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Bury one's head in the sand...

Sometimes, in a strange and frenetic way, we defend ourselves from pain. As a human being, we have our peculiar mechanisms of dealing with difficulties… We release the dogs, switch off the lights, close the curtains, lock all doors, cover our head. 181 more words


#Diary #19/07/2019 - Ngày bắt đầu chăng?

I. Công việc

1.  Ngày hôm nay mình đã làm được gì?

Ngày hôm nay không có bất cứ điều gì đáng nhớ cả. Mình muộn đi làm, coi như phí mất 3 tiếng (9h-12h) để tập trung hoàn thành Task cho Sage. 725 more words

Kien's Thought

The Undomesticated Millenial

A few weeks ago, I learned to cook with my aunt from Semarang. It was pretty enjoyable. Although, she used to give me that horror look when I put too much sugar or salt into the vegetable dishes. 201 more words

Bahasa Inggris

Workity work work

Went back to work this week, retail security… it’s… a job. I don’t totally hate it but definitely not going to make a career out of it. 754 more words


Daily Post 171: Catching Up

Today is my first day off in a while. And I say that after having both days off this past weekend…

It feels like my life is mostly work right now. 860 more words

Daily Post

Người mẹ nhát hít

Hôm nay đáng lý mẹ đi chơi với cty. Đồ đạc chỉnh tề, đón xe chạy ra tới SG chỗ hẹn luôn rồi. Đang ngồi chờ đồng nghiệp tới cho đủ. 256 more words

Nhật Ký

My Absolutely True Diary

I have always been confident.  I was top of my class in High School, and when I started my undergraduate architecture degree, I started the “definitive journal” of my life.  227 more words