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Britain's first Black female MP

When I first started this blog for my MA in International Journalism I knew that one of the areas I really wanted to cover was the impact of Caribbean people on British politics. 332 more words


Andy Burnham wins the vote - but it's history now

Andy Burnham has topped the vote, but sadly for him, the timing was wrong. Could it happen again?

Labour Leadership

A better future for London?

The political parties are currently in the process of choosing their candidates for the 2016 London mayoral and Greater London Assembly elections. For Labour, this means that members in London are pondering who is best placed to help win back the mayoralty of one the world’s greatest cities after 2 Tory terms. 851 more words


Our trip to the End Austerity Now protest on June 20th

Just for the record, the Heckler trip to the People’s Assembly organised End Austerity Now protest is basically a propaganda intervention as you can tell from the image above, which is of the paper we’ll be distributing. 666 more words


The Pleasure and Pain of Leadership for Labour

I think the Labour party are in a difficult place right now. Especially when you look at the list of MPs and wonder who can… 409 more words

Ed Miliband's troubles

There’s only one week left to run in Britain’s general election campaign before the people get their say. I’ve already voted by post (my American friends call this “early voting”) and so have hundreds of thousands of other Brits, no doubt. 2,309 more words

British Politics

How dense are UKIP Bristol?

First things first: I know what you’re thinking.  Why pick on UKIP Bristol again?  Well dear reader, we have tried to let them breathe since the… 332 more words