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A Mother.

In a little over a month, my newborn baby will, quite miraculously, be having her second birthday. I know. it makes no sense.

It actually confuses me. 258 more words


A second.

The time has arrived. The questions have commenced.

I’ve seen the looks.

I’ve caught the half-second-too-long-glances lingering over my mid-section (nope, sorry, it’s just the  837 more words


Her 21st

Today, my daughter is 21 months old.

I can’t believe that she is so close to being two. I absolutely cannot believe it.


Tonight, I had to put away some paperwork in my filing drawer, and I stumbled into the “Baby Hospital” folder. 105 more words


When I peed on that stick (What I didn't know then.)

When I peed on that stick, and, miracle of all miracles, got two lines to appear, I knew that I wanted to be a mother. 477 more words


What happens

when you go for a visit to your parents’  house

and take off your kid’s diaper for a quick change

only to realize that Bubbie and Zeyda were fresh out of diapers, 79 more words


It's my Blogiversary and I'll give thanks if I want to.

Happy Blogiversary, friends!

Here! I’ve baked you these cupcakes*!

Take a bite. Put your feet up. Stay a while.

Truly, it is hard for me to believe that it has been a year since I typed my first entry of… 535 more words


Making the best of it--Mama Style:

The “home alone on a Wednesday evening” Edition.

When you’re a mama, you must make the best of things.

Like, when your little girl takes her sippy cup and dumps the entire thing of water over her head… 167 more words