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Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

I’m not just a girl standing in front of a boy. I’m more then that. He once told me I was his entire world, I’m beginning to believe that his world is pretty small. 438 more words

Diary Entries


For my EP I have created a photography book and documented the process. I have learnt skills not only in photography and editing but also in time management and research. 1,798 more words

Diary Entries

September 23, 2016

Yesterday I managed to write a lot. I had to bin all of it. There are a number of competitions hitting my inbox at the moment (why they’re all coming through now I’m not sure – I haven’t seen a good one in months), so many in fact that I had to set up a proper schedule to make sure I had something for each of them. 692 more words

Damian Robb

Pre-Halloween Resolutions

My resolutions for the new (school) year this September (AKA Pre-Halloween) are as follows:

  • Routine. I’m going to map out a weekly routine for each day – not hour-for-hour, but a loose, flexible structure to get me into the swing of things, for example: Monday is rest day, Tuesday is pole class, Wednesday is for studying, Thursday is aerial, Friday is ukulele, etc.
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Diary Entries

Researching/Planning how to create Time-Lapses (Diary Entry)

For one of my first shots of the film is going to be a Time-lapse of the main character standing still whilst the busy world moves around them which is to symbolize how they are stuck and alone in the busy world. 194 more words


Diary Excerpt: Puppet Plays

My mother recently uncovered all of my childhood / teenage diaries. This was quite a find, as I genuinely thought they had all been sucked into that mysterious black vortex that exists in the homes of those who like to… 171 more words

My Actual Life

Prop Design - Creating Key prop plan (Diary Entry)

One of the key props needed for the story of my short film Memory is a missing person poster, This prop is key and very important as it informs the audience what has happened to one of the characters so needs to be well made and realistic. 136 more words