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Being Someone else

The idea of changing your identity at the drop of hat is rapidly becoming more appealing to me as the year progresses, but the identity that I would love to put on I have yet to discover. 330 more words


Batman vs School

“Ah… Batman can finally rest…”

So he passes me that #Lego #Batman, before he gets down from the car and go to his classroom.

“He can #rest… Until I come back from #school…”



May 5th 2015

Today, can we rewind and pretend it’s Friday please? Because I realised that something pretty huge happened on Friday that I totally forgot to write about. 381 more words


Selling my beta fish for $40 today because I am sort of tired of taking care of them and I could use the $40. Offering $75 (ie discounted) photoshoots this weekend all over social media because Edward is going to Boston for five days and I am afraid I am going to be bored/lonely which will turn into sad/dark. 89 more words



I want to start a one line a day diary here.


I did not sleep at all today. I feel like I won’t be going back to the normal routine until I finish writing the letter.  243 more words


Diary - 5th May 2015

and we’re back to some sort of normal week day routine today.

It was nice walking down to the shop and back in the morning; felt like I was stretching muscles that had stiffened up yesterday while standing around on car park duty and then later sitting for ages in the field. 337 more words