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Diane Rehm Interviews "Eligible" Author, Curtis Sittenfeld

In 2011, The Austen Project approached best-selling author Curtis Sittenfeld to write a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice, which she entitled Eligible ( 1,250 more words

Jane Austen's World

Who Am I when my Body Fails Me? - Good News and Not So Good News

Who Am I When my Body Fails Me? is a question we all need to ask ourselves when injury or illness takes its toll on our lives. 1,083 more words

Who Am I When My Body Fails Me?

The Time for Legalized Medically Assisted Suicide - An Inviolable Human Right - Is Long Overdue

As the state of Maryland’s lawmakers now discuss the legalization of medically assisted suicide, something which is now a legally protected, and therefore regulated, practice in California, Washington state, Oregon, Vermont, and Montana, as well as in many progressive democracies in Europe,   we – in Maryland – as well as all of us in the United States of America, must now go for not only the legalization of medically assisted suicide in Maryland, but  as well for the federalization of this legalization on such a clear-cut issue nationally, since we live in the USA and not in the FSA or the “Fragmented States of America”. 1,153 more words

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How I was seduced into Amazon's supernatural invisible algorithms

It started innocently enough. I was at the local library and picked up a complimentary copy of Book Page. They also have a website bookpage.com… 473 more words


How I tried to the game the WUNC /NPR system and go to Paris with Eric Hodge

I have a confession to make.  I’m a terrible person.  For myriad reasons I am sure, but in this particular case, it’s because whenever our local National Public Radio (NPR) station – North Carolina’s WUNC – has an on-air fund drive, I call in and pledge some pitiful amount just to be entered to win whatever overseas trip they are offering at the moment.  634 more words

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There’s a Springtime feeling in the air with mysterious bird calls and uncanny early February shrubberies, ye aulde groundhogge predicts an auspicious season, and–phew–Mercury in Retrograde is over. 411 more words