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Preparing for Baby #3

Here we go….our third rodeo!

We are expecting our third baby boy in about 2 months (oh my goodness!!). There are things that I have obviously learned along the way with my first two on preparing for a new baby. 1,667 more words


Almost ready to practice on a live baby

Baby Bop is counting on Captain and me knowing what the heck we’re doing. What the heck are we doing? Captain and I sign up for a smorgasbord of baby classes. 277 more words


Homemade Baby Wipes 

So when I was pregnant a friend asked if I was going to make my own baby wipes. I quickly responded with a “no, probably not”. 204 more words


Less-Exciting Suggestions for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is a great day to plant a tree, buy a trendy “eco-friendly” product, wear tie-dye, and/or feel depressed about non-sustainable farming practices. 624 more words


Dear Huggies

Today I received an email from you with the title: Are you ready for your little one’s big one?

I thought to myself that this marketing campaign is REALLY early. 245 more words

Preparing to Cloth Diaper: One

I’m expecting baby #3… boy #3, in fact. There are many topics/preparation for this baby that involve knowing this is for sure my last baby, and wanting to “get things right.” I don’t think I got things wrong with my first 2, it’s just that – like most – I had these ideas of how things would go down, that realistically didn’t pan out. 851 more words


Kind of more of the same

So, did I mention I’m tired of other moms telling me what to do? Your son doesn’t speak clear, we can’t understand him. Your son throws toys, your son shouldn’t eat that way or this way. 790 more words