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A garden on my roof

In the sweet of early morning
and only for a few precious moments
I thought of nothing at all
I stared blank at the dim lit walls… 313 more words

Diary Post

So so happy!

Ven te cuento de una vez 
Tu descanso está en la cama de mis pies 
Ven te cuento, un, dos, tres 
Mis pasitos son descansos sin estrés  209 more words

Diary Post

I just need to be there...

As wide open as the sea 
as resonant as the waves 
splashing on the beach. 
For a moment or so I was 
pondering so full as the sea  101 more words

Diary Post

Coconut Water!

Coconut water (or pipe water in Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador) is the liquid found naturally in the hollow interior of the coconut, has a transparent color, sometimes a little opaque, and is found in the hollow interior, surrounded by coconut pulp, in the coconut nut.It is a popular drink in the tropics, even in the coconut nut or bottled. 77 more words

Diary Post

Between the river and the ocean...

Shells coming and going,
Locked in to movement of the waves,
Crushed by the magnitude of their strength

They float in and out of beaches, 180 more words

Diary Post

Private surf lessons

as soft sun filters through palm leaves
and the clouds purple, the skies painted pastel pinks
surfboards stand seven feet tall 
the salt water glowing, sparkling… 122 more words

Diary Post

My Story - Part 1

Let’s go back, way back, to the beginning. We’re going back to a time I can’t even remember and only know through what others have told me. 246 more words