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Kalau ngobrolin tentang ‘kegilaan’ menghadapi toddler rasanya nggak ada habisnya ya, buibu :D Kali ini aku mau cerita sedikit tentang proses panjaaang sampai akhirnya Amanda mau duduk tenang di… 914 more words

Diary Entries

The Hard Path

Star and I are obsessed. Equally, I’m not so sure. Star was never one to bust out in OMG’s or feign fainting spells like I’m prone to. 470 more words

Diary Entries

Diary Entry Seventeen

Dear Diary,

THE HOLIDAYS ARE APPROACHING! You know what the means? Lots of yummy food, and out the window goes the diet! 333 more words



Early November I had decided to celebrate my birthday in Cavite since most of my closest friends are there (3/4 of my college circle, my buddy, and my best friend). 512 more words

Diary Entries


I’d usually start by • Dear Diary, • but that’s not who I am anymore.
Now every single night I pray that the sun won’t rise because I like to revere in the night. 552 more words



It’s been a while.
But I’m back, and I’m back with a new feeling. Cravings. More of a need than a craving — don’t quite know what to make of it. 284 more words



Another day has passed. I’m back and I still feel like I’m trapped. Maybe too much has happened in this place. So much that I kind of lost it last night. 513 more words