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Yoga With Wrestlers

Waiting for my daughter to finish her post swim practice locker room regime, I watch the yoga people.  Crowded into a room labeled “Studio A,” they shift through poses as the instructor, sporting a wearable microphone, strolls through the room, whispering instructions and saying things like “everything is not real,” all while the twinkly music plays in the background.  713 more words

DDP-ing up the Hancock

Before DDP Yoga​, walking up the 2 concrete steps outside my old house was agony (it felt like rusty machetes were being driven through my kneecaps). 185 more words

DDP Yoga

Fanático Dispatch #2: The Resurrection of Jake The Snake


Today’s dispatch is a special one. Last night yours truly went to a special screening of The Resurrection of Jake The Snake at the Arclight in Hollywood. 523 more words


50 signs you watch way too much wrestling

This is from an article I wrote at thought catalog some time ago, before I got in to an argument with some of the editors and they stopped publishing my work. 776 more words

Inspirational, Eh? It's Steve Doyle!

I first met Steve in Mexico, but we had worked together on the Hardship Fund for a long time before that. Steve is Canada’s first ever DDP Yoga instructor, a really important member of the Hardship Fund, and a generally amazing guy. 1,782 more words

DDP Yoga

Now Karl Malone Wants To Fight Brock Lesnar For Some Reason

In case you haven’t heard, NBA legend Karl Malone is going through a phase where he wants to fight everybody. He’s already challenged Kobe Bryant… 128 more words