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Arbus, Friedlander, Winogrand: New Documents 1967 (Schirmer Moser, 2017)

MoMA’s 1967 New Documents with pioneering photographs by Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander, and Garry Winogrand came without a catalogue. For the 50th anniversary of the show, MoMA is making up leeway presenting all the works exhibited and installation photographs of the show. 183 more words


Authenticity and Personal Voice


Interesting discussion on the OCA discussion forum which caught my eye because I’m thinking a lot about personal voice as I approach Level 2 and a sense of authenticity in others was such a key part of my I&P Assignment 5 just completed. 402 more words

Assignment 5

Assignment 5: Final Submission


People are increasingly turning away from mainstream religion and are defining their own unique spiritual paths through an uptake of Buddhist and Hindu practices such as mindfulness and yoga.   1,641 more words

Assignment 5

"For me, the subject of the picture is always more important than the picture."

“For me, the subject of the picture is always more important than the picture.”

Diane Arbus, photographer


攝影界梵高 Vivian Maier

一位保姆在40年間拍攝了超過15萬張菲林照片,生前從沒與人分享,甚至沒有沖曬出來;死後這批照片被收藏家公諸天下,在業界引起巨大迴響,各種稱讚欣賞之詞接踵而至,更被譽為20世紀最偉大的攝影師之一。是的,Vivian Maier的故事很像梵高,她的才華橫溢也是死後才被人發掘,不同的是,她根本不嚮往任何頭銜,事實上大多數照片甚至連她自己也沒有看過,她只是愛攝影,並沒想過要改寫攝影史。或許,正是她生前的平淡,增加死後的戲劇感,當世人發現她的天賦時,才驚現原來攝影界也有一位梵高。

Undated, Chicago, IL


Vivian Maier的身世並不為人所熟知,即使後來她聲名大噪,關於她的經歷,也並非太多。1926年,Vivian Maier生於紐約,童年在法國一個小村莊上度過,1951年她回到紐約,當過工廠妹,後來到芝加哥當保姆,一做就是40年。她曾在好幾個家庭中當保姆,沒有結婚,也沒有子女,個人物品便置放在顧主家中。根據她曾經看護過的孩子回憶,Vivian Maier是一個女性主義者,喜歡看戲劇,時常拍攝照片,但卻從沒向任何人展示過。在賣掉法國村莊的農場後,她曾利用這筆錢到曼谷、北京、埃及、意大利等地方拍攝照片,足跡遍及三大洲。結束保姆的生活之後,晚年的她曾試過無家可歸,幸好早年她看護過的一對兄弟給她在郊區買了一套公寓。2008年,她摔倒撞傷了頭後昏迷,之後被移送到療養院,直至2009年離世。

Maier_057, 6/25/13, 9:56 AM, 16C, 5736×5466 (152+1453), 100%, Custom, 1/60 s, R36.6, G8.6, B22.8… 38 more words


on photographs and intentions

“I never have taken a picture I’ve intended. They’re always better or worse.”

Diane Arbus

On Photography

The Queen Is Dead, Long Live The Queen: A Tribute To Mother Flawless Sabrina

“There is no before,” exclaims Flawless Sabrina, discussing the nuances of drag names in the beginning of the iconic 1968 drag documentary The Queen. … 1,260 more words

Andy Warhol