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Dice App for Android

Simple random number 1-6 generating dice application for Android devices.

Download it here:

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Bowling Night with miniature flat sided Bowling Balls.

So when I was invited by a post on FB to describe my hobby, badly, the title for this post was what I came up with.  276 more words


Experience a mix of Conquest and Rush as you fight for chained control points in a tug-of-war frontline. Both teams fight for one flag at a time and when this objective is captured the action moves on to the next. 24 more words


Close Ups

I think this was my favorite project this semester. I love that you can see one object in so many ways.

I got to go home this weekend so even though it was rainy and darker outside, it was well lit inside and I had a lot of objects to choose from. 84 more words

Photo Blog

Short News: Dice Forge (Libellud)

Eric Martin took the 1st pictures at the New York Toy Fair of the upcoming game of Libellud called Dice Forge. First talks about this game are a year old; already in January 2016 the publisher was talking about it. 240 more words


Shootin' Dice Warm-Up Drill

Is it possible to get youths excited about strength-training? It is when you can approach it as if it was a game, I think!

Our skaters typically can’t wait to put their skates on. 234 more words

Mirror's Edge Catalyst And Quality VS Quantity In AAA Games

I finally finished Mirror’s Edge Catalyst — I figured I needed to go ahead and clear the space from my SSD. It’s been out for like half a year but I think the game’s strengths and weaknesses are still pretty relevant in discussions about more recent and soon-to-come games. 861 more words