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5th May - Learn to Run

We got our answer this morning, Norma and Bertrand are going to the Germans and Caitlin and Savannah are back.  This is not the only issue though – we arrive at the orchard only to discover my phone’s gone onto silent again (like most of my electronics, it’s completely broken) and we had a text to go to a different orchard.  472 more words


4th May - Immigration

Interesting start to the day this morning – we get a text from Sohrab just before we leave that tells us some kind of Immigration/work officials were checking out our papers, so we had to make sure we had photo ID to prove we were allowed to work.  327 more words


Let’s not try that...

Friday before heading to Highland Ridge Campground we used one of Kathryn’s vacation days and took a day trip to Appleton WI, where MODS International is located.   729 more words


The Rebuild: Day 1 - Lock & Key

As you read, please imagine
not a physical, in-this-world
kingdom, or home,
but one located where
no time, no space exists
in the imagination. 116 more words


Food Stamp Fraud? Yeah, Right!

I’m doing paperwork to get food stamps back. There’s a 1 page form I had to partially fill out then forward to the temp agency so they can sign that I haven’t worked for them since February. 205 more words

ตามหัวใจไปปักกิ่ง...ติ่งผู้หญิงตัวคนเดียว กับ Sebastian Stan และ Chris Evans♡


แนะนำตัวสั้นๆนะคะ เราชื่อขวัญค่ะ อายุ 24…อาชีพติ่ง (เดี๋ยวนะ 555) แฟนไซต์บอยแบนด์เกาหลีวงนึง และล่าสุดคือแฟนไซต์ 2 นักแสดงนำหนังเรื่องกัปตันอเมริกาอย่าง คริส อีแวนส์ และ เซบาสเตียน สแตนค่ะ♡ 5555

*ไม่อนุญาตให้นำรูปในบล็อคนี้ไปตัดต่อหรือเอาโลโก้ออกโดยเด็ดขาดนะคะ (เจอมาแล้วค่ะ ใส่เครดิตตัวเองเข้าไปอีก T^T) / DO NOT EDIT or CUT LOGO FROM ANY PHOTOS… 94 more words


05/05/16 - Wednesday

I’m literally so busy at the moment, at work and at home I actually cannot remember the last time I had a decent nights sleep! 177 more words