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The myth of the irristiable powerful older man

A while back I had a bit of an epiphany about the rising tide of #metoo allegations.I was watching an interview with British MP Diane Abbott on the subject of sexual harassment and abuse in UK politics. 471 more words


Dreaming of a Red Christmas

The scene is set for the Labour Party’s Christmas Carol Service in Party HQ. Jeremy Corbyn is on stage.

Jeremy Corbyn: Welcome comrades to the Labour Party Christmas party; so good they named it twice! 956 more words

Random Musings

BBC Question Time is Bad For Your Brain

BBC Question Time is quite literally a waste of time. Nothing intelligent comes from it and yet it’s the BBC’s primetime topical debate programme, which regularly features politicians from the three main political parties and other public figures. 1,028 more words


Rudd, May accused of withholding child abuse evidence 'for national security'

When Theresa May was Home Secretary, her department was discovered to have ‘lost or destroyed‘ huge amounts of vital evidence of sexual abuse of children by Establishment figures. 199 more words

Diane Abbott becomes the headline act for Camden Labour

WELL, well, well… Who did the Labour Party get to launch their council election campaign for target wards in the north west of the borough yesterday? 523 more words

Local Politics

SUNDAY SATIRE: the assault on sex, lone gunman Wolfgang Schäuble, & Mugabe's millions

 New shockers as Aled Jones not a castrato, Wolfgang Schäuble not a lone assassin, and Robert Mugabe not really a thoroughly nice bloke after all… 561 more words


Whatever the reasons behind the recent revelations concerning the contents of Damian Green’s office computer a decade ago – and the scramble for the moral high-ground between accuser and accused is an unedifying spectacle that speaks volumes about both – the fact the current First Secretary of State had such material on his hard-drive in the first place might appear somewhat careless. 917 more words