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How should an individual take Valium?

Intake Valium accurately as prescribed by your physician. Do not take in heavier or lesser quantities or for extended than recommended. Adhere the instructions on your prescription label. 172 more words

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We’ve all panicked at one time or another. It’s a commonality we share with other humans, or even most sentient life. But BPD gives panic another edge: a ramping up of the noradrenaline, adrenaline, and catastrophic fear never usually available to the ‘normal’ folks. 540 more words

MS and Opiates?

I just had a consultation for my very first colonoscopy.  I’m slightly young for it at 37, but due to colon cancer on both sides of my family, my siblings and I have been been instructed to start screening around 30-35.  574 more words

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Diazepam, first distributed as Valium in 5mg and 10 mg, is a medicine of the benzodiazepine group that generally brings a calming effect. It is frequently used to cure a variety of conditions such as anxiety, alcohol withdrawal disorder, benzodiazepine withdrawal problem, muscle spasms, seizures, sleep disorders, and restless legs symptoms. 77 more words

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Reaping what you sow. When you have illnesses that clash, medications that clash, behaviours that can have unexpected outcomes, you have no idea of when you’re sowing, what your sowing or when reaping will begin.  849 more words