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Mind body dualism and balanced sirat mustaqim

It is Christian monasticism and the idea of a non-sensual heaven which are criticized by Quran which actually led to rise of mind body dualism in modern Christendom, while Muslim seminaries to this date teach ancient greek logic in seminaries. 35 more words

Dialogues With Secularists/modernists

Quran 55:46, Status anxiety and Alain de Botton

Peace on truth seekers. I am an orthodox Muslim and I discovered you while researching the temporal aspect of Quran 55:46. There may be an element of fear involved when people look at people with high status.


Dialogues With Secularists/modernists

Quran 55:24, Titanics and Inselbergs

Since, I was reciting Quran 55:24 this morning and this talks about ships like mountains so I was curious. They may also refer to Inselbergs. Thanks for this. 6 more words

Dialogues With Secularists/modernists

Quran 55:4 and did Neanderthals speak?

Divine peace be upon truth seekers. Today I found an agnostic listening to the Recited Logos of Quran for the first time and he chose Chapter 55 and its very 4th verse talks about learning and teaching of language, but as the word recitation tells us, oral expressions also fall in the category of bayan or self-expression. 42 more words

Dialogues With Secularists/modernists

Sacred ink of the Recited Logos and the sacred tears of five prayers

To an American sister marrying a Pakistani guy: I met the American converts in interfaith fb discussion groups. I think Pakistani men never cheat unless they are too secular. 170 more words

Dialogues With Secularists/modernists

Anthropology of HRM (Human resource management) and traditional cultures

Ishmael Abraham · 

Works at Digital Communications and Networks

 My father did MBA from US so I am familiar with the concept of human resource management which is a very underdeveloped area in traditional cultures. 103 more words

Dialogues With Secularists/modernists

Yemeni Jews and Peganum Harmala: How Islam preserves Semitic culture?

My mother told me about this today to make our homes more angelic. How Islam preserves Semitic culture.

In Yemen, the Jewish custom of old was to bleach wheaten flour on Passover, in order to produce a clean and white unleavened bread. 100 more words

Dialogues With Secularists/modernists