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Guilty Pleasures Cinema Ep. 77 - I Come In Peace (1990)

I made an appearance in Guilty Pleasure Cinema’s 3rd anniversary video alongside a whole heap of other people including but not limited to Diamanda Hagan, Matt from Wreckless Eating and some of the folks from Isle of Rangoon. 14 more words


Lesbian Talk Episode #84: Sub-Mariner Hates Us All

This week we hash over breaking Spiderman news, including the Spiderman World Summit, and we expand on What Went Right? with some other shows we think did their jobs and did them awesomely. 7 more words


Indy Christian Review - Valley of the Shadow

A young girl seeks revenge during the Civil War. Afterwards, the Storyteller gets a devastating call.

Featuring a song by Diamanda Hagan! :P

Buy the movie: http://valleyoftheshadowthemovie.com

Diamanda Hagan

Lesbian Talk Episode #82: At Akumakon with MaskoX

It’s Lesbian Talk live from Akumakon in scenic Galway! Joining us, are Nicola (the Avatar of Decent Humor) and MasakoX of TeamFourStar as we tell tales of the con, tales of Old Person Anime, and how to talk to Irish townspeople about Japanese culture. 7 more words


Hagan Reviews - Equestria Girls

Requested by a fan though Patreon.. Hagan needs to face the wrath of PONIES (and those that love them)

Diamanda Hagan

Lesbian Talk Episode #81: Musicals With A Bodycount

It’s a new year and a new episode of Lesbian Talk! First up we sit down and hash out our likes/dislikes of various musicals and what, in my opinion, makes a good one. 32 more words


Hagan Reviews - Elf-Man (Xmas Special)

The 2014 Christmas special. Wee Man from Jackass and Jeffrey Combs star in the most magical, superhero-y home invasion kids movie ever made!

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