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Thinking out of the box and birthday celebrations

I realised today following a discussion with a parent and a meeting with the Senior 4s how much of our celebratory moments here in Malta are tied to food … and especially sugar laden sweet items! 164 more words


What I Learned During My (Now Successful!) Job Hunt

I started looking for a job in May and got an offer in October. That’s six months. Maybe to you that doesn’t seem like a very long time. 563 more words


Day 2. A Visit to Marbella

For breakfast we headed to a nearby bar which had cured hams hanging from the ceiling.  We feasted on freshly baked croissants and frothy coffee before taking the 10.00 am bus along the coast to Marbella.   274 more words

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Thursday Thoughts

Hello world.

Its Thursday. One of the 3 days I spend mostly in my car, at least during these 6 weeks of workexperience we have 3 days a week. 167 more words


Brain Surgeon, Heal Thyself

We all know people who are brilliant in one aspect of life and absolute ninnies in others. They thrive if they stay in their lane, and crash when they don’t. 377 more words


Thursday's Treasures 

I wake up praying and sometimes my dreams are in Spanish.

What were once aspirations are now additional stamps in my passport.

I have journeyed through a lot of journals. 44 more words

sia siakan peluang

051015 | Qie harini mood dia kurang baik apatah lagi rasa kecewa sangat sangat  apabila qie cuba berani melangkah dengan niat memberi peluang untuk lafaz yang tidak terucap tetapi ada orang pula… 52 more words