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At ten years old
she should tuck her braids
behind her ears so the
sun can reach her face.

Her worries should be
keeping her balance… 95 more words



Sometimes we need to slow down. We get so excited about what the future has in store for us, that it’s all we think about at times. 138 more words

365 DAYS


Adapt, change. Adapt, change. Renewed

Having completed my analysis on my classmates, seeing and understanding their emotions, reactions, ideology so on so forth, I foresee a future that will be fortunate, that is if the people I predict to cause destruction go against my prophecy and do what is necessary for not just the well-being of themselves but for the individuals around them. 278 more words


Spontaneous Rage Fits at Light Workers #Prevalent stay grounded #diary

Today – visited my dentist. This woman came flying through the door – then, shouted out my car registration.

“That’s me …” I ‘innocently’ responded. 404 more words


The revelation: I have got Vestibular Neuritis!

The two months of me constantly wining to my wife about how bad I feel and my wife’s Googling for the symptoms have finally paid of. 530 more words


From the Diary of 'Kvizee' Doug in Blog Form: ENTRY 50


Chloë was asleep again. All of us were so tired we could have lain in bed all day. I touched down onto the bed, landing my behind in the slump of the mattress, sighing. 343 more words

Deeply MUSED

Meaning in memory

Face at the front

Words worthy marking

Peace-ful in pause

Tethered to terror

NIGHTMARE still near

Hoping in holding

Days to declare…

40 more words