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Yack's Alternative Guide To Getting A Beach Body

We live in a nation that is obsessed with image, and at the forefront of every health campaign we see is the battle with obesity. Many of us complain that its just not fair that some people can eat what they like and maintain a body worthy of compliment and envy, but there is nothing stopping the average Joe stripping back the fat and having a body to be proud of. 833 more words

Dumb Shit

DIY: Graphic T-Shirt

Long time no post! I haven’t forgotten about my blog, don’t worry, but I’m still working on finding inspiration for posts. I thought this would be a quick fun one to share. 370 more words

How to Win an Oscar Before Leonardo DiCaprio

He’s not fuc*in leavin! The show goes on! And indeed it will. Leo will deliver yet another sub-par performance, like he did in Wolf of Wall Street… 869 more words

My Blog

My First Summer

My phone buzzed and I knew it was her even though we had never spoken. Todd, my older brother, saw her once last summer when he interned at Sam Goldstein’s law firm. 3,192 more words


#232: Shutter Island

Year of Release: 2010
Director: Martin Scorsese
Viewed: April 2, 2015
My Rating: 8

I’ve heard mixed reviews of this movie over the years, and for some reason, I’ve developed the notion that Shutter Island was a horror film, complete with cheap scares and bloody images popping out at the viewer. 323 more words


Look What I Made!!

This is a sketch I made around 2 years back! Hope everybody recognizes them 😜

Feedback is highly appreciated! :)