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Student Spotlight

My name
by Dianna M.

Dianna is my name
and I am not ashamed
to say it out loud
and be proud.
It comes from ancient Greek, 111 more words


¿Quién es Diana Vreeland?

Honestamente, este texto no tiene la intención de responder esa pregunta, sin embargo mencionaremos una parte de su trayecotria.

No quisiera adelantar la intención sin que ustedes la descubrieran por sí mismos.

817 more words

A Rediscovered Box

I had a bomb dropped on me today.

Han had been digging through Dianna’s old stuff: boxes she kept up in the attic and in the backs of closets, that sort of thing. 544 more words

Ganymede Legacy

Days of Future Past

I’m absolutely bi-polar lately. I wake up in the morning, get violently ill, wonder at the little miracle I’m carrying around with me, get depressed that Mom will never meet her grand-baby, think about how wonderful a father Aron will be…  it’s all incredibly exhausting. 472 more words

Ganymede Legacy

The Lonely Garden

I’m having a very hard time figuring out what to write, but I feel like getting it out on this blank page might somehow be what I need to do right now. 505 more words

Ganymede Legacy

Tapping the Brakes

I’m wondering if maybe it’s time for Apollo and me to dial things back a bit. We’re aren’t getting any younger, you know, as if that wasn’t obvious from the wrinkles, the gray hair, and the overwhelming urges to yell at the neighborhood kids to get off the lawn. 755 more words

Ganymede Legacy

Plus One

Aron seems to fit right in here at Chateau Ganymede. I’ve started using that name for the house — it just sounds much more majestic than “the house.” 464 more words

Ganymede Legacy