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Cloth Diapering: How it Works for Us

When Joe and I first started looking into cloth diapers, we didn’t know much about it. I was envisioning folded rags, but Joe convinced me to be open-minded. 1,052 more words


Diaper Duty

Since my last child ( which was 5 years ago) I have never made a detour to the diaper aisle. When I was pregnant with her I made the decision to cloth diaper. 763 more words


Sposie Diaper Boosters

Products Nannies Love

Nothing’s worse when a toddler soaks through their diapers during nap time, while traveling, or overnight. That’s why nannies love Sposie Booster Pads. 93 more words

Product Review Sunday

Wool — Cloth Diapering

Wool? Like the hot, scratchy kind?? Yep!

Well, not all wool is scratchy. Believe it or not, wool can keep you warm, but it’s also breathable. 514 more words


My Journey Into Cloth Diapering: Diaper Styles, Inserts, Fit and Brands.

Currently on my living room floor is a pile of clean cloth diapers, covers and inserts. They’ve been clean for 3 days………

Anyways. Let us jump right into the different types of cloth diapers and how they work. 918 more words

My Journey Into Cloth Diapering: The Setup.

This is my favourite part to share with you about cloth diapering. MY SETUP! WOOHOO!!

Set up is one of the most important parts of cloth diapering. 963 more words

Flip Diaper Cover

Cover Your Kid During Potty Training
  • What: Flip Diaper Cover
  • When: Birth to potty training
  • Why: Adjustable, affordable, lightweight
  • Where: Amazon
  • 482 more words