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Lose weight

Fastest way to lose weight

1.Reduce your hunger significantly.

2.Make you lose weight quickly, without appetite.

3.Improve your metabolic health at the same time.

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Erection supplements

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Buy Weight loss supplements

Living life with weight problems is an Insurmountable undertaking for a lot of you as this condition could make you combat the gathered fat in numerous elements of your frame. 115 more words


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Counting Meese 'Cuz I Can't Sleep


Why is it when you can’t sleep,

They suggest you count sheep?

Is it because sleep rhymes with sheep?

Often, I can’t sleep. Too often. 928 more words


What next for NI' drug crisis

Yesterday Positive Moving On published a report based on twelve months of investigating the current drug crisis in Northern Ireland. Using data available to the public along with talking to drug users and those currently experiencing addiction we found a troubling picture in NI where people are waiting far beyond what they should for treatment and a notable discrepancy between services base on trust area and have been notified that waiting times also vary severely depending on trust with drug users in Belfast waiting up to two years for a prescription that can be obtained by Lisburn residents in a matter of 2/3 months maximum. 97 more words

Trying To Move Forward With No Direction Is Tough!

So, I was just attempting my new daily 10 minute mindfulness exercise and today, more than usual, my mind was plain blank refusing to shut off. 1,221 more words