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Travelogue 01: Pangkor

Have you ever encountered a sudden stretch of holiday right smack in the critical weeks of your studies? When assignments come in bundles and you feel like you have an obligation to finish all the assignments in one go but you somehow don’t feel like doing it? 1,525 more words

Just Sayin'

A 30-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Mid-January, 1982

Tuesday, January 12, 1981

10 PM. Today was a pleasant day.

Last night I had a very sweet dream about New York. I was at my parents’ old house, giving away copies of my latest book when Stacy came over; I felt so warmly toward her that I woke up feeling good. 3,859 more words

3am Musings

A bed that sweats cold around you
Creatures scratching at every orifice of the darkened room
A roaring in the distance draws dragons and disaster in your head… 56 more words


A 30-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Early January, 1982

Friday, January 1, 1982

8 PM. “What the hell do you write in it? ‘I got up this morning and had breakfast’?”

Grandpa Herb just asked me that when I explained I was beginning a new diary. 4,068 more words

Two Lives Lost to Reckless Bicycling

While I was dealing with doctors, chemo and its aftereffects, I still kept up on news as best I could.  As readers of this blog know, one of the prime dangers to pedestrians, in addition to bicyclists using the sidewalk as their personal expressways, is bicyclists running red lights.  1,080 more words

Diary Entries

DIARY ENTRY 23/06/17

I have just finished and uploaded my target audience. I have also finally sorted out my site, now i have all the different menus on the site that will make it a lot easier to find certain things for example. 52 more words


Brian Cox: Live

We went to see Brian Cox live at Wembley Arena recently and had a great time.  If you’re not familiar, he’s a physicist who appears on various TV and Radio shows about science.   287 more words

Diary Entries