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GameMaster – What's in a Name?

Our first roleplaying purchase was GURPS 3e Basic Set, but the first one we played was HackMaster 4e. These days HackMaster 5e is my system of choice for combat-heavy fantasy, and GURPS 4e for is for everything else. 497 more words


Pocket Sports - Football (Soccer for us who are not as refined)

Hey there game fans, and welcome to another Roll of the Dice with your game master Adam. This time I am reviewing one of the travel games I have gotten to do, and am really excited to be able to give my thoughts on it. 758 more words


Gangster Dice

I’m sure it was cool and fun to be a gangster during the prohibition era. It was probably the best time to pursue that particular career choice. 333 more words


Production Costs, Funding Goal, and Stretch Goals

In my previous post I mentioned our reduced funding goal of $2,500, and that this was the minimum amount we needed to print up 100 copies of Gangster Dice. 282 more words


Game On: Star Wars Battlefront Co-op missions

After a daring escape from an Imperial attack you find yourself stranded in a desolate canyon on Tatooine. Admiral Ackbar has ordered a rescue operation but the Imperial forces are rapidly closing in on your position. 144 more words



Grim is a fast paced dice rolling game that decides whether you live or die. Not literally. The game sets players on a brink of death facing the Grim himself. 356 more words


D&D 5e Character Library Finished

I have uploaded to scribd what I hope will be the final version of my Character Library spreadsheet. All it is lacking is an XP box. 107 more words