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In the Era of Accountability...

As I look down the hallways of schools, I sometimes see a series of one school houses, each one its own domain and territory.  This isolation of classrooms is often perpetuated by cycles mandates creating  a kind of  “initiative fatigue” among teachers. 748 more words


Dinners and Discussions

20s, Paris. A day or two after Hawk convinces Sebastian to help put off the weddings.

Seb: *over at Hawk’s place after work* Hellooo!

Hawk: *has just barely walked in his place, jumps, scowls at Seb* What the heck, Sebastian! 1,728 more words


1.Read the following story about Midas. The passage is not complete.  Use your imagination and complete the story. Give a title to it.

Once there was a king called Midas. 9,178 more words


Cuba expresses N. Korea support, calls for US 'dialogue'

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said the country is “in favor of peace and stability” in the troubled Korean peninsula

Cuba, one of North Korea’s few allies, called on Wednesday for “peace and stability” in the Korean peninsula and stressed the need for dialogue to reduce tensions between Pyongyang and Washington. 208 more words

Current Affairs

Physicalism and consciousness

A: You’re always banging on about “physicalism” and “physicalist monism”. Frankly it all sounds like “goo goo ga joob” to me…..

B: Monism is just the belief that there is only one kind of “stuff” in the universe, and physicalism is the belief that that stuff is physical stuff. 2,174 more words


One more question for today:  Is shared governance included in our new faculty orientation? If so, what issues are covered?  How might we improve the way that shared governance is addressed for new faculty?


Thanksgiving Event Side Goal "Meal Prep"

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our fun little Thanksgiving Event in our favorite little game has brought with it an extra goal after the main goal is finished. The main even story line is “Turkey Dinner” and then is followed by “Meal Prep”. 372 more words

Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow