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Hookers in Revolt review

Published on Feb 2, 2016
Season 6 Episode 5. Its like Animal Farm.. but with prostitutes!

Diamanda Hagan

Death Games (Chaos) review

Published on Dec 3, 2015
Season 6 Episode 4. From the early 2000s comes Irelands answer to MAD MAX!

Diamanda Hagan

Indy Christian Review - Revelation Road 3

It’s the 100th episode of Indy Christian Review!  Once again, the Storyteller takes a trip down Revelation Road… but will he survive the journey this time?!


Specials Merlin the Return

At Alcon 24015 Hagan assaulted Fimbrain with the most deadly weapon of all.. a terrible kids film!

Diamanda Hagan

Lesbian Talk Episode #97: Double Doctor Action

Everything has totally been going on (and going wrong) in our corner of the world so we’re playing a wee bit of catch-up! It’s a full sized, all-you-can-eat episode of Doctor Who discussion! 84 more words


Lesbian Talk #96: Totally Episode 97

We’re rebooting our franchise and making this episode 97! Or wait, was that 96? Anyway, we vent and praise our favorite and recent reboots, recasts, adaptations and re-imaginings (including Hagan’s dream casting for quite a few things) before sinking down into this week’s Doctor Who episode ‘Before the Flood’. 42 more words


Lesbian Talk Episode #95: OctoDoctor

This week we’ve seen the classic spy thriller/action/giant creature disaster film ‘Octopus’! (Please hold your applause.) And boy, are we ripe to talk about it. Who is trying too hard, who is sexually harassing whom, and just how did I accidentally nearly join the US Navy? 62 more words