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Hôm Namjoon đã rất vui đó, vì sợ phát biểu lâu làm ảnh hưởng đến show của người ta nên Namjoon hẹn mọi người lên vlive nói tiếp cho hết tâm tư kiềm nén mấy ngày nay. 211 more words



i understand the strategy of understanding and accepting emotions as information on what to do next, but i don’t understand how because it all happens so fucking quickly. 154 more words


October 11th 2016

​A scream, a voice full of shock and emotion, and tear filled eyes. That is almost all I remember from the moment we entered the intersection to the moments after the car stopped moving. 366 more words

To Find a Little Hope in Death

To endure something you didn’t wish for is, life. I never asked to be born, nor did I sign any deal with God for this life. 420 more words

Loud Echoes

Day 28

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i just want to say that i’m not going to lose sight of learning to be my own best friend in the fucking world.

and i also know that this takes real practice.

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i’ve been thinking about taking care of oneself. and i mean that in the sense of the mind, the heart, and the soul. the inner landscape. 125 more words