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A 28-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Late January, 1980

Friday, January 25, 1980

9 PM. This afternoon Dr. Pasquale and I went over last weekend’s illness in detail. It was obviously a stomach virus, but the nausea produced a secondary panic. 2,877 more words

Deadlines and Paperwork, #1

This is it.

I never realized how fast time goes by, and I’m struck with this realization in the wee hours of night, with a midterm in my final year of undergraduate studies just a few hours away. 282 more words


Time For A Catch Up!

Oops! Have been a slacking a little bit with the posts haven’t I? Sorry! Just got too carried away with being a Boulognaise (what they call women living in Boulogne apparently, I just think it sounds like bolonaise and now I’m hungry). 625 more words


Saturday, 23th of October 2016

Dear Diary,

while the rain falls, a curtain of tears blurs the distant landscape: are the skies washing away the sorrows of this world? 45 more words

Candour Photography

A 28-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Mid-January, 1980

Saturday, January 12, 1980

10 PM. Grayson wondered if he should begin to write his diary entries in the third person, both as a way of acquiring the artistic distance he so desperately needed and as his own effort in the glorious war on narcissism. 3,337 more words

Sami Ali - The Personal Diary - Entry Zero

Life is not a bed of roses but a road full of thorns and surprises. All you have to do is walk..without questioning..without doubt.. Ultimately you get something.

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Anaya Rehman Jaffar - Personal Diary - Entry Zero -

Beauty. You are Beautiful. You are Stunning. You are so beautiful. Yep That’s what Life is or what everyone defined for me. I wonder if i wasn’t a princess having a kind heart but a evil queen with a black heart..would still they define me by what they always are talking about?

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