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Colour Green and Tarot

“Green Party stands aside in crucial seats to help keep Conservatives out”, such a headline by the Independent in regards to the General elections here in the UK grabbed my attention. 634 more words


#Jeremy_Corbyn & #Diane_Abbott's anti #British Support For Murder & Terrorism ...




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#Jeremy_Corbyn & #Diane_Abbott’s anti #British Support For Murder & Terrorism … 758 more words


Diane Abbott has made another embarrassing blunder

Diane Abbott has committed yet another blunder, after getting lost on stage at the Police Federation Conference.

It’s fair to say the Shadow Home Secretary has not had the best start to the General Election. 297 more words


Hammond's 'Abbott moment' - but far worse (audio)

It’s not hard to understand why the Tories daren’t debate. Apply the slightest pressure and they go into full-blown meltdown.

This morning, on Radio 4’s… 680 more words

Dalston Mercury To Be Privatised Under Labour. Collective Farms Also Under Consideration

In a sweeping and radical five-year plan (or ‘Labour manifesto‘ as it is being referred to in public) Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to bring the Dalston Mercury back into public ownership ‘at the earliest opportunity’. 230 more words


Strong and stable - joke all you want, but what is the alternative?

Since announcing the general election on 18th April, Theresa May has emphasised, repeatedly and with fervour that she will provide ‘strong and stable leadership’. Because the internet likes nothing more than deriding public figures, it did not take long for this to become a meme and start to take on a life of its own. 1,129 more words


12 things we've learnt so far from the snap election

Iain Duncan Smith likes a bit of Eminem, Tories shop at Sainsbury’s and working-class people are allowed into Costa coffee: here’s what the campaign has told us three weeks in… 505 more words