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Right Guy but Wrong Time

There’ll come a time when someone will come into your planned life and turn it upside down. Everything you thought you wanted, what you needed suddenly changes. 204 more words

Personal Life


What is it about getting in the word that’s so hard? Why is it that I go for everything else besides what will benefit me the most, time with God. 304 more words

Diary Entries

Been There, Done That

First ‘diary entry’ since beginning the rewrite! If you couldn’t tell by Friday’s ‘progress report’, it’s going well. I had my doubts, as I’ve always been more of an editor (not a professional by any stretch of the imagination) than a re-writer. 599 more words


A Young Writer’s Diary Entries From Mid-October, 1982

Tuesday, October 12, 1982

8 PM. I was very restless last night and found a Buick-sized palmetto bug in my bathtub.

This morning I went to Broward Community College, marked my papers, made up an English 100 midterm, made an appointment to speak to Betty Owen about P’an Ku, and walked around in a daze. 3,399 more words

I Dare You To Write, Chickenshit

I wear matching underwear
which you will never see.
I used to shave, to be free from shame
but your hairs caught in my teeth. 38 more words


Venice Beach Walk

I’ve been told I am particularly strange at times. Most of my peculiarities are attributed to my lazy need to have everything explained, like why can people eat spoonfuls of peanut butter but I can’t eat spoonfuls of mayonnaise? 563 more words

Diary Entries

Letter to Dear Diaries

To my dear diaries, who left me too:

One day a child of sensation got the idea of scribbling the painful notes on the blank pages of a diary. 201 more words

Shaheen Mumtaz