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Lesbian Talk Episode #90: Canadventures at ConBravo

We’re back from Canada and what follows is our jet-lagged ramblings on the experience that is ConBravo! Who is the best at designing anime shows, what nation’s food should you be eating at all times, and is it true that Canadians can’t lie? 39 more words


Hagan Reviews - Slow Torture Puke Chamber

The final part of the Vomit Gore trilogy and my final HAGAN! REVIEWS! on Blip. Until I work out/announce where my stuff is going to be keep your eyes on… 11 more words

Diamanda Hagan

Diamanda Hagan: Audience Interactive Cards Against Humanity

I played Cards Against Humanity LIVE at BroCon 2015 with Diamanda Hagan, some audience members and a lady Loki.


Diamanda Hagan: "10 Films You Probably Never Heard Of" (BroCon 2015)

I recorded Diamanda Hagan’s ’10 Films You Probably Never Heard Of’ panel at BroCon 2015.  Here it is in all it’s glory:


Pilot Season: The Man In The High Castle (w/Diamanda Hagan)


We’re joined by Diamanda Hagan (Channel Awesome) to talk about the Amazon pilot for the Ridley Scott produced adaptation of Phillip K. Dick’s The Man In The High Castle. 78 more words


The Unemployed Historian Goes To BroCon!

Last weekend we went to BroCon in the University of Limerick. On the bus there we met up with none other than Diamanda Hagan! Here’s a short video about our adventure to Limerick. 18 more words


Lesbian Talk Episode #89: Event Horizon Opera

This week your pet lesbians go over Event Horizon with a fine toothed evil comb (Omega hadn’t seen it!) then take a seat in the nosebleed section to discuss Omega’s early life exposure to opera and bring some culture (or something like that), plus: Where can you see Diamanda Hagan in person this month? Find out!