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A Mother's Worry.

As a man, there are things you can write to your father that you don’t write to your mother.

The next letterĀ  to my grandfather was different and the tone changed.This was a man to man letter. 251 more words


May 25th, 2015 - Memorial Day wasn't very exciting

I woke up around eight this morning to my father asking if I wanted to go car hunting today, to which I declined and continued to sleep 9:30. 405 more words


Healthy habits

Football was on last night – we won – and as I lay on the couch watching it I like to check out instagram. Fitness motivation! 560 more words

A Brief Hello

I walk into the room only somewhat clothed: a torn shirt hanging off my left shoulder, shorts too short to really be called anything other than a second pair of underwear (in this case, they are technically my only pair of underwear.) The party has been going on for quite some time, and I fear that I might have missed the highlights of the night. 182 more words

Fan Fiction

Maroon Temple

The single full rouge glass:
Matched with crowed substances
Blurred unclasped brass,
Statues of two ghost’s absences
Soul littered fromĀ a single letter –
A character contrived of a brushstroke… 179 more words


How Long Will I Love You?

We’ve all heard the song made popular by Ellie Goulding

But did you know that it was originally written and performed by Mike Scott of The Waterboys? 86 more words


How to Survive a Day From Hell 101

I think everyone has one of those days when they think “nothing else could possibly go wrong today” and then of course, something else goes wrong. 319 more words