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2017.08.23 (Wed)




What Friends Are For

So… it happened today again.

Just like it happens any other day when we’re given work to do. I’ll be the one who flips the textbooks, who tears my hair out over the math questions, struggling to do each piece of work absolutely perfectly… and they are the ones who reach out their hands, take my homework and “reference” it. 448 more words



Yesterday i didn’t write. But it was an interesting day. I went to someones birthday and everybody was drinking except me. I don’t like alcohol and I won’t start drinking now. 58 more words

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Simploring 2017 (67) Stillwood - Realm for Photography

Tuesday, August 15th, I met Mistress Jenny late afternoon. She put me in the heavy shackles before taking me to Domme a Domme to expose her property. 400 more words

Diomita Maurer

Lost in the Weeds

Being engrossed or buried in complex detail is something I’m fond of doing. I’m spellbound by colouring books, I get lost in embroidery and I sink deep in the silence of my meditation. 83 more words


Imagine Yourself at Hajj - A Diary

During these days, many of our fellow Muslims are blessed to experience the journey of their lifetime, the Hajj. The rest of us are at home, wishing and praying that we get a chance to go as well, inshaAllah. 268 more words

Zil Hajj

France, August 23, 1917

Thursday        up at 5:30 this a.m. slept well, not so cold as previous night. packed up and left rest camp (La Harve) at 9. entrained at 12 noon and left for the base at 3:30 weather showery with occasional gusts of wind. 281 more words