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Kickstarter Review: Ancient Artifacts

One of my favorite movie franchises is Indiana Jones. I’ve enjoyed most of them. The fourth movie is kind of like Highlander 2, it doesn’t exist. 939 more words


Gen Con: Friday

Friday’s highlight was definitely Tales from the Loop. We had a wonderful Story Teller who painted an incredibly vivid sci-fi world for us using his real world physics knowledge and personal life experience of growing up in/near a research facility community. 398 more words


The Toy Box: @Onipress is Ready To Play Some Games On Your Tabletop

Oni Press, the acclaimed Portland-based comics publisher, announces the launch of Oni Games, a new gaming imprint dedicated to bringing Oni Press titles to the growing tabletop market. 451 more words

Let’s Get Our Wizard Roll On!!!!!! Contest inside, too!!!!!!

I have become a fan of Roosterfin Games. They are not the typical games on the market. I’ve only experienced a few, but I have noticed that, not only are they well made, but they are imaginative, and fun to play. 662 more words


Hooks: Issue #1

So I was skimming through my usual DnD reddit’s and articles yesterday when I came across something that I had never really noticed before…..

The questions that seem to come up all the time relate to plot hooks and trying to reel in players who either don’t seem interested in the story, or just keep bashing down the main story with their own nonsense. 531 more words