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Shake It Baby, Shake It!

The first few days Milkshake’s new life at the farm are strange for her but going as well as can be. She is a sensitive, delicate little thing and we know she is going to take the time to settle. 509 more words

Nerd + Crafting

My dear husband, who I promise is an adult and contributing member of society, loves to play D&D with his guy friends.  It is his ‘guys night’ and a bunch of his friends go off and have very creative adventures in the comfort of the livingroom **major bonus of being an adult, they don’t have to be banished to the basement**.   506 more words

Como dice el dicho - De que lloren en mi casa a que lloren en la tuya

Como dice el dicho – De que lloren en mi casa a que lloren en la tuya

The Black Die Dice Bag

With this dice bag, I wanted to put together something for roleplayers, who walk up to the table to throw dice in long gaming sessions every weekend(or, considering busy adult lives, whenever time allows).   75 more words

PN2 Ambassador: They Shall Not Pass

Battlefield 1 was everything I, and the vast majority of its fans wanted, a game series that mostly leaned towards a modern take of warfare, leaped back a century, into the one and only ‘Great War’. 570 more words


We Are Legion

I’ve slowly been doing Horus Heresy-specific dice bags, geared toward each of the various space marine legions.  As you can see, these are screen printed with the phrase “We Are Legion” as well as the number particular to each Legion.   131 more words