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Lando to Join Star Wars Battlefront in upcoming Bespin DLC

DICE and EA have released more information on the upcoming paid DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront title, Bespin  set to release in June 2016.

When the game was first released, the general consensus was that players were not completely satisfied with the content available. 414 more words


#DICEMBER: Artifacts, Inc.

The first game we are looking at for the month of DICEMBER is Artifacts, Inc. This worker placement game uses dice in a very unique way and…well watch the video and hit the jump if you want to connect. 23 more words


Everyone Should Just Roll Dice All The Time

The title of this post, aside from just being a cool motto, is also the simple version of my answer to a question I saw in a Facebook group that was basically this: “How do I keep everyone at the table from wanting to roll a perception check when I ask one player to roll a perception check?” An even simpler answer to this question would be to just tell the other players that they can’t roll a check because you didn’t ask them to, but let’s extrapolate on the “roll dice all the time” answer instead. 637 more words


National Days: December 4

December 4th

  • National Sock Day
  • National Cookie Day
  • National Dice Day

>>>I absolutely love socks..is that weird? Fuzzy socks, sweater socks, quilted socks, patterned socks, neon socks… I’m the cheapest person on your Christmas list. 39 more words


2016 Whisky Wind-down, 28: Home is Where the Dice Are

Today’s dram: 13th Colony Southern Corn Whiskey, Limited Release, 2013 Bottling, #621

Today’s tasting notes: This is corn whiskey, distilled to sweet, smooth excellence. I daresay any drinker could enjoy sipping this straight-up, but I allow it is suitable for use in cocktails and would probably go well in a pecan pie. 532 more words

2016 Whisky Wind-down

Decimal Dice Game For Grades 4-6

Last year, I was fortunate enough to attend a NCTM (National  Council Teachers of Mathematics) conference in Minneapolis, MN.  One of the booths that was represented was a booth from Box Cars and One- Eyed Jacks.   246 more words


Moving dice and other phenomenon

From Sue

When I was very young I used to be able concentrate on dice to get the numbers I wanted. It was great when playing Monopoly because I could avoid all the hotels and always pass Go to get the £200. 107 more words