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Live life

In a sense if i was still doing the challenge in which i had previously gave up on i would be on day 19.. I think. 307 more words


Make Master Proud

I woke up around 7 this morning then spent about an hour just laying in bed. After I realized that I didn’t want another lazy day, I got up and did some yoga, I felt amazing. 102 more words



Sun sets on another day. Worked hard on my sculpture, moved over to the yurt fixing some foundation issues caused by monsoons, smashed my finger on a 3 ton jack, back to wood carving, dinner and a short rest outside. 15 more words


The fifteen day...

Yesterday I made new friends through blogging, I am very glad about that, she is very humorous and easy to talk with her. Though nobody visits my blog :) 22 more words


Kw-ori vs ori-kw

kepobadai-Kita sering sekali misalnya beli baju, sepau, sendal, handphone atau yang lainnyalah. Pokonya kelen itu mau beli bukan minjam apalagi ngutang :v biasanya kita kan punya perbandingan untuk harga, bentuk, kualitas atau yang lainnya. 338 more words

Kepo Badai

The difference between Alcoholism and Dipsomania




Both are mistaken as being synonymous, but the difference┬áI feel like is best explained by their histories, like any other thing or person – it’s where they were born and in what culture they were immersed in. 583 more words


Dear Diary [2]: It takes courage

It’s hard to always keep your head raised up, isn’t it?

But just because something is hard to do, does that mean you shouldn’t do it? 347 more words

Dear Diary