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I want a #woolen #hat!

I’m going around the clothing #stores in the center of Milan, because I need a woolen hat, I lost my hat, two days ago.

There is no trace of #winter hat, in stores there is already the complete #spring #collection. 27 more words

Diary Of Thoughts

A #clean #world, without #plastic #bags.

In fact it takes little to change the future of the #globe: instead of using disposable #plastic #bags, which pollute, to carry the expense and the daily crap, use the cloth bags. 18 more words

Diary Of Thoughts

There is only one thing I like about social networks: the comedy of the contents, which it can display even when they have been made on the other side of the world.

In modern times people do not talk live, even among neighbors communicates with social networks on the smartphone, rather than open the door and send to hell live. 108 more words

Diary Of Thoughts

If ever one day I should meet the man of my life, the so-called great love, and have children, I certainly would not want to grow them in Italy.

I realize that this country has a sterile soul, there is no desire to improve the life of the community, to offer a better future for the new generations; in Italy the most commercial activity remains that of fraud. 134 more words

Diary Of Thoughts

I have not lost objects for years: today I lost the black woolen hat and with the short hair, the cold does not forgive.

I went to the cinema to see a movie and I lost my hat after leaving the movie room. I really lost my mind for the cinema!

Diary Of Thoughts

‚ÄčAmbition is magic.¬†

The power of the mind makes people stronger, having impossible ambitions leads you to dare, with the aim of conquering what seems unattainable.

Diary Of Thoughts