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DAY 64: Dogsomnia

Since the powers of the mighty camera phone kind of stink in the dark, I present the set-up when you’re doing sleep duty downstairs. That’s my lot for the weekend as the GH is away on business. 620 more words

Unlocked and Free

Mistress Key holder has now unlocked me and now I’m free from the metal cage that had imprisoned me for over a week.

Not that I think that Mistress would have unlocked me except that I have to go away for another business trip and chastity cages are a no no in that particular environment. 50 more words


SCDL (7/18/16) - (7/23/16)

I never really expected that it will be the best ever! because i was trying to keep my expectations low. The moment you expect things to be low and it turns out to be the opposite of it is the best feeling ever. 134 more words

Saturday 23rd July


Back home dazed stumbled out the bus into morning sunlight
clutching bags & hanging wardrobes & things on wheels whose
guttural grumbling grate upon the fragile ear of one so newly… 142 more words


An Apology to Myself

As previously feared, I created a website, wrote for a few days then inertia, work, family, reading and Hearthstone all conspired to slow my output (NB slow in this context means ‘do nothing’ or to put it yet another way, to convince myself that I have plenty of time to write, then proceed to mess around, postpone or otherwise prevaricate until I have no time). 296 more words


Que no me pidan, es lo único que pido,

“Y debo disfrutar,
Y debo vivir y debo luchar.”

Ni de debo, ni me dejan.
Mi mente esta desconfigurada,
Y al ante el botón de disfruta, 206 more words