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The Language Mindset

Ahh, I wrote this up before but lost all the content for some reason. It took me awhile to get the motivation to rewrite it. 517 more words

Language Learning


I grew up in a small tourist town on the Swedish seaside, and as anyone from a tourist town will know, the local population will do almost anything to keep the tourists out of their hair. 495 more words

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London Dialect for the "Curous Scholard"

Snippets 59.  In 1814 Anecdotes of the English Language was published, a revised and expanded edition of the 1803 original.  Written by Samuel Pegge (1704-1796) but published posthumously, it was subtitled… 429 more words


Accent fail

Just another quick one to amuse you while I’m marking essays. Here’s how a British (English) accent doesn’t work.

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Week # 2 - Nervousness and Spanish Dialects

A Note from the Author: Maria is a fictional character.


Exam time is coming soon. It is March and finals are in July. I already wrote my blogs in advance so that I could have them for you weekly. 969 more words


Grammar, Style, and Nonpologies,

“Many English speakers cannot understand basic grammar” was the headline of a ScienceDailyNews.com article several years ago citing research out of Britains’s Northumbria University that found that people who dropped out of school by age 16 had far more difficulty understanding simple sentences that used the passive voice instead of the active voice. 665 more words