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Diapering is a Full Contact Sport

Diapering a toddler must be some sort of initiation to parenthood! I never thought I would have to wrestle our toddler just to get her diaper changed… as my Dad says, babies are like greased pigs when it comes time to change diapers. 127 more words

Diaper Change

Perjalanan Berpopok Kain

PROLOG:  Tulisan di bawah adalah hasil pindahan dari multiply, ditulis tahun 2008, saat Enphilia belum lahir. Takjub sendiri ketika membaca kembali. Begitu repotnya perjalanan saya jaman dahulu kala. 1,021 more words


Cloth Diapering Part 4 - How Do I Cloth?

Welcome to part 4 of my Cloth Diapering series. We’ve talked about why you should try cloth, what the options are and what other bits and bobs you might need. 1,224 more words


Cloth Diapering--Forethoughts

Ok, so here I am pregnant with #3. I love the idea of saving money, being environmentally friendly, and keeping baby comfy. Cloth diapers just seem like such a great option! 287 more words

Potty Training Multiples

This is what works for us… Every 30 to 45 minutes both toddler boys sit on the toilet. If they void, they are rewarded with an m&m or sticker (their choice). 120 more words


Intentional Living

I want my life to be intentional.

I want to spend my time intentionally.  I want to communicate and love as a wife intentionally.  I want to parent intentionally.   579 more words


battling the yeast beast

I’m at war, and I’m losing.

Baby Guy has this awful yeasty diaper rash, and despite a trip to the walk-in clinic (I was going to write a whole post about this, but I couldn’t figure out how to portray the characters in the story without using inappropriate language, which I am against), we’re past the two week mark with this one. 759 more words