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Do you want to find out the identity of a group of assassins that are playing with people's lives?

Wear an object that was the protagonist of one of their murderers, one of their theaters of lies and will down the mask just at man thought more cunning of all.

Diary Of Thoughts

20 years old.

I am sitting in the midst of twenty-year-old students: I wonder if they really realize they have a life ahead and that what they do today will be of definite impact on their future. 12 more words

Diary Of Thoughts

Silence in libraries no longer exists.

I thought the country’s small libraries have strict silence, would allow people to concentrate on reading.

Library of an Italian little town: there is chatter as in the bar.

Diary Of Thoughts

I'm glad I did not have kids: why?

Because I have always earned so little money that I could never guarantee a dignified life for my children.

Luckily I never put children to the world.

Diary Of Thoughts

I live in front of a second high school.

Young students who go out of school are cheerful, hopeful. I can not tell them that the future of this world has nothing to offer to those who dream: only lies and illusions. 58 more words

Diary Of Thoughts

Life, money, sacrifices and the illusion of having a better life.

In a world where only money allows you to enjoy life, I wonder what sense they have sacrifices. If you are poor, you can not enjoy life, even if you make sacrifices, because you do not have money.

Diary Of Thoughts

​Both in the movies and in real life for having known... 

…The stories of a pregnant woman end up all in the same way: the woman becomes a mother and the baby’s father disappears, he leaves both of them.

Diary Of Thoughts