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Diaper Tip!

Since diapers and wipes are crazy expensive, I did my fair share of shopping around for quality and price. I’ve tried Huggies, Pampers, Luvs and Buy Buy Baby Brand. 187 more words


Adulting #2: Diaper Party

25 dudes. In a garage. 1 keg of beer. 2 beer bong tables. 1000+ diapers.

My best friend is expecting his first child. Now, everyone knows that the ladies always gather for a baby shower. 422 more words

Never Ever Could I Handle Cloth Diapers!

I’d call my 3yo potty trained, but she still has accidents (okay … I’m almost 33 and … I admit it, I’ve had an accident from time to time … okay, maybe it’s genetic … oh  102 more words

::dadsense:: Dad's Every Day Carry:

Our lives have changed massively in the last year. Going out used to be easy: Do the 3 point Macarena check on the way out the door (wallet, keys, phone – thanks Los del Rio!) and off you went. 217 more words


All you need to know about diapers

Weather you are deciding between what kind of diapers you want or interested in both. I  wanted to make a one stop read about all you need to know, especially for new parents. 1,494 more words

my last purchase

My last Amazon purchase included this citric acid powder, a multi-purpose household item. I use it for cleaning the dishwasher in between cycles about every month or so. 86 more words


Pampers Limited Edition Prints Diapers for Girls, Size 1-2, 72 Count

With two new designs in every box, flowers and polka dots, Pampers Limited Edition Prints diapers will help her stay dry in style. Along with looking great, these limited edition prints offer the same fit and absorbency you’ve come to love from Pampers. 10 more words