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A 28-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Late June, 1979

Saturday, June 23, 1979

8 PM. I had more pleasant dreams last night, dreams of accomplishment and fulfillment, and I’m still feeling good.

I think I’ve turned the corner on my depression. 4,611 more words

It's my birthday! It's my birthday!


So, today was the day that we celebrated the life of Abi yayyy! It began with a mini party with my sister and parents. Where we literally just had a time of prayer and burst into praise and worship songs. 356 more words

Diary Entries

Take 2: Try and try again


Dear diary,

Today I cut my hair, again. My first big chop to begin my natural hair journey took place on the 20/08/2015 so exactly a year ago. 884 more words

Diary Entries

A 28-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Mid-June, 1979

Tuesday, June 12, 1979

3 PM. I got a letter of rejection from Bread Loaf today; Robert Pack added a handwritten P.S. saying he was sorry, that he likes my work. 4,834 more words

My Bi Friend Forever

It can be a life-changing moment; when your best friend of 12 years comes out to you as bisexual. This is a friend you’ve had sleepovers with since you were a child, cuddling together in the same blanket before adulthood made cuddling gross. 501 more words

Diary Entries

Travelling blog...

As some of you may know that I am going to be leaving on Tuesday for South Africa and I’ll be away for 4 weeks maybe even longer it depends.. 438 more words

Day 1, Post 1: 18th of August 2016

Dear ____ (you),

Today marks post one on this journey. To be honest its more like a totally uncalculated adventure that has absolutely no rhyme or reason to it. 417 more words

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