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I wait nervously every day for someone to come in and punch me - Meeting Shaun Bythell

Today we’re meeting Shaun Bythell, owner of the largest second-hand bookshop in Scotland and author of the acclaimed Diary of a Bookseller. Published in 2017 the diary covers the period February 2014 to February 2015 and provides insights into the book selling industry and revelations regarding the shocking and puzzling behaviour of customers. 1,526 more words


Melt Down Mornings

My mother used to Facebook drunk at night, which is the contemporary equivalent of the drunk dial. In her footsteps, my sister drunk texts while sitting by herself outside her house on the patio, smoking cigs, polishing off a bottle of wine, listening to music from the 1970s that reminds her of our youth, and in the silence deciding it’s time to cry for help to whoever is currently at the top of her contact list in messenger on her phone. 564 more words

The Honesty Project

A tribute to an inspiration #sparkleforcat

This past week I’ve been re-tweeting interviews with some of the inspirational diarists I’ve been fortunate enough to chat to; people who are laying their past bare for the entertainment of others. 831 more words


Reluctantly indulging the bizarre demands of grown-ups - Meeting Mike Scott

 This week we’re meeting Mike Scott (@1986diary on Twitter) who has, for a few years now, been sharing the hilarious diary entries he kept as an eleven/twelve year old. 982 more words



Transcribing mundane occurrences seems a contemporary habit, one that technology has enabled and expanded through digital connectivity, but this type of writing is about four hundred years old. 358 more words

Author's Notes

The First Thing I Remember Writing

Motown Writers Blog Challenge 2017 #1:  The First Thing I Remember Writing

I’m going to go backward and makeup the first entry.  I wasn’t around yet during the beginning of this exercise, but it’s a good one. 533 more words

The Kenneth Williams Diaries

Like so many people born in the seventies I grew up on a staple diet of TV re-runs of the Carry On films. I have a distinct memory of a friend’s mum buying me a lollipop on the way home from school which was to be saved to enjoy during Carry On Screaming. 625 more words