境界線 (Kyoukaisen)

“Boundary Line”

Artist:  DIAURA
Lyrics:  yo-ka
Album:  MENACE + kyoukaisen
Translator:  Obscured Moon
Kanji Courtesy of: hiphopVOMIT

Letting loose a white puff of breath, you gazed at me… 157 more words

Visual Kei

自壊 (Jikai)

“Self Destruction”

Artist:  DIAURA
Lyrics:  yo-ka
Album:  Triangle
Translator:  Obscured Moon
Kanji Courtesy of: hiphopVOMIT

I entrusted my fleeting prayer to the fluttering birds
Even if “Now” has been determined from the beginning… 140 more words

Visual Kei

Video Corner: DIAURA - Ruin + from UNDER (spot)

DIAURA revealed CM Spot for their 11th single “RUIN”, to be released in 3 different types on May 20th. Check it below!


DIAURA- Garden of Eden

Lyrics: yo-ka

Arrangement:  Kei (佳衣)

Romaji: peffy

Translation: Kyuma Aoi 502 more words


Top 10 winners of "Most Requested Act" (J-MELO Award)

SCANDAL became the winners of J-Melo’s annual award “Most Requested Act”. Here you see the top-ten list of winners!

The top 10 winners:
1. SCANDAL… 90 more words


DIAURA revealed new look and new release

 DIAURA revealed their new look for upcoming release.

Vo. Yo-ka

 Gt. Kei

 Ba. Shoya

 Dr. Tatsuya

 DIAURA announced that they will release new 3rd album with title ”Triangle” on 26.11.2014 in 3 types. 172 more words


†September wrap up and October events

Japanese Visual-Kei Band Jupiter released a new mini album named “Arcadia” with two new songs “Arcadia” and “Darkness”. Also released a music video for the single “Arcadia” that garnered 50,000+ views on Youtube and twenty plus instrumental covers by the adoring fans who’ve obsessed over the long awaited song release. 1,122 more words