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returning to school part 3

so after a week back in school i don’t have a ton to say. i’ll give you a list of feelings i had and things that happened: 153 more words


Xboleh start kete

At this moment.. I just come back to the reality.. kite try bukak pintu guna remote x boleh.. naseb baek ade kunci manual.. tapi, still x bole nak on enjin kete.. 87 more words


April 23rd, 1991

April 23rd, 1991

Scott’s house, Antigua

Farewell to Millie! She never did open the bedroom door to any of us and when we got up yesterday morning, she was gone! 185 more words


Days Without Him

It’s a lie when you say you can’t live without the person you love. And it’s true that you can live without the person you once loved. 295 more words


Then Vs. Now

Each time I reflect back on my life a year ago, it becomes more and more difficult to comprehend how different everything felt then.

In terms of classes, I remember being focused and crazy-driven to maintain my A average in Biology I. 1,506 more words

The Concept of Truth, Love and Power (Part 1: Remembering)

1. Teenage revelation – an introduction

As far as my rusty mind remembers, I was maybe 14 or 15 years old when I came from school with a really interesting homework that I had to finish for my Orthodox Religion teacher (just so you know, studying religion in primary, middle and high school was mandatory in the country I was born and raised). 2,044 more words