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Experiencer Dialogues: Adapting to Multidimensionality

The conversation continues around the conscious adaptation/embodiment of multidimensionality. As experiencers/contactees, we perceive beyond the current chaos of the world. We were prepared for this. This evolutionary contact occurred over our lifetimes, and it continues now. 307 more words

Evolution Of An Experiencer

Dialogue - On the Transition and Seventh Human Aion.

Revanchist cruel Saturn’s nature malignant, in nobility it rises to embracing gold, mindeth traveller – which is which, and you shall not be misguided by evil whispers, nor ignorant fortels, yet if you follow hate not recoining it into compassion and greater strength, beware of the fall, it is great as a mountain, and so is the bitterness and regret! 814 more words


Can we improve the question please?

Yes, we can. It takes time.

How much?

I don’t know. Depends on the effort we can put in.

Age-old issue

A: Angry humans of the twentieth century came to the brink of self-destruction, inflicting unbelievable suffering in the process. Hating the hatred helps it grow, even though it may change its face. 227 more words



News bulletins

Forgotten Legends (part 1 of 2) Peer-to-Peer (part 1 of 2)

Your troops are ready for a Raid to Cybertron! Take part in this weekend’s event and win: 2,045 more words


Some dialogues, some lines

Have you ever learnt something really good out of any movie, good or bad, anything that touched you, made you think, tinker few neurons here and there? 439 more words