DIAURA - RUIN - Interview!

With motifs of collapse and destruction, DIAURA’s new single RUIN is finally here. We caught up to them to talk about their new songs and Higashi Meihan Tour.  1,631 more words


境界線 (Kyoukaisen)

“Boundary Line”

Artist:  DIAURA
Lyrics:  yo-ka
Album:  MENACE + kyoukaisen
Translator:  Obscured Moon
Kanji Courtesy of: hiphopVOMIT

Letting loose a white puff of breath, you gazed at me… 157 more words

Visual Kei

自壊 (Jikai)

“Self Destruction”

Artist:  DIAURA
Lyrics:  yo-ka
Album:  Triangle
Translator:  Obscured Moon
Kanji Courtesy of: hiphopVOMIT

I entrusted my fleeting prayer to the fluttering birds
Even if “Now” has been determined from the beginning… 140 more words

Visual Kei

Video Corner: DIAURA - Ruin + from UNDER (spot)

DIAURA revealed CM Spot for their 11th single “RUIN”, to be released in 3 different types on May 20th. Check it below!


DIAURA- Garden of Eden

Lyrics: yo-ka

Arrangement:  Kei (佳衣)

Romaji: peffy

Translation: Kyuma Aoi 502 more words


Top 10 winners of "Most Requested Act" (J-MELO Award)

SCANDAL became the winners of J-Melo’s annual award “Most Requested Act”. Here you see the top-ten list of winners!

The top 10 winners:
1. SCANDAL… 90 more words


DIAURA revealed new look and new release

 DIAURA revealed their new look for upcoming release.

Vo. Yo-ka

 Gt. Kei

 Ba. Shoya

 Dr. Tatsuya

 DIAURA announced that they will release new 3rd album with title ”Triangle” on 26.11.2014 in 3 types. 172 more words