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Baby Boomers—A Better Endings Tale of Work and Love (You Can Change It Up!)

We are multidimensional Beings: multi-faceted, multi-faced. This is the essence of our composite archetypal identities based on the various roles we occupy in our lives. Our Life Themes—recurring KINDS of situations that form threads weaving a colorful tapestry through the Life Chapters of our Life Stories—lead us to develop an assembly or ‘ensemble cast’ of archetypal sub-identities based on our positive role models or from avoiding behaviors of our nemeses. 358 more words

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Looking Back at How 'Hair' Shocked, Changed Broadway 50 Years Ago

Shortly before “Hair” opened at Broadway’s Biltmore Theater on April 29, 1968 — 50 years ago this month — Variety reported, “The musical is vehemently anti-establishment and pro-dissenting youth.” Before then, most plays, films and TV shows had avoided antiwar protests and the sexual revolution, or mentioned those topics as a way of reasserting middle-class values. 283 more words


Sidewinder's View: Looking For Mr. Goodbar (1977) [SPOILERS]

From 1977, a movie, available just twenty years ago on VHS, that’s presently stuck in home video limbo (likely due to music rights issues of its Disco-laden soundtrack). 1,981 more words

The First Wives Club

What do Black Panther & The First Wives Club both have in common?

If you recall Marvel’s Black Panther becoming a global success in terms of postive reviews among critics, movie goers & fans alike, The King Of Wakanda made box office records such as earning a grand total of $1 billion dollars involving a black superhero, making an appearance on the cover of Time Magazine & Viola Davis buying a movie theater as a sign way to introduce children to a superhero as a postive influence among them. 977 more words


Le Book Club - Bande-Annonce

Aujourd’hui, j’avais envie de changer d’ambiance en parlant de la bande-annonce du film Le Book Club, de Bill Holderman.


Quatre amies de longue date décident de changer leur quotidien et de vivre une deuxième jeunesse après avoir lu Cinquante Nuances de Grey dans leur club de lecture mensuel … 402 more words

Bandes Annonces

Rewatch: The Godfather: Parts I (1972) & II (1974)

You know how this goes.  Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) fights in WWII, is romantically involved with a New England WASP, Kay (Diane Keaton), and seems unlikely to become involved in his father’s crime family.  329 more words

Storytelling: Much (and Little) can be made of simple stories

Hampstead is a romance that relies on a lovely setting and well-known actors to make the film attractive. The final credits of the film also reveal that… 268 more words