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Some Other Time

**TW: mild references to self-harm**

If you read one of my latest posts, 14th September, you will know that my intention was to have rid myself completely of Diazepam by said date. 320 more words


It Was Going So Well...

**TW: contains references to self-harm.  Please proceed only if you are comfortable with the subject matter.**

If you read my last post, 14th September, then you’ll know that I’m attempting to give up using Diazepam on a regular basis in the hope that I will start gaining some benefit from it in times of crisis. 390 more words


14th September

So on Monday I visited the GP to ask about the possibility of stopping my current use of Diazepam (Therapy Not On Hold).  I (as I usually do) wrote down what I thought were the important points, the logic behind my decision.  239 more words


Benzo Withdrawal and me...

Some of you may be aware of this and some may not. I have been taking Diazepam(Valium) for the last 2 yrs. Two pills daily, because the doctor I was going to, raised his office visit price to beyond my ability to pay, so I changed doctors. 342 more words



I’ve suffered with anxiety for the majority of my teenage and adult life, so much so that I feel normal with this wired buzzing of angst 24/7, and I don’t always recognise that something is wrong.   620 more words

Path of non-resistance...

So this is the update from previous post:

As I was waiting for the meeting and I was 20 minutes early! (tell me about it!) I was observing myself: I couldn’t actually “feel” that rush in my stomach but somehow, I was still anxious!! 247 more words

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety, Triggers and Diazepam

As an experiment, I have taken one Diazepam pill and am writing this blog post! ;)

It is not just for the experiment per se, but in an hour I have an appointment with a municipality employee who has a record of undesirable behavior! 593 more words

Anxiety Disorder