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Five Things Friday- The Random Slutty Baby Infestation Edition

  1. My mother once called me a skank

Ok, maybe not in quite so many words, but I swear that was the take home message. It was during university and after going out on a date with yet another older electrician that I met at the local bar, I commented to my mother that there were a lot of tradesmen who frequented the establishment. 696 more words


Titus College (02)

Synopsis: My mother has sent me to a new school. The “Titus College for derailed young adults” I think she knew exactly what she was doing. 606 more words



Hello All,

Today I’d like to share with you my thoughts of the Everyday Happy Free trial. This free trial is similar to the Honest Company’s current free trial. 205 more words



After diapers is the transition phase.  After they figure out where to put it, the next challenge is making sure it all comes off.  This is the challenge of wiping.  177 more words

New Parent Adventures: Cloth Diaper Service

Our cloth diaper service has been invaluable. I’m not sure what we would do without it. None of the alternatives are very appealing – washing cloth diapers ourselves sounds exhausting (especially as we don’t have ensuite laundry) but creating mountains of garbage with disposable diapers would cause more guilt than we could handle. 324 more words


Diaper Update: Tena Slip 2016 - Part 1

Last year I shared my own confusion about the different Tena Slip models and confusing it was indeed ‘cos at the time of writing there were like five or six different ones, depending on how you count. 607 more words