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How I was seduced into Amazon's supernatural invisible algorithms

It started innocently enough. I was at the local library and picked up a complimentary copy of Book Page. They also have a website bookpage.com… 473 more words


How I tried to the game the WUNC /NPR system and go to Paris with Eric Hodge

I have a confession to make.  I’m a terrible person.  For myriad reasons I am sure, but in this particular case, it’s because whenever our local National Public Radio (NPR) station – North Carolina’s WUNC – has an on-air fund drive, I call in and pledge some pitiful amount just to be entered to win whatever overseas trip they are offering at the moment.  634 more words

This week's fresh picks

There’s a Springtime feeling in the air with mysterious bird calls and uncanny early February shrubberies, ye aulde groundhogge predicts an auspicious season, and–phew–Mercury in Retrograde is over. 411 more words

Christmas dinner lunch

I feel like the holidays should come with some kind of overarching theme, like caveat emptor, a Latin law term meaning buyer beware.  I consider it for a moment as an expanding world view of mine in the face of holiday stress that comes with the glee that results in over gifting, cooking too much, sleeping too little, and maybe thinking too much into the spirit of Christmas to realize that my candle is burning too low. 149 more words


3-Month Food Storage

One thing that Mormon’s are known for is how they hoard food. I have been working on a little, yet huge project as part of an assignment for school. 737 more words

Getting Healthly

Role Model Attributes

I wouldn’t call them role models, but they have done things in their older years that have given me food for thought.

This week, we heard that Diane Rehm, who has hosted a popular talk show for 37 years despite a speaking disability, will be retiring after the presidential election. 102 more words

Diane Rehm

Diane Rehm, a staple of the public radio world, has announced she will retire sometime next year after the presidential election. She has been on the air for 40 years after working her way into the host’s chair at WAMU in Washington, D.C. 32 more words