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Session 1

At last, the day that I had been waiting for had finally arrived. It was the day of my official “debut” as a Dungeon Master, something that I had been looking forward to and planning for nearly three months. 2,227 more words


Well Done EA & DICE! | Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was released today. With many fans anticipating the game to fix the issues from the first game, mainly the lack of story and the fact that over a half of the maps and heroes were locked behind 40€ season pass. 215 more words

After fan outcry, EA kicks real-money purchases out of Battlefront II

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Just hours before Star Wars Battlefront II’s retail launch Friday, Electronic Arts and developer DICE announced that they are “turning off all in-game purchases… and all progression will be earned through gameplay.” The… 465 more words


EA Has Temporarily Removed The Microtransactions From 'Star Wars: Battlefront 2' After Heavy Criticism

Hours before Star Wars: Battlefront II is set for its official release, EA and DICE have reversed course on their planned microtransaction plans temporarily. The gaming company received hefty criticism ahead of the game’s release for… 520 more words


EA Has Disabled All Microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront II

With all the controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II, EA has been adamantly listening to their highly devoted community, and even plagued by problems surrounding the microtransaction controversy surrounding their game. 571 more words


Update : Star Wars Battlefront 2 Premium Currency Removed Completely

In the on-going soap opera that is EA’s handling of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and its microtransaction system, it appears yet another change has been made.  146 more words

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