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Divine Wine


The night turns brutal in Atlantic City when a serial killer who indulges in necrophilia crosses paths with a vengeful Vampire. Cyber punks and tourists make way for the Vampire and killer as they square off in a blood-soaked romp under the harsh glow of neon and a full moon . 182 more words


Vampire’s Daughter – Chapter 6 WIP, part 4

There used to be a window in one wall. I can see the outline, like a porthole. The opening has been chinked up with fresh-sawn logs and mud. 778 more words

Diana Trees

The Fragments of Early Life

Forty years of doubt and recriminations: It has been a life.

Truth be told, I’ve very few memories of my first dozen years of wakefulness. They’re foggy at best. 130 more words

Micro Fiction

What I Want from You

All I want
is my two front teeth
and a red and yellow wall of flame
to separate us. A flickering rise
of firelight to shine… 22 more words

Diana Trees

Vampire’s Daughter – Chapter 6 WIP, part 3

Towering around the cabin, coned pine trees crowd needle and branch against thin red oak. But close to the cabin, a tiny circle is clear of even scrub brush or wild blueberries. 605 more words

Diana Trees

Vampire’s Daughter – Chapter 6 WIP, part 2

Despite the cold, there is no smoke pouring from the chimney, yet there is no doubt that someone has recently used this dilapidated dwelling as his lodging. 366 more words

Diana Trees

Under the Influence of KaTe

Sometimes there are five faces
of wow in our breath. You
never knew me.
As a child,

howling under ice: still

I am two steps and running away, 66 more words

Diana Trees