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Decapitation of Dreams

What are dreams but segments of our over active imagination weaved in to a tiny web of deceit making us believe in an illusion that has absolutely no chance of ever coming true… so yeah… in shorter words “life is unfair”, but giving up hope is as good as you digging the ground for water and inches away from the source you put down your spade. 191 more words

Lately, I've Been....

Hey y’all!

I haven’t blogged on here in a long time, haven’t I? Sorry about that-been busy with trying to get into school and watching and playing new things and reading new things. 735 more words



Are we all broken?
Or do we live in a world of broken hearts.
Sometimes we all are miles apart
And still we break some hearts. 43 more words


In my mind

I keep having good days that my mind turns into bad days. Like something physically good might happen, but then I start thinking about tangents or minor things or misinterpretations that would make it into a bad thing. 139 more words

Day One *** Messing with Taylor Series ***

Click here for Taylor’s Debut

Click here For The Backstory of This Piece

Day One was easy I finished up early and because he just started his work-out there we were on opposite sides of the gym. 113 more words


Part 3

I had my third shoot with my art partner today.  We just hung out at the pool, discussing ideas, figuring out how we are going to shoot some of the ideas we wish to do.  190 more words


Down Time

After moving to a different state, I have already found a new doctor to be able to continue my prescriptions and maybe find a professional more interested on my overall health than to shut me up about my symptoms. 197 more words