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A 24-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Early March, 1976

Monday, March 1, 1976

Yesterday, on my way back from Manhattan, as I drove on the Belt Parkway past the Verrazano Bridge, I thought of the Board of Higher Education proposal to shut down Richmond College – or at the very least, merge it with Staten Island Community College. 4,650 more words

Writing Assignments...

Today I did some work on my children’s writing course. I chose the assignment of writing an excerpt from a 14 year old’s diary who is having problems with home, school and boys. 755 more words


A 24-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Late February, 1976

Sunday, February 22, 1976

5 PM on a wet, chilly Sunday. Tonight, after a week’s absence, winter will return and there may be snow tomorrow. But still, this past week with its warm temperatures was a wonderful respite from winter. 3,586 more words

[other windows than my own]

I miss life. The windows in P. are small and the view is ugly: just across the street, another flat with more small windows, more rectangles and behind them more decaying souls. 236 more words


New protaganist art

I changed the character in the style of the backgrounds for the sake of consistency.

Diary Entries

August and everything after

Όλα ξεκινάνε και τελειώνουν με έναν Αύγουστο. Βέβαια, θα βρεθούν πολλοί που θα σου πουν ότι στην πραγματικότητα δεν υπάρχει καμία αρχή και κανένα τέλος στην πορεία των πραγμάτων, όμως για μένα ο Αύγουστος ήταν πάντα η αφετηρία και η κατάληξη των μεγαλύτερων περιπετειών μου, ευχάριστων ή δυσάρεστων, ο μήνας του οποίου την άφιξη κάθε χρόνο προσδοκώ και τρέμω στον ίδιο βαθμό.

Diary Entries

[about nostalgia and sleep]

In the past, I used to live in a perpetual state of nostalgia. I used to miss people and moments. Certain people and the moments we lived together were so strong in me, so alive, that it was enough to think about them, to propel a vibrant mood. 524 more words