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Murder Most Foul ~ April 14 and 15, 1865

Murder Most Foul!

As I have studied over the course of almost three decades the roots and causes of the Civil War, the people and events of that fratricidal conflict, and the people and events of the decades after the war, I am more and more convinced that the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln was the most evil and heinous crime in American history. 2,149 more words

Civil War

Journalling – like a private blog, before blogging was a thing...

For years and years and years I kept a journal – which was like a private blog, before blogging existed. And no one read it – it was written for me. 389 more words

Extreme Peril At This Moment ~ March 1865 ~ 26th to 28th

Extreme Peril at this Moment

Civilians and soldiers alike express great concern for the Confederacy. President Lincoln orders a special salute as the Stars and Stripes once again flies over Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor. 1,908 more words

Daily History

Prayer for Our Poor Country ~ March 1865 ~ 9th to 10th

Prayer for Our Poor Country

Southerners keep a day of prayer and fasting for the sake of the Confederacy. Georgia seems less and less cooperative with the Confederacy. 2,732 more words

Daily History

Happy New Year~ New Year's Day ~ 1865

Happy New Year, 1865 Style

In the Confederacy, food is in short supply in many places. Many mourn and worry about the immediate future. The most popular lady’s magazine hopes for more readers and the coming of better times. 1,943 more words

Daily History

Goodbye Old 1864~ December ~ the 30th and 31st

Goodbye Old 1864 ~ Elisha Hunt Rhodes

Soldiers and civilians, North and South, bid the old year adieu and ponder what 1865 may hold.

December 30– Friday– Savannah, Georgia– “I received a most disagreeable order just now, that we must move tomorrow at seven o’clock, to take up a new encampment on the north side of the river. 1,871 more words

Daily History

Rembrance of things past: I just found my diary for 2010

The great diarists manage to record the events of their daily lives while at the same time giving a valuable insight into the political and social climate of their times. 679 more words

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