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Before we can write our story, we have to plot it (well, actually, we don’t, but doing so is probably the safest method of proceeding). In… 126 more words


A Month In Review: April 2016

Wow April feels like it just flew by. So I guess it’s time to do one of these posts again.

I don’t think we did all that much this month. 480 more words

My Little Pony

"The Green Stone" by Diana Wynne Jones

I had originally listed “The Green Stone” as a 1996 story because that’s the year given in Unexpected Magic’; however, in Diana Wynne Jones: The Fantastic Tradition and Children’s Literature… 492 more words


Book review: J is for Jones #atozchallenge

Okay, I am aware that I have totally failed at this challenge, but I had this entry already 90% completed, so I thought I might as well post it anyway! 401 more words

"Mela Worms" by Diana Wynne Jones

I think this is the first DWJ adult fiction that I’ve read – not counting Deep Secrets, since I read the expurgated version. “Mela Worms” is a funny (both in the “strange” and “haha” sense) story that is somehow still VERY DWJ-esque despite the sex. 666 more words

Diana Wynne Jones

A Bit From Fantasyland

I love “How To” books. I especially love┬áthose that are about writing. I can never get enough of them. Better yet, the ones about fantasy and fairies and magic are the kind I can get lost in for days and return spouting information. 158 more words

Writer's Aid

A brief look at history and memory in the works of Diana Wynne Jones

History and memory are inextricably connected with perspective and interpretation.

All of Diana Wynne Jones’s books are concerned with perspective and interpretation, and as quite a few directly involve history and memory as well,┬álet me without further ado introduce the following excellent books: 1,215 more words

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