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Pampers Easy Ups Review

I have begun the dreadful process of introducing the potty to my 18 month old son.  Call me insane to start so young, but both of my older children were completely potty trained during the day by age 2 and at night by age 3.   344 more words


20 Things We Use (and LOVE) Everyday With Our Little One

IT’S CHRISTMAS SEASON!  December 1st already.  Where the eff did November go?!  For real though, I feel like I just said that about September let alone November.   2,374 more words


For The Inexperienced Sitter

Firstly, let me say on behalf of parents everywhere who are in desperate need of a break: THANK YOU!

Really, kind Sir or Madam; the time you’re giving to an overworked mom (or dad!) is appreciated more than you could ever know. 1,086 more words

This company is using jellyfish to make eco-friendly tampons, diapers and pads

As growing global jellyfish populations continue to threaten underwater infrastructure, an Israeli company is proposing an innovate use for jellyfish flesh.

This summer, many beachgoers around the US endured an increasingly icky phenomenon: waters teeming with jellyfish. 605 more words



MAMYPOKO, The #1 baby diaper manufacturer used by mothers in Japan are now leading in the Philippines which also reaching out worldwide.

MAMYPOKO is available in… 168 more words

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That Depends!

It’s so annoying when I’m all nice and warm, sleeping soundly, then get the urgent urge to go Pee.

I’m lying there… All happy and comfortable like a little newborn nestling in his blankies, but unlike a newborn I don’t wear diapers…at least not yet, so when nature calls…it keeps calling…and calling, like a half-crazed debt collector. 392 more words


3 years down the line.

I’m 28 years old and I’ve been an adult baby for roughly 14 years. Before I was 18 I’d have been considered a ‘teen baby’ I guess, but a term which I never identified with due to not being too familiar with the… 2,048 more words