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love retold

In honor of Valentines day, we bring you the most romantic story ever told, in which two teenagers get married within 24 hours of meeting each other, and four people end up dead. 193 more words


VIDEO: Migos - T Shirt [Official Video]

The first video off the Migos new album, C U L T U R E, is a blessing from above. We find the Migos in a snowy, mountainous terrain… 42 more words


Why is acting a wonderful art?

According to Wikipedia, acting is an activity in which a story is told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who adopts a… 771 more words

On Doing Nothing

If, like me, you are partial to a conversation concerning the overthrow of the current poisonous economic system and its replacement with a more humane, communist alternative, then you will, most likely, have come across two elephants vying for space in the same room. 1,272 more words

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt


Let’s be clear: this book is nearly as awesome as its subject. Roosevelt the First remains as probably my favorite US President of all time, and I could talk about him all day. 134 more words


7 Shocking Golden Globe Moments

The 2017 Golden Globe Awards are just around the corner. The annual awards ceremony is entering its 74th iteration this Sunday at 8pm EST. Can you believe it? 804 more words


Before The Flood

Here is a heartfelt, decent, educational documentary about the most important issue of our time – climate change – presented by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio… 262 more words

Climate Change