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Diaper Test: MoliCare Slip extra and super

Vendors in the in the incontinence care industry often like to distinguish between “premium” and “basic” products in order to cater for different markets. Premium products often are aimed at people who are paying everything themselves whereas basic products usually fill the requirement of fitting within the allowed budget of health insurances and public health systems. 761 more words


"You can't have your finger and my breast in your mouth at the same time!"

Being a new mom has been awesome! I thoroughly enjoy it honestly. I’ve been at it for almost 6 months and I embrace the high moments with the heart racing gut wrenching scary moments (still randomly check to make sure he’s breathing…. 464 more words


Aldi has new Baby products, and they are awesome!!

We’ve only had an Aldi in our little small town for a little while, and I am totally in love with it! Aldi save me soooo much money each week, and I am so overwhelmingly grateful for it. 363 more words


Camping and Bambo Nature Diapers

Did I tell y’all we’re going camping over Labor Day weekend? I am so excited!! 836 more words

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Cloth Diapering Diaries

Cloth diapering: (action/verb) The act of NOT using disposable diapers on your children, and instead choosing to buy several reusable cloth diapers in a multitude of fabulous prints/fabrics and styles and saving a bunch of money but also dealing with a lot of poop and laundry. 612 more words

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Vancouver diaper service offers free starter pack

Thinking about going cloth? Does the thought of scrubbing cloth diapers give you the heebie jeebies? Me too. That’s why we use Vancouver’s Happy Baby Cheeks Cloth Diaper Service… 294 more words

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She pooped on the carpet. Twice.

I was spoiled the first few months of my daughter’s life. She only pooped once a week, if that. It wasn’t okay with her pediatrician and I wanted so badly to not be okay with it too, but having scheduled ‘poopy time’ was a real life dream. 248 more words