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Paragliding in paradise

Ooops – another week has flown by without a blog post! I guess that’s fairly indicative of how things have been going lately. It feels as if I’ve been here so much longer than three weeks given how much has happened in that time. 1,636 more words

Zamaan [The Good Ol' Days]

Zamaan, alnas kanat tayba w mutsam7a
Zamaan, albalad kanat nadeefa w naasa nudaaf
Zamaan, zaman alSudan bay khayru...

These phrases are part of every diaspora kid’s repertoire.

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Book Review: "Diaspora" by Greg Egan

Diaspora by Greg Egan

 Night Shade is rereleasing several of Egan’s works from the nineties, including Distress and Diaspora (1998). The amazing thing is how well they hold up, especially the info tech which has certainly developed a lot since he wrote the novel. 246 more words

Book Review

Associations of place: Kytherea, diaspora and a sense of place and identity

Kythera has long been at the crossroads of the civilisations of the Mediterranean. This small island was populated slowly but consistently over the centuries bringing together a people who today call themselves Kythereans. 497 more words

Marrying outside your race/culture

It has become very common in the past few years to marry outside your race or culture in westernised countries. And rightly so as these countries have become so diversified with different cultures, faiths and races woven into the majority population. 235 more words

The here and the there (long post)

Recently I read that the twenty-first century will be the ‘age of the migrant’. This pronouncement made me laugh and boil with rage in equal measure–for pretty much the same reason. 1,611 more words



Due to the harsh economic conditions in Zimbabwe, some parents have decided to leave for greener pastures to fend for their families. This has dramatically left most children taking guardianship for their siblings because of the disintegration of the long-lost extended family relationships. 786 more words