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Ode to an Architect Trailer

Trailer to the short film titled “Ode to an Architect” which will be submitted along with the blog as a space for critical dialogue on architecture for the African Architecture Awards 2017. 16 more words


Honestly, I think I only create these because I love handheld images so much. And then I like to overuse filters. In the past I’ve spent time online just looking for Photoshop Elements filters, no matter how useless they end up being. 506 more words


The Alpha Protocol Conversation

It’s all too easy to criticise Alpha Protocol for its mechanical shortcomings, loose characterisation and unfulfilling combat. Indeed I have, multiple times, during the hours that I spent with it. 844 more words

Video Games

Screenwriters University Course: Writing Dialogue for Emotional Impact

Write Dialogue That Feels Completely Real

This course will teach you how to create authentic dialogue within well-crafted, individualized characters. Karl Iglesias will showcase over 50 individual dialogue techniques alongside insightful examples and customized feedback on your writing. 181 more words


Episode 8 of 'Talking to Canadians'

Proud to present Episode 8 of ‘Talking to Canadians,’ featuring my lengthy and highly engaging conversation with Emma Blue. We are entitling this episode “The Continuing Conversation: The Need for Dialogue.” … 143 more words

Excerpts of a Conversation I Eavesdropped On

“I just have fond memories of New Jersey. I think I like change. Because I moved around so much. So being around the sun kind of bugs me sometimes, in a weird way.” 81 more words


All voices welcome

I am looking to bridge barriers and bring about conversations between people who think they sit on opposite sides of the social, political, regional, ethnic, religious and gender barriers. 46 more words