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Stock up on new born diapers as you will need lots of them for first couple of months depending on size of the baby. Some baby start on new born and quickly move to size 1.


Traveling With Baby

How to change a diaper

Wipe all the shit away with a scentless wipe or a cloth with water (that’s usually a little rough, I don’t like doing that, unless I really have nothing on hand) 141 more words

WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes

These WaterWipes are a no-brainer. These are 80% water and 20% fruit extract as advertised. I never had any issues like rashes on the baby with these wipes. 22 more words

Traveling With Baby

Even Baby Bop's poop is in the holiday spirit

Baby Bop is enjoying Hanukkah and enjoyed Christmas more than I realized until this morning’s diaper change.

Everyone recommends getting babies on a schedule. Sounds wonderful to me, but someone needs to convince Baby Bop. 213 more words


Diapering Done Right

Useful websites for learning more

  • What: Cloth diapering resources
  • Why: Because you can’t remember your own diaper experiences
  • Where: Online
  • 210 more words

Dressing vs. Changing

Why Dressers Trump Changing Tables
  • What: Dresser instead of a changing table
  • Why: Better storage, easier access, less mess
  • Where: Amazon or online
  • 908 more words

Diaper Rash Woes

Man, does it suck when your baby has a diaper rash. Even when you are prompt with changing even the cleanest of diapers, sometimes you feel like you just can’t get ahead of it. 257 more words