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The White Rose Threatens TSP Week 6

This week’s episode, “The White Rose Threatens,” has Jamie dressed like the gentleman he is, much to valet Tom Byrd’s discriminating delight. The intrigue goes deeper. 249 more words


Silent Symphony and Magic

Have you ever sat in silence and just listened to the noise? The ticking of the clock, the deep breath of a puppy fast asleep, the wind as it winds through rows of houses, the creeks and pops of a shifting structure, the blood pumping through your ears, all creating the symphony that literally is the sound of silence. 356 more words


Do What You Love: Common Myths About English Degrees

(Fair warning: There is some, er… okay, lots of swearing in this post.)

Today I woke up, checked Twitter, and found that my feed was filled with angry readers, writers, employers, and current and former English majors responding to a certain famous author’s… 2,294 more words

Creative Writing

"Want fries with that?"

In defence of English degrees and doing whatever the hell you like.

This morning I saw a tweet from bestselling author, Diana Gabaldon, about her advice for aspiring authors who are choosing a university major. 805 more words


IWD: Favourite Women Authors

Today is International Women’s Day, so I’m told. It may be as good a time as any to write a few notes on some of my favourite female authors. 986 more words

Canadian Books And Writers

into the stones

Hello there. My name is not Claire and neither am I from the 1940s. Sorry to disappoint you already, dear Outlander fans.

For those who have no clue what I just said – don’t worry. 419 more words


Sometimes you just have to give up...

Hello Friends!!

I’m not giving up on the blog or Bookstagram or anything like that! Heck, I’m just getting started!!

No, I’m talking about giving up on a book you are reading. 334 more words

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