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Movie Review- The Revenant

The Revenant- 2015   Directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, 20th Century Fox

The second Hollywood production detailing the harrowing plight… of mountain man Hugh Glass, Leonardo DiCaprio won an Academy Award for his performance.  264 more words


The Great Gatsby (2013)

A little late in the day, I am. But so glad to have finally chanced upon this one.
In the midst of all the glitz and glamour, the high society parties and the campy performances what essentially caught my attention was the honesty in the otherwise perpetually lying eyes of Jay Gatsby. 281 more words


Review: Before the Flood (2016)

I recently watched this documentary and I was blown away. I mean, I’m pretty open-minded, and I like to try and see the best in things anyway, but I really just loved every part of it. 492 more words



“La historia no podía haber estado mejor escrita… La juxtaposición de ricos y pobres, los roles de género llevados hasta la muerte, el estoicismo y la nobleza de una era que se fue. 315 more words


Lifestyle Titanic - hot potato on an iceberg


The fact is that we need to put the issue of lifestyle and consumption at the center of climate negotiations.

“Stop!“ It takes me a couple of seconds to realize that my computer has no voice command. 1,037 more words


How to save the world

Before I went to Kenya, some students from my college organised a movie night with DiCaprio’s new documentary “Before the Flood”. It’s a very impressive, eye-opening film and the reactions were great! 380 more words


Before the flood - eye-opener to some, inspiring and acknowledgement to others (& a glimmer of hope)

Hello everyone,

as I announced in the last post, this post is going to be about climate change and environmental challenges. This is one of the topics that really interests and fascinates me, when I am not currently thinking about Physics. 588 more words