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April 24th 2015

Today was a 10-12 revision day. (14 hours, not 2) I started it in the library for the morning session but stayed in my room for the afternoon and evening sessions. 325 more words


Who Am I?

Ooh yeah, bet you guys weren’t expecting questions of an existential nature from the guy who was posting about aliens and super-powered people blowing other people’s butts off 2 years ago, were you? 530 more words


Grow Up

Getting older and growing up are to completely different things. Getting older is getting taller and growing pains. It’s bleeding and shaving and meeting new people.Getting older is having fun and learning and making mistakes. 135 more words


Photo Diary #20 Final Fantasy XIII

not sure how I feel about this game

i have a four month break from school~ now you can learn who I REALLY am


There are perks of long distance? No way... I found 6!

ALWAYS focus on the bright sides. You have to. If you think about how much the distance sucks all of the time then you loose sight of what is really important: the true and genuine happiness you bring each other. 1,984 more words


#AtoZChallenge - U For Update

This morning, I woke up to something horrific! The time on my alarm clock read 3:10. I jolted up like I’ve just been zapped with a thousand volts of electricity. 543 more words


20 Years Young

God, do I hate that phrase. 20 years young. It sounds so stupid. Replacing old with young doesn’t make you a day younger. It only makes you sound ridiculous. 96 more words