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Make Hay While The Sun Shines

I love the old saying “may hay while the sun shines”.  It harkens back to the days of manual agriculture with large teams of men scything hay in the fields but waiting until the warm and hot days of summer to cut and stack the crop lest it turn damp and rot away.  404 more words


Kisah Miki Si Newbie Blogger

Hai semua,, Miki adalah mahasiswi tahun terakhir yang luntang- lantung ngak tau mau ngapain dan harus gimana. 2 pertanyaan ini yang selalu berputar- putar ke kepala Miki akhir- akhir ini. 196 more words


I am seriously worried about the anger I am feeling right now, not because I’m going to go postal, as the Americans say but more in case swallowing so much of it will give me sort form of cancer. 758 more words


Day 26 - 26/05/17

‘You have the power to achieve anything you want to achieve, its all within you, you just have to change your mind-set so that you can get it’ 353 more words


Be Happy

Thought Of The Day: Why does the rain make me feel so peaceful and relaxed?

This post was suppose to go up yesterday with me ranting about how much I dislike Thursday more than Monday, but don’t think I will be typing my entire rant now since it’s Friday today! 544 more words


16 May 1789: importing wine-making to the USA

Saturday… (…) Take Tea with Mr. Jefferson and talk with him about the Culture of the Vine, to which he has attended particularly in the best Cantons of Burgundy, Champaigne and Bourdeaux. 157 more words


easy for you

it’s easy to fall in love
with you
with simple things around
it’s only take one conversation, one gaze, a warm smile, in one second… 92 more words