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Day 0


So today I completed the finishing touches on my setup in order to be ready to stream tomorrow. I wall mounted my second monitor, which took an absolute age, picked up my shiny new webcam and ran a test broadcast with one of my friends letting me know about levels, quality etc. 165 more words


Too Much Is Never Enough.

So it’s official, bankers lie and illegally manipulate interest rates …

Are you surprised?

You’d be the only one.
Today, former city trader Tom Hayes was jailed for 14 years at Southwark Crown Court for manipulating the Libor rate, This is the the lowest rate available and generally what banks charge for interbank borrowing on a huge scale. 376 more words


Little talk about love storiesĀ 

some love stories are meant to end but there are a few that mean to last. At least in the present you feel like it will last forever. 205 more words


and if your eyes can taste

that’s cold white wine and those are spaghetti alla carrettiera, with fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil and some garlic blended together and added raw over the pasta. 162 more words

Dev Diary - Day 3 "Hello math my old friend"

After 4 years since I finished High School, I don’t feel like I’m expected to remember Maths anymore. That’s why, after an intense 2 minutes of staring at this little piece of paper… 446 more words


Thursday 30th July to Monday 3rd August 2015

Thursday was just work, with another good conference call in the afternoon.

Friday Mike and I ventured onto the golf course again, and this time played 17 holes (before it got dark) which once again, I won. 273 more words


She Made Cara Smoke a Cigarette Butt!

08/20/98: Today I slept in until about noon because on Monday we go back to school, and I want to sleep in as much as I can before then. 272 more words