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DC Domics Dicemasters: War of Light Overview

Wizkids has released their latest set for their popular game Dice Masters, War of Light.

DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light takes the popular DC Comics storyline… 78 more words


Rory's Story cubes. 

As you may know, the boy, aged 10 and 3 quarters has autism, he therefore has a very limited imagination. If presented, for example, with a table full of toys, animals, people, perhaps, he simply wouldn’t know how to play with them, whereas other children might move them around, give then noises, voices, etc. 500 more words


DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light, Out Now!

DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light, the latest expansion for WizKidsDice Masters game is out now. The galaxy-spanning edition of the popular tabletop dice-battling game explores the Green Lantern side of the DC universe as well as some popular characters and teams. 581 more words


Shutting the Box

Today we're playing: Shut the Box. The version we're playing is the Bookshelf Classic by Front Porch Classics®.

Olde tyme games for modern players. 381 more words

Game Night

Helping Players Cooperate

Time and time again I have recommended that people sign up for Roleplaying Tips Weekly by Johnn Four, but most especially GMs.  It is full of tips and tricks for GMs, plot hooks, and character inspirations. 413 more words