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I talked to a stranger the other day,

He did not tell me his name.

He did however, tell me what he was,

Likes, dislikes, love and dreams. 125 more words

Diary Entries

Take Me Places

Hold me. Don’t let go.

I need you.

Walk by my side

Let’s go somewhere

Make me feel again

Make me smile again

Anywhere is fine… 24 more words

Diary Entries

A Young Writer’s Diary Entries From Mid-January, 1984

Tuesday, January 10, 1984

8 PM. Today was rough: lots of stress. The big news is that I’ve had a schedule change, and it’s not very good. 5,456 more words

June updates

Honestly I had a lot of things in my mind since the beginning of June but I thought it was still too soon to give an update so I decided to wait it out. 799 more words

Diary Entries

6/18/18 and 6/17/18

Happy Monday! Our new roommate Elois turns 21 at midnight today, so she’s going out drinking tonight. Honestly I didn’t really try to get buddy-buddy with her the first day she came. 1,345 more words



I slept in until 2 today, and then Holly and Anna woke me up to go biking. Actually, they tried to wake me up to go to the farmer’s market with them earlier, but I was passed out. 1,378 more words



Happens every time.

No matter how slippery or elusive the ring chains are connected

There is always a sense of loss when they break.

I hope her twenty-one hour flight back to her home is safe… 148 more words

Diary Entries