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Blue bracelet at Markchic- Markchic Reviews

This blue bracelet is vintage, with the bohemia style and crystal inlaid. And it will give you a comfortable feeling while wearing it on account of its light weight- 0.035 kg. 53 more words

Markchic Beauty Reviews

Revival of Vedic Cult and Jibankrishna or Diamond

The Vedic oneness and its proof

Diamond discussed:

The Vedic ‘Oneness’ with its proof as experienced by Diamond and thousands and thousands of others in their everyday life without undergoing any kind of hard religious discipline for a long time as done by Sri Ramkrishna runs:- 279 more words


Tales of Divine Dreams and the mystery book of Jibankrishna or diamond


Chapter – 46

Action of Diamond’s book on human race after his death

The amazing fact about the initiation of a Reading Centre

at Vijayananda Park, Howrah… 1,041 more words



Diving through crystalline raindrops of old,
Luminous flowers, with nary a tatter.
Thunderclap, levin strikes through biting cold,
Forests of diamond crackle and shatter.

© Sayer Teller



It's a gift but not for everyone.
It's a treasure that must be mined.
When it loves, like diamond, it's forever!
Take time to appreciate your soulmate's heart, understand how it works and you'll find that the best years together as one are ahead of you.