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100 Word Review- Catch Me if You Can

Spielberg’s witty true story narrates conman Frank Abagnale Jr’s cheeky and fraudulent journey across various professions.

Dicaprio shines as resourceful teen/professional liar/desperate criminal, hunted by FBI agent Hanratty (Hanks). 76 more words

Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Johnny Depp: Unexpected Feud Alert?!

It’s tough to believe, but Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio don’t have a single Oscar between them.

Depp is generally more concerned with important matters like how many skull necklaces one should rock for a Tuesday lunch meeting, but DiCaprio really wants a little gold … readmore..

Ko Phi-Phi: On Irony Island

Phi-Phi was a quiet island of Muslim fishermen, until the travellers arrived.

There were only a few at first, but then their friends came and their friends’ friends and their friends’ friends’ younger brothers, who came with a bunch of people they had met on Samui, and a few crates of beer and a big bag of weed and some music. 675 more words


Delilah, on parents.

Delilah: Their whole marriage they’ve had no connection with each other, aside from money. Now they can gleefully bitch about their delinquent daughters. One’s a french libertine, the other’s a suicidal mental case.  18 more words

Non Classé

Happy 41st Birthday, Leonardo DiCaprio!

In recent months, you may have seen some photos of a bearded, beer-gutted Leonardo DiCaprio, and assumed that at 40, the former heartthrob was finally beginning to show the signs of middle-age. 18 more words

This Swedish Model Looks EXACTLY Like Leonardo DiCaprio!

This is downright eerie.
We've presented readers with plenty of celebrity look-alikes over the years, but nothing like this. Nothing like what you're about to witness below. 18 more words