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I'm seriously out of shape

My weight has always niggled at the back of my mind; probably since starting high school at the age of 11. The first time I remember acknowledging my body image was around that time and a particular moment sticks out in my mind. 578 more words

First Year Of University

to keep sane.

creating little books for myself to keep sane. to keep moving. to keep whole. i’ll bring them to work and fill them up during quiet moments. 6 more words


The rest is still unwritten...

Hello everyone or nobody! Today I decided to start a blog. Why you ask? Sure, I’ll explain. I basically am nobody of importance and most likely have nothing important to say that will interest anyone; however, my reasons are as follows. 503 more words


Entry 08: She's Gone

The Diary of a Once Beautiful Girl:

Entry 08:

Day 20

Diary, she slipped away. Fallen and forgotten, she was screaming for help, but it never came. 321 more words


7 Things I Have Learned This Year

  1. Most of the time, it feels better to be out and being social. Don’t turn down requests for social events. Meet new people, try new things, and build upon existing relationships.
  2. 123 more words

Upside Down

No god is coming to town
I feel like I’m upside down
And all the words I’ve written
Are falling out of my ears
Because I never listened… 147 more words


Take back what you said
I’m not just a face in the crowd
You know what I did to myself
You know how the ship went down… 66 more words