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An honor



I promise you this is the last. So these pictures were taken by a couple of people i know during the show itself highlighting on the opening, closing and the photo session, as well as the boutique’s official launch. 64 more words


Backstage at Dian Pelangi fashion show

DIAN PELANGI Collection Garments & Scarf

Thanks for tuning into my sneak peak post :) I realized that it’s a day late than I intended to update – internet was strangely acting up so I hope you can bear with me, but here goes to Part 1 of my Dian Pelangi Fashion Show to welcome the launching of her boutique in Plaza Azalea, Section 14, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. 55 more words


The Subtleties of Islamic Fashion

THERE ARE SO MANY fashion weeks these days, from the Big Four (London, New York, Paris and Milan) to Tokyo, Rio, Miami and Abu Dhabi, among others, that I often think I could pass the year going from one to another, the way John Cheever’s Swimmer stroked his way across the pools of the suburbs. 331 more words

JM Couture Style

Before You Laugh at the Idea of 'DC Fashion Week' Read This

We denizens of Washington, D.C., catch a lot of flack from those outside the beltway. Congress polls roughly on par with any given non-lethal STD and the only people less popular than our national representatives are the lobbyists that stalk the corridors (and watering holes) of power. 553 more words