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Tabletop Tuesday - Roll Player: Monsters & Minions

In 2016, Thunderworks Games brought us Roll Player, a board game based on the time-honored tradition of D&D character creation. Keith Matejka’s production was met with… 1,460 more words


Low prep/no-prep Kindergarten Math Games!

I have to admit I was that kid that hated math. Hated it, despised it, loathed it. To the point that I would fake sick on a regular basis to avoid math (it’s true…ask my entire family, I was notorious for faking sick to get out of school). 2,416 more words


Monster Week: King of Tokyo

On the 15th January we said we would put up at least one post a week. The last post was 2nd February. Whoops!

To be fair, I have been moving across London without a car for the past few weeks and it has been a right ball-ache and time has slipped through my stubby fingers. 554 more words

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Verb Games

Verb Games with Anastasia

1: What? / Run
2: Who? /  Eat
3: When? / Drive
4: Where? / Write
5: Why? / Fly
6: How? 469 more words


Thief´s Market

You enter the tavern late that evening, eagerly awaiting your “colleagues” to divide the spoils from the shady deeds. As more, and more gems fill the table, every man shivers with eagerness to fill their pockets. 857 more words


Machi Koro

Let me tell you a story of a mayor. A mayor who competed with other mayors to construct a mighty city. The mayors erected one new establishment after another, in an everlasting expansion race. 632 more words



You wake up sitting in a chair. So does the people around you. At the end of the table is a person dressed in black robes. 837 more words