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I forgot another one: Manhattan

I have to do two posts today. There is no time for a mistake this monumental.

Manhattan (1976) dir. Woody Allen starring Woody Allen, Diane Keaton… 261 more words

Overt And Covert Lesbian Storylines

I Missed Him Again?!?!: Annie Hall and Why Jeff Goldblum is my Polkaroo

According to IMDB and the closing credits of Annie Hall, Jeff Goldblum appears in the film’s LA party scene and I always forget to watch out for him. 266 more words


California Style Magazines That Make Me So Happy

If you’ve read my About  section, you already know that I love getting magazines and reading them cover to cover, you also know that I’m a Cali girl who loves the California lifestyle and all that goes with it, and lastly that I am a interior design lover. 891 more words


Review: Then Again

Recap: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Diane Keaton is one of the most iconic actresses of the last 50 years. 375 more words


And So It Goes

And so it goes is very predictable.  Aging ladies man.  Check.   Woman hanging in to a painful memory that continues to haunt her.  Check.   Meet cute moment.   150 more words


Morning Glory Review

So I watched Morning Glory…

It’s always such a shame when a movie doesn’t live up to expectations. Looking at this movie’s dvd cover and reading names like Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams and Jeff Goldblum really piqued my interest. 524 more words

Movie Review

Monday nights can be a drag…