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'The Young Pope' Is a Holy Bore

The Young Pope has balls, I’ll give it that. The HBO drama created and directed by the Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino, which premiered on Sunday, centers on the newly elected Pope Pius XIII — except he’s not, like a regular pope; he’s a… 1,097 more words


With moustache-twirling and church intrigue aplenty, when The Young Pope is bad, it is epically bad

Religion makes great material for horror stories. It wrestles with the same mysteries as that genre does – death, the soul, the nature of evil. It traffics in awe, which is a closely related emotion to terror. 965 more words


The Young Pope - New HBO Limited Series

HBO rolled out its new limited series The Young Pope on Sunday night (January 15th). Written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, the series opening episode is nothing if not shocking. 1,005 more words


The Young Pope

I have to admit I don’t get excited for many shows on television. When I saw this coming to HBO, I really found my curiosity raised. 107 more words


HBO's The Young Pope: Don't Believe Everything You Meme

On January 6, 2017, at approximately 8:42PM EST, The Young Pope meme died. For a short week at the beginning of the new year, HBO’s upcoming series starring… 1,139 more words

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TV Review: 'The Young Pope' on HBO

Imperious, unpredictable, and a master manipulator, the new leader ignores tradition and precedent in favor of a cryptic agenda only he comprehends. Scattered clues about his worldview are ominous, if not downright dangerous, and he excels at keeping everyone around him off-balance. 1,036 more words