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Labour Policy Part 3: Education and Healthcare

Labour policy part 3, and I will be focusing on Health and Education. Both of these have been hit particularly hard and the Tories seem hell bent on destroying these vital services. 786 more words


Labour, è di nuovo scontro Corbyn-deputati

LONDRA – È durata pochissimo la tregua nel partito laburista. Il tempo per Jeremy Corbyn di riaffermare il suo controllo sul partito grazie alla plebiscitaria vittoria nello scontro per la leadership con Owen Smith e la minoranza centrista è di nuovo in subbuglio. 576 more words


Smear we go again: 'soft-left' journos ignore Enoch open-goal for fact-free Corbyn attack

Smear we go again.

Since Jeremy Corbyn was first elected Labour leader just over a year ago, either the right-wing media or, worse, the right-wing ‘left’ have desperately flung mud at him in the hope that something might stick. 1,550 more words

Jeremy Corbyn: Record-Breaker

Often accused of “sounding like a broken-record,” Jeremy Corbyn spent 30 years championing the Left in Parliament. Trade unions. Socialism. Democracy.

But the truth is; far from being a broken-record: Jeremy Corbyn is a record- 567 more words

This Labour reshuffle is the triumph of the Islington set

The Labour Party continued its slide into electoral oblivion yesterday, as it increasingly adopts the character of a third-rate student union debating society. With yesterday’s… 539 more words

British Politics

Labour Heading For Power - 'All We Needed Was More Diane Abbott'

Dalston’s Labour Party Leader, Aneurin Hobsbawm has reshuffled his cabinet in a move that has been described as ‘the most futile act in the history of British politics’ by just about everyone. 280 more words


UK politics

Well, what a(nother) day! Fisticuffs in the UKIP hierarchy and Jeremy Corbyn announcing two ludicrous appointments to his so-called shadow(y) cabinet.

How could anyone think that Diane Abbott could handle the post of Shadow Home Secretary with ANY credibility and that someone who was not even aligned to the Labour Party in May could be in line for Attorney General. 123 more words