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Stories through objects

Every Xenia session has a theme, which guides us through three hours of conversations, activities and sharing. The themes may be simple or abstract, but they are always equally relatable for both British and migrant participants. 692 more words

"I disapprove of what you say...."

Hands up who knows how this quotation, allegedly by Voltaire, finishes.

That’s right: “….but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” 410 more words


National Politics: May's Attempt to Protect Politicians Not Welcomed

Commentators across the spectrum, from Conservative Home to Diane Abbott, have railed against Theresa May’s idea to call for new laws to ban the intimidation of politicians. 18 more words

National Politics

Crime: Abbott Blasts Ministers

There are a variety of ways of looking at the figures for crime in the UK but whichever way you look at it our police forces are understaffed and underbudgeted… 13 more words

Diane Abbott

Onward, onward rode the 650: f**kwits to the Left of the Speaker, f**kwits to the right of 'im.....

 Four ideological robots and a Guardian for Britain. The superficial knee-jerk Owen Jones, the not entirely clever James Cleverly, the bigoted love-not-hate of the Guardian kindergarten, the unthinking certainty of the Abbott from Hackney, and the arriviste privilege of Toady Young. 973 more words

Diane Abbott