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people who can't take criticism.

Hello blog

As it is the internet’s day and age that we live in, more and more people are honest about things. More and more want to share their life, the good and the bad, and everyone just wants to be seen. 383 more words


Personal Planner

When I started back at work I knew I needed a new diary. Like most people nowadays I use my iPhone calendar which is linked to my husbands but obviously work stuff is of no interest to him. 267 more words


Day 16: A New Beginning.

Yes. It is a New Beginning. My lifestyle has dramatically changed. I woke up really early – 7AM. That’s really early for me. Mom kept insisted that I should do Yoga. 644 more words

Property Blind

Since around 9am (earlier for Hubby), apart from taking the dog for a walk a couple of times, we have both been intent on checking through the internet for property. 391 more words


Down the road

Subtropical weather in the morning, thunderstorm at noon, clear air and storm in the evening. Very unpredictable weather this summer.

Cleaned the part of the terrace roof where the wisteria was. 13 more words


The clock hits 3 at night and he’s been wide awake. He has been lying supine and staring at the ceiling, with an open travel magazine resting on his chest. 324 more words


Bài viết đầu tiên

Sài Gòn, ngày 20 tháng 7 năm 2017

Nhật ký

Kể từ hôm nay mình sẽ bắt đầu tập viết blog. Mình sẽ viết về những ý tưởng/ ý nghĩ, trải nghiệm/ kinh nghiệm, quan điểm  / góc nhìn, và những suy nghĩ/ ý nghĩ của mình. 87 more words