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DAY 49 (19+16+14) 2:00 PM

Everything feels kind of “dead” as if I am back into full blown PIED.


I thought my dais of PIED were over, and so were my days of flatlining, and Wednesday I have a BIG DATE with my ex girlfriend. 20 more words


Nick Drake Project, Week 5: Place To Be

Recorded Versions: At least two: The studio version on Pink Moon (1972) and one unreleased home recording (1968/69)
Tuning: CGCFGE, but playable in CGCFCE
Capo: 1,011 more words


A Speech For My Old Junior School

Hello w0rld,

Before I start my “speech” I would like to say before you think I have gone insane that  really would like to go back to my old Primary/Junior school and give he school a speech, mainly to the students. 839 more words

Taking On The W0rld

Dear Diary 29.08.2016 Dealing With Anxiety 

Hey guys,
So I haven’t done a dear diary in sometime now and I have just managed to back date my blog from some events I have been to previously. 417 more words

Fashion Blogger




予想はしていたのですが、さすが私の直感力。そんなわけで今回はエージェントさん通しで依頼していたり(アピールのknow-howをわかっている人に依頼したほうが確度は上がるだろう)なんだかリジェクトされたのに、落ち込んでいません。最悪とれなくても仕事はあるので、なんとかなると言うのも落ち着いていられる理由ですが。いろんな人がシンガポールにいたいなら、どうせ今までの仕事も続けるならVISA出してもらっていればいいじゃん!と言うのですが、それは自分の求めていることではないのか、全く考えていないです。この無駄な潔さ、どっから来るんだか。 17 more words


My Diary: A Story Within A Story

I raced June to the starting line before the morning was fully clothed‭; ‬she curled up on the boa constrictor settee and I caught the monitor lizard bus‭ ‬-‭ ‬between me and my destination was a long series of windows,‭ ‬some of which I looked out of and I some I did not.‭ ‬The ash king and I met as shadows on a bright day‭; ‬he noticed the clouds before me and we both eventually disappeared like a hung up cold caller‭ (‬I steadfastly refuse to say what make of washing machine we own‭)‬.‭ ‬On the way home I found myself in an unfamiliar town:‭ ‬very old people coming one way and very young children the other‭; ‬I positioned myself exactly in between and waited for an arrow called Robin Hood to hit the target in the story a young child was reading to me.



What does success look like? Is it all about winning or is it about surviving and maybe thriving? Is it measurable and is it what others perceive your success to be or whether you perceive that you have achieved your own goals? 1,421 more words