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July 6th

Today began with sitting with the dogs and my mum having breakfast in the conservatory (door open so wind can enter the room) however I had driving today, anxious as ever all morning so I couldn’t actually eat any breakfast (barely drink my tea) and I felt horrible, but always such a relief when it is over for another week. 211 more words


My Weekend







So I don’t normally do a whole lot at the weekend, mainly due to having a budget, but me and my boyfriend always try to do something besides staying in our little flat all day. 106 more words


Imperfection Is OK!

Do you ever feel like nothing you do is ever good enough? For some of us perfectionists, it happens all too often. Most of the time, it’s a real pain in the as*. 578 more words


Beginning Again

For those who occasionally read this blog, you probably wonder why I appear and disappear so dang often. If you’ve ready my other blog you probably already know that I’ve recently been diagnosed with Adult ADHD. 231 more words


Fallen Leaf

Sometimes, I am like that leaf falling off a tree. Done with its purpose. Useless. Unwanted. With tiny young limbs, I get old as I touch the ground. 27 more words



No moon in this sky tonight night, heavy stars clustered among the celestial dark.

I miss you.

I felt the cold soak us after that white sun died over the pines at the bay. 146 more words


Mama says, "Every couple needs a picnic basket".

Mom got us a picnic basket for our wedding present. It’s her traditional nuptial celebration gift for all my siblings and her friends. Not quite sure how it started since I don’t really have any family memories surrounding picnics and don’t think Mom even owns one herself, but the ritual continues. 265 more words