ask List

The struggle is real

This week’s book chapter reminded me of my experience in China. I recalled how I was treated differently just because of my noticeable accent.

In China, some people tend to have the stereotype that people who come from certain cities, namely Beijing and Shanghai, are more likely to enjoy privileges than people in other parts of the country. 579 more words

Received Pronunciation

Received Pronunciation is most often associated with the higher class and older generations. It is the most formal dialect, and typically non-regional.

Dame Judy Dench… 14 more words


The cockney accent is most closely associated with London and the working class. When you think of a chav, this is likely the way they speak.  29 more words


This dialect is from the southeastern tip of England, and is closely related to cockney. It is often associated with the working-class, and can be compared to a southern accent in America (viewed as less educated, lower-class, etc.) 35 more words


Located in the North Eastern side of the country.

Yorkshire Accent (Derek’s Link #1)

Yorkshire Accent (Derek’s Link #2)



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