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Before watching the movie:

I always thought this had something to do with a Bill Cosby book that doesn’t seem to actually exist. I’m probably thinking of a section of  619 more words


‘Edward Scissorhands’ (1990) — Sensitive and Scarred in California

This is the movie that firmly cemented heartthrob actor Johnny Depp’s teen-idol “creds,” and with good reason. Sensitive and scarred, the impressionable Edward (charmingly played by Depp) is the scissor-handed Figaro for the laid-back California set — in actuality, the movie was filmed in Central Florida, sort of a return to Johnny and director Tim Burton’s small-town roots. 545 more words


Review: The Lost Boys

(Originally published in November 2012)

A movie completely trapped in the 1980s, but it is great entertainment!

When a mother and her two sons move to California the eldest son Michael becomes fascinated by a group of bikers and the girl in their midst, while his younger brother meets two strange boys who are convinced a coven of vampires are the cause behind their town’s missing children. 221 more words


Edward Scissorhands - 31 Days of Halloween, Day 22

October is Halloween movie month! Having been completely deprived of any kind of Halloween experience growing up, I now spend 31 days celebrating with film and TV. 1,598 more words


MOVIE REVIEW | ***HALLOWEEN WEEK*** The Lost Boys (1987)

“My own brother, a goddamn, shit-sucking vampire. You wait ’till mom finds out, buddy!”

The older a movie gets, the more inclined it is to fall into one of two categories. 593 more words


One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires.

The Lost Boys is one of those movies that I have carried with me from youth to my middle age. One of those movies that I have never forgotten and one of those movies that I will watch ever single chance that I can. 504 more words

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: A Film Review of Practical Magic

Just re-watched the 1998 classic Practical Magic. So. good.

It’s actually a very dark story about death, abusive relationships, and a murder investigation. But somehow it is a fun-filled magical film about the power of women, especially when they work together. 494 more words