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A 27-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Late March, 1979

Thursday, March 22, 1979

4 PM. It’s 70° now and it’s impossible to believe that it was sixty degrees cooler a week ago. I’ve caught a slight change-of-weather cold, and I have a scratchy throat, sniffles, and tiredness. 3,865 more words

May the creative force be with you

I’ve always known (and frequently mentioned by this point) that I’m extremely fortunate to be part of an active and dedicated group of DnD players. Weirdly enough this doesn’t seem to be the norm. 761 more words


25 July, 2016

The last week has been a cold one for us Melburnians. While other areas of the world are reaching temperatures as high as fifty four degrees… 870 more words

Damian Robb

A 27-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Mid-March, 1979

Wednesday, March 14, 1979

2 PM. I feel extraordinarily relaxed. Wednesdays are so much different than Mondays. Maybe I feel I have earned Wednesday off. 3,179 more words

The DM wants to play

A discussion I wasn’t aware of is that of whether DMs are also players. I always assumed DMs got the same enjoyment out of DnD as players did, just in a different function, just like I as a rogue enjoy the game a different way than for example a cleric. 969 more words


Diary Entries - A Rain Day's Bliss

I woke up to the sound of rain beating steadily over the tin roof of my room. It was just drizzling, but because of the tin sheets it sounded quite loud. 969 more words


The Vampire Life

I don’t really know where and how to begin and I guess not knowing could be a good start to describe how the past year has made me feel. 531 more words

Diary Entries